Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lessons in life..

1. Be patient all the time. This is something I have to teach myself. Everything that happens to me, tests my patience. However, I feel that it is very important to react to whatever injustice has been done to me.
Moral: When someone says something on your face, just act as if you are deaf, dumb and blind. But never forget that incident!

2. You are safe if people think that you can’t be trusted. You can have the company of everyone, yet don’t have to carry their secrets.

3. Misunderstanding is something, worst of its kind, which deprives people of peace and sleep.

4. Don’t pull any friends into your close circle of family.
Moral: Blood is thicker than water. Water makes blood dilute. Dont lose the thickness of blood by mixing water in it!!

5. Don’t underestimate or hate anyone. In the course of time, God does it in such a way that the person you hated and underestimated will eventually do your appraisals.

Moral: Just smile at people you hate. They know that you hate them, they will at least think that you have manners.


7. Try and you can keep your secrets to yourself and with God. Disclose it, and you are either blackmailed or the info u passed is misused in some other way.
Moral: Self explanatory.

8. Just don’t give a damn about what people think about you, or say about you.
Moral: Let them say whatever they want, about you. They have no idea what you think about them!!

9. Don’t take revenge. If you do, you are no different from the rest of the world.
Moral: Someone does something bad to you. You lose peace of mind. Wait and plot a good idea.. give them a tit for tat. The tit for tat should be in such a way that, it makes that someone think that what they did was wrong. It should not be embarrassing.

10. Stay away from people who talk little and think more. They can’t be trusted. Be friends with chatter boxes. They are clear in their hearts.
But don’t disclose secrets to them!
Moral: I am a chatterbox. Please don’t say secrets to me. I am much happier that way.

11. Don’t distrust and have a bad perception about people who can’t keep secrets. They are either weak at heart and personality, or too innocent to keep one or they might be heavily dependent on others. Its not their fault. Just don’t say secrets to them!!

12. Don’t comment about anyone’s appearance. They are not responsible for it.
Look at the mirror again.

13. If you talk ill about someone’s family, that’s the worst kinda sin you can ever do. Wait for the judgment day.

14. Don’t keep saying and gossiping about the past of other people. You are certainly not going to like it if they say about yours
Moral: Would you? ;)

15. Don’t trust anyone in the world head to toe. There are no Gods around, only human beings.
Moral: I am a human being too!

16. Never ever speak about religion and politics. It’s a person’s fundamental right and strictly a personal choice.

17. Trust in God, always. Even if you think that He is being partial. He is NOT partial.

18. Don’t advice anyone!! Very important!! It is the first step to generate hatred. Advice someone in their love affair related issue, you are doomed.

Moral: I was once doomed for a similar case when I was in Std XI..


20. When A complains about B and is in tears, console A saying that everything will be all right and problems wont last forever. But, if you also agree to the complains that A said about B, then A will feel happy.

AFTER 6 MONTHS – one fine morning.

A and B are in love. They get married. A says that you are passing rumours about B to spoil their relationship!!

Moral: When A or B is crying, console them, but shut your mouth!!! (This actually happened to me. A and B are happily married, and I am the bitch).

21. University exam at college. You study hard day and night the prev day. You write the exam. You pass with a 70+. The girl next room fails. She tells.. Oh.. you know Anita? The girl next room? Oh she is always reading archies, sketching away cartoons or sleeping.. she passes just out of ‘luck’ !! And the masala: ‘ You know what…when I asked Anita a doubt , she dint know it!! Then how did she even pass? Leave alone 70 !!’
All your batchmates are convinced. They look at you like they look at criminals. They smirk. They talk behind your back.
Moral: They like to believe it that way. Let them J . Rumours are not going to the university level to reduce your rightly deserved marks.
More to come..!!!


  1. super anita.....liked the second one

  2. 21 ... when i was placed and went to staff room to get my sessional exam paper , one teacher to other .. aa half kallan placed aayi ..avanu 60% polum illa ente paper il .. and sessional is 31/50 :P

  3. Hmmmm...teachers inde karyamonnum parayanda...!!