Monday, October 5, 2015

Fresh gyaan, straight from The Alps.

To be honest, I am not a punctual person. I respect punctual people. However, I will not fuss too much for plus or minus five minutes. Mostly plus five minutes, because there has never been a minus five minutes. Of course, the invigilator at the exam hall may not agree with me, but generally it is my personal trait. Every single day I run from home to office to swipe my fingerprint before the machine crosses the 8:00:00 mark. I will not do anything from my part to reach before time, so contrary to whatever anyone who sees me run may think, I know for one that people who come earlier to office than what is required are losers.

When we talk time, we should discuss two people whose murderous looks through my childhood haunts me till date. My parents. They are the type of people who reach before the hosts at a birthday party. I was the type who equated ‘late’ with ‘latest’. I scooped that from a Rajnikanth dialogue, but we are all Rajni fans aren’t we? We are allowed to do that.

Every single Sunday, we reached the church at least ten minutes before the service started, and these ten minutes felt like ages. Once it started and the sermon was over, I could feel wrinkles on my face. My peers who came on time or at least ten minutes into the service always stayed young and fresh even after the service. I blamed my parents for this. God was not giving out blessings on a first-come-first-served basis. Even trips to relative’s houses or shopping always began with arguments because when I start to decide what to wear, these two along with my sister would have got into the car already. Each time they honk after that, something inside me ticked off. I think that was my sanity. People need time!

As if reaching the store before the security arrived was not torture enough, they also gave me gyaan. That punctuality defines you. I thought, yeah the security decides your character. He will issue conduct certificate which you can use to avail discount. Man, I don’t understand this! The psychological move to improve my time management failed miserably. I do not clearly remember which category my sister belonged to, but as far as I know her she may have made it on time just to avoid the free advice.

When the train and you are 'On Time'.
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So last month we were in Switzerland on vacation. Switzerland makes all the expensive watches for a reason, my friend. Time in Switzerland is more expensive than Cartier watches. In Switzerland, it doesn’t matter if you come latest. Nobody cares. If you come late, you miss the train. If you miss the train, you wait. Also, in India you can safely assume that the train may be late. Even if you are unlucky with your predictions, you can put your money on this one. However, this assumption is invalid in Swiss. If the train is scheduled to arrive at 6:57 pm, it will. You adjust your watch with the time the train arrives.

Surprisingly there are no Rajni fans in Switzerland. People are religiously punctual, and they act like each second counts! I mean how can all the people in a country act like my parents? This is weird. I was like, this is not the place I want to be…Escaaaaapppee!

Honestly, my parents should be in Switzerland. They will have a whole country of like-minded people for friends. There will be no dearth of principles to live by. Plus, Tissot is cheap. Victorinox is available in plenty. Going by the culture of local train passengers, there are more readers than gossipers. This is like the Promised Land for them.

I’d like to add here, that the train that arrives at 6:57 will be there only at 6:57. If you get to the train station for this train at 6:00, this does not get you brownie points. You will search for seats in the train the same way the person who arrived at 6:55 does. Switzerland is cold, so you better stay warm at home for some extra time. That is my gyaan for you, straight from the Alps. You are welcome.  Okay, Bye. **runs away**


  1. I hear you on the train time tables :) Running behind train with more than a couple of trolley bags is no fun! Experience speaks for itself :D Loved it, Anita.

  2. "God was not giving blessings on first-come-first served basis" Good writing indeed ! Take care ! Love.

  3. Oh God, I am like your parents!! I always reach these stations way ahead of time. And I love, love, love, their punctuality!!! Of course, I don't get special seats. Damn.

  4. Damn, I'm like you :P NEVER have gotten anywhere on time in my life. Unless I slept where I am supposed to be the previous day :P

    1. Haha then that is the only possibility for me too :D

    2. Same here. Though for me, it isn't about being wilfully late, it just happens that way. I remember in my earlier days, I always used to be well ahead of time (maybe my parents' punctuality just rubbed off on me). But over the years, maybe the infamous IST (Indian Stretchable Time) took over, I'm perpetually late. And I don't quite like it, because I hate waiting, so it isn't fair I keep people waiting, is it?!

    3. Nono keeping people waiting is a whole other thing...this post was about missing trains and stuff u know? Also going too early to church and reaching before the shop opens.

  5. wonder there're clock towers in every single church in swiss!

  6. That hit home, my friend. I give lectures on punctuality to mee son. Maybe me go Switzerland with your parents, eh?

  7. I hate to inform you, I'm more like your parents.

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