Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stork Visit :)

There is absolutely nothing like being on a vacation at home and to be pampered by parents, I tell you. Once again, I got to be my real self, the crazy and lazy daughter, who opens the fridge every now and then wishfully searching for the appearance of a new dish. As my Mom and me had just returned from Muscat, we bought chocolates for relatives, friends and neighbors which were religiously consumed by yours truly. So now my Mom has to look for alternate methods to satisfy her acquaintances whose demands and expectations seems to grow each time she returns from Muscat.

As I was lazing around, gluttony took the better of me and eventually Mom had to toil in the kitchen to meet my ever changing menu. Soon after, my sister and six year old niece turned up from Chennai and we had a blast. Literally it was a blast, as I fought with her, and it hurt her bad. And to mention about the war-of-words, it was not with my sister, but with her six year old. I must be really sick to fight with a kid. Anyway, after leaving for Chennai she accepted my apologies over telephone. I hear she has high regards for me, as I do for her, I will continue to fight with her but if anyone else tries to hurt her I will kick their butt.

Kids, these days, I say. Well, if God gives us kids, then He must surely know how these little menaces are born gizmo freaks. My niece knows better than my sister about the varied options on her mobile phone and so my sister prefers not to reveal her qualification. Shh…She is an electronics engineer, you see. However my niece is not much convinced about this, as she was taught in school that engineers design and build bridges and buildings.

I remember another incident when a friend was expected to visit us with her family on a weekend. They had three kids, and we thoughtfully stocked ice creams and chocolates in the fridge. On their arrival, we proudly offered the kids ice creams first when the eldest of them snapped ‘Sorry aunty, this is chocolate flavored ice cream. My flavor is butterscotch. Anyway, thank you’. God will ask me justification on the judgment day if wasted ice cream. (Even before God asks, my ice cream crazy sister surely will). And so I had to consume that also. ( No, I am not going to conclude this article stating how and why I gained weight).

Another friend of mine, who owns a laptop which signs in with his fingerprint says, that his two year old takes his laptop while he sleeps, brings it to him, takes his finger and swipes it across. Now that the laptop is logged on, the kiddo has signed in to his world of games :D

Well, I am saying all this to conclude, that kids can be fun, tough to handle, a challenge to raise, and a huge responsibility to bear …but we were kind of ready to welcome one and see how we excel in it. God has blessed us with a baby boy on June 7th this year, and all posts after that were typed hurriedly when he was sleeping, and so they were not really spell checked. We christened him as Aaron. So that is the reason why posts these days are not as frequent as before, but you readers out there…don’t be happy that I am gone…I will continue like I always did…there is always time to type a few paragraphs!


  1. :) .. kids !!!!!
    Appo Congrats again ,n best wishes for Aaron :)

  2. Congratulations Anita. That is lovely news indeed! God Bless :)

  3. wow...many,many congratulations Anita-and such a cute name-never mind the gluttony...this is the time when you can eat n get away:-)

    here's wishing him all the very best and the new mommy all the strength:-)

  4. Its awesome that sis and kiddie visited you. Im sure ti was a blast. Miss the lil one...shes adorable!

  5. LOL, the children today indeed can be 'Mr. Know it all'. But seriously, the child with the mastermind to get the finger swipe was awesome, give that child a pat from my side when you next meet. :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. amazing...i cant imagine a 2 yr old having the know how to get his bros fingerprint..back in our days, it took us ages just to understand the vcr !!!

  7. Ok nothing, and I mean NOTHING can justify wasting ice cream! Now that I have got that out of my system, a very cute post :)
    Congrats once again Anita :D

  8. Praful: Thanks :D

    Suruchi: Thank u so much !

  9. Sunitha Arun Bhaskar: Yes, it was a blast ! U know it better !

    Blasphemous Aesthete: Totally. That kid surely did something which even we wouldnt have thought of !

  10. Pythoroshan: Exactly. Even the Tv remote and the calculator were too technical for us :D

    Blunt: Thanks !

  11. Aaron.....beautiful name:-))!!!!!

    And Congrats once again;-D!!!!!