Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brain Raid!

Today, as I was in the kitchen, humming away the hangover of a good night’s sleep, hubby came by super excited.

He: Have you forgotten  what is special about today?

The helplessness of a memory failure took me over instantly. Gradually, I slipped into a whirl of extensive  brain raid. Staring at him, with a wok in my hand, I ran through a virtual calendar of birthdays. No I hadn’t missed any. The expression on his face changed from excitement to surprise. I continued to be in a state of intense thought. Did I miss his parent’s  birthday? But no..Its August 24. Seeing me falling from surprise into a frenzy, he drilled deeper into the whirl I was falling in … ‘How could you…?’

Now I was almost done covering the birthdays and anniversaries of the current and previous generation. My pea sized brain has defeated me … and now I am so miserable that I am trying remember dates of historical importance. I am so ashamed and my ego wasn’t letting go even after I exploded and drowned inside the aforementioned whirl … that I said.. ‘Yeah I know…just fell outta my head”. Yeah that was super lame. But his smile said it all. That I forgot some important day even after him trying to remind me, doing rounds in the friends circle is too much to take at the moment. So he said those earth shattering words… ‘Women in the house are supposed to remember all important dates !’... The urge to ask what men are expected to do was over ridden by the mission to dig out the foolishly forgotten event.

Then he came over, shook me vigorously and screamed:

‘Its August 24th!! LOST season 6 dvd releases today’ !!!


  1. Abu, I can understand how disappointed you are!! Had it been Idea Star Singer season 5 launch date, she would have remembered!!!
    Btw, there is another speciality for today... Anil Kapoor is coming on the AXN series '24' today! I am sure u didnt forget that buddy :-)

  2. :D
    Anil Kapoor show? Ohh thanks for the info da.. ! :D
    and 4 the comment ...hihi

  3. :D
    ... lol ...
    That was a beautiful presentation of your thought process.
    Loved the use of the word over ridden here. :)

    Belated wishes of Onam !!! Hope you had a great time without the TV of course :D

  4. Thanks a lot, Asif. 'Over riding' is a word which came with the knowledge of C programming :D

    Hope you had a great day on Onam , and yeah, I dint spend much time for the TV. :)

  5. LOL..BTW me loves LOST too!!

  6. nice hubby !! I like him already :)

  7. lol someone at my house seems to have forgotten that..hope he doesnt read ur blog! u know my intense hatred towards that seriel!!!

  8. SHanu: :-) I dont :D

    Doctor: He he he I'll tell him! He is enjoying the popularity!!

    Vineeta: Yes that someone is focussed on something else now :D Yeah di I also dont enjoy LOST much !

  9. LOL!! Good One! Was trying to imagine u in that situation..hehe! Had a nice laugh :)

  10. Moonlite : Glad I made u laugh :D

  11. Ah! So much energy spent racking your brains and didn't you feel miserable after you heard what it was for?! Phew!

    Enjoyed the little suspense there ;D

  12. RGB: Yes I did... and he fled before I could react :D
    Thanks RGB

  13. Hahahaaaa... That is indeed big. And judging by the number of episodes I have missed this time round on Star, I will have to buy it. Thanks! :)

  14. Oh i c.. so u r a fan of LOST too, choco!

  15. hahaha wow ur husband has a good memory....touch wood.

  16. ROFL!! How could you forget Anita? How? :P

    I remember watching the first season a few years ago when it first aired in India. Didn't follow it after that. So lotsa catching up to do :)

  17. G3: hehe thanks. will tell him.

    Blunt: :D Lots? you can spend the next 2 years atleast catching up if u watched only the first season!!!