Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Follies of 2010 - (Second and final part)

The second and final loss whose full responsibility I accept is that of a theft, which could have been avoided if not for my carelessness.

I’ve always been notorious for losing umbrellas at school, some of which were retrieved from lost property boxes, and some, which were misplaced and later forgotten from public transport buses and the like. However this was a different case, and it made me extremely spiteful of myself.

We stayed in a beautiful locality in Bangalore. The parallel road to ours, was another residential area and there were a row of apartments, one of which was occupied by a friend. However this road was dug up for cables and the friend was unable to park his car in the garage, as the cable maintenance guys left for the day without covering the dug up area. So the friend called us and we let him park the car in our garage. Hubby came late that day and parked our car behind the friend’s car.

By 10:00 a.m the next fateful day, the friend came for his car. He had to move our car first, take his car out and park our car back. As hubby was not home, I came down and handed over the keys to him, and while he left, he said “remember to lock your car”. I nodded and waved to him, closed the gates, patted little Tommy Hilfiger (the neighborhood dog) and went upstairs. I had completely forgotten to lock the car.

By evening, we got into the car to go to a friend’s place and found the display panel of the car stereo missing. The ipod, some USBs, a sunglass, and car papers were all in place; just the display panel was missing. It was stolen.It looked like someone tried to pull out the entire stereo, but due to lack of time or some reason, couldn’t pull it out completely.

My eyes welled up, seeing the expression that was now on my hubby’s face. I told him that I had forgotten to lock the car… but he did not say anything. This car stereo was a result of weeks of intense research on the net, reviews, review comparisons with other models, direct user reviews from colleagues, ratings on websites and so on. 

Later the following week, we checked with the shop from where we bought it, and came to know that the stereo could not  be used anymore, as its display panel was the most expensive one, and if it was to be ordered from the U.S, it could cost more than another car stereo.

I hated myself. I wished if someone could just thrash me for being so careless, irresponsible and absent minded…but no one did, and that was in fact, the biggest punishment I could ever get.

To helplessly watch the expression on his face.


  1. Dont worry... its not the end of the world :-) Be happy that the car itself didnt go missing :-D
    And ya.. you will have many more opportunities to loose mobile phones, wallets, money, key bunches and more car stereos/panels :-P... thats how cruel this world is :-)
    When I be careless and responsible for any loss, I find it difficult to convince myself. But the best consolation is when I try and remember where I had saved something and tell myself... "On the average, I havent lost much :-D"

  2. ouch... can empathise.. have a wonderful knack for making horrifying mistakes which hurts people unintentionally... can only kick ourselves in the butt and carry on, Im afraid

  3. Davis: Yes these days actually thats something 2 be happy about. The car dint go missing :D
    Considering that, I haven't lost much ;-)

    Roshan: Yes :-( How sad. Not being able to rewind and 'undo'.

  4. Awww... Don't worry... It was still just stuff. Bought with money.
    When stuff like this happens to me (which believe you me, happens a lot!), I just think that maybe its God's way of saving me from something worse. Something like what Davis said above! Smile now! :)

  5. Choco: Yes ..worser things could have happened. Smiled :) Thanks, Choco.

    Anjuchechi: :( :(

  6. ..well anita...we are all that intelligent at time...Don u worry...it happens at tymes..n certainly dont blame yourself BUT..a lesson for next time..

  7. That sucks...I say catch the buggers and cut their fingers off. On the bright side - you husband has already done the research and knows which one he wants to buy - reming him of all the time you saved him. If you take that course let me know how that works out.
    If you really feel badly I guess you could get a second job to pay for a new one. :0

  8. GQ: Hmmm we bought another one, Grayquill. I have to mention that he cant drive the car without music on.

  9. hmm... That's sad. I too have a habit of losing many of my precious posessions. Recently lost my handbag with loads of important stuff in a restaurant.But luckily some one found it and returned it to me.But I have been in the same situation many times and know how it feels..