Monday, June 15, 2015

Birthday Post !

It’s my birthday today, and I feel so immensely happy for all the wishes that keep pouring in since morning. Facebook reminders are so great and I love that because everyone can’t keep track of birthdays of all the people we ever came across, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t want to remember them on their birthdays. So yes, love you all, doesn’t matter who or what reminded you, thank you so much for wishing me!

My day started with the phone call from home which is mandatory to kick start my day. Well, my Mom literally kick started my life many years ago. However my little one was not pleased with the spotlight being shared, so he decided to throw a tantrum arguing that it was his birthday. I agreed with him because hey, sanity is more important than spotlight. My husband and I work in the same office so the inevitable question of what he gifted me was thrown at me at regular intervals. Well, he has not given me anything yet, but his deadline. ends at 7:00 p.m.

It was also the kiddo’s birthday last week, so ever since he had been using that as an excuse to save himself from serious punishments. He thinks his birthday is like IPL which goes on for two months every year. I also got a lot of wishes from Whatsapp groups, which again like I said are special, each one of them.

Sometimes I wonder how many people would wish me if not for reminders. I can say for sure that parents don’t forget, because they have a count of the number of years I drained them emotionally and financially. Spouse will remember in the initial years, and if he had forgotten once in between he never again will. Friends may or may not wish, depends on where they are and what situation they are in. I don’t judge anyone for not wishing me despite reminders that can crop up from any place you login, because now I am 21 and old enough to understand that not everyone is in a mood to wish or congratulate. I must say that the most special wish came from State Bank of Travancore. I am just hoping they’d surprise me with a gift only they can give.
Look how Google wished me !
Google gifted me a smart doodle without my age on it. Love you, Google.

I did not cut a cake yet, as it is a working day, and if I cut a cake, I will not get my finger on that fingerprint device on time. Now I am blogging so I am not saying it is a productive day. All important things including cake cutting is planned for the evening, assuming that my spouse will not drown himself in the numerous projects he is a part of. Well if he doesn’t turn up on time he will drown in a different way. ;-)

Everything is good about birthdays except the part where age = age + 1. Whenever that thought comes up, I just try to remember all my friends who took a minute off their busy schedules and wished me today...that they all turned a year older sometime during the year. We are all going down, my friends. 

Why, GOD, why did you do this to us? 


  1. Hahaha I can so imagine Joey crying when you cut your cake.

    Birthdays are wonderful and I love them. Mostly because of the gifts. I worried about aging only when I turned twenty from nineteen. I was sad that I was getting out of my teens. But now I don't care anymore. It remains just a number. And irrespective of the +1 every year, the gifts continue to pour. Isn't it all that matters? No? Well, maybe it is just me :)

    1. No not just you.. I love the gifts too. Especially the food which I dint cook :D

  2. "Sanity is more important than spotlight" - Anita Jeyan ...
    I totally get it.
    Happy Birthday Anita! :)

  3. We'll, all those who care for you and wish you well are special even if they forget the birthdate.
    But yes, the ticking clock does ring somewhere in the back ground.
    Wish you health and happiness on your birthday. Have a good one.

  4. Happy bday Anita :) ... As Joey would say - why God why! ... :D
    My son also throws tantrums when we call up and sing happy bday or cut cakes - he thinks only he is entitled to a bday .. sigh!

    1. Yeah. Babies are mean. If we say that out loud, then WE are mean ! How mean is that?