Monday, May 4, 2009

School days.. :-)

15 years down the lane I still remember one song , taught at my school, which we used 2 sing even during lunch time. Today, during power cut, I sang it aloud.
It goes like this...
In the forest there was a tree
The finest tree that ever we'd see
The tree was in the woo-oo-oods and the green leaves
Grew a-round and round and round
And the green leaves grew around...

In the second stanza, its like..
In the forest there was a branch
The finest branch that ever we'd see
The branch was on the tree..
The tree was in the woo-oo-oods and the green leaves
Grew a-round and round and round
And the green leaves grew around...

Then to the branch will be added nest, birds, eggs, and so on...we find endless little things on the nest (including worm) cos we'd never want 2 stop singing.
Today, when the power went off, I suddenly got reminded of this song and started singing soo loudly... forgetting everything.....the surroundings... everything. Its good to sing out like that, once in a while, forgetting yourself..and everythin that u bother about...

There was a game in our school too...where one person is chosen and made to stand in the centre of a circle of girls holding hands.Now this perso, is chosen by other versions of the popular, 'In Pin Safety Pin'. It is ...'Inky Pinky Ponky, Father had a donkey, Donkey died, father cried, inky pinky ponky. Father called the doctor, doctor called the nurse, nurse called the ambulance, 1,2,3...!!'...

The chosen person comes in the centre and performs the dance to the tune of the song sung by us. I bet noone can sing this song better.
We are goin to the party,
We are goin to the fair,
To see the son (!!) of Rita,
With flowers on our hair..
Oh shaky shaky shaky...( performs a belly typo dance here)
Shaky like a man ( !!)
Shaky like a machine
And do the best you can.
OH ! round upto the bottom, round up to the top..
Turn around and turn around and will u make a stop!!...

Now this song and dance, is very much by heart to me, although i dont remember even a line of any poetry which was in the syllabus.

Even today, when I go via Nanthencode, Holy Angels Convent my Alma Mater stands tall and prestigious, I get echoes of the golden times I had there...12 years of my life. Innocence personified.. a little angel..that was me.. How I left that innocence behind those gates as I stepped out of school on our last day...and how I changed for better or for worse.. I cant wish my school days back , which is unattainable..I never comes back.. I wish I had that angelic innocence of school back in me..


  1. Oh how I miss those school days! And I still remember the song "We are goin to the party.." and was one of my favourites! And as you said this song still stays vivid in my memory though I dont remember even a single line of poetry we had to learn!! :D Clearly shows which song/poetry we enjoyed the most!

  2. Yup Pooj!! We are on the same boat!! Thanks a ton for reading this one...!!

  3. Adipoli. I learnt the very same songs too at IJHS, Tangasseri. We did that action song in 4th(We are going..). The third line was to see a senorita I guess. and the line was shake it like a milkshake in our case. :)