Monday, January 18, 2010

Duly noted..!

Conversations with friends have suddenly narrowed down to husbands, in laws, cooking, the indisciplined maid at home and other stuff which once I never knew existed...Oh My..! I painfully realized that our capability to pass comments and nickname others and forget their actual names have been destroyed. Yes, now my ears and all other organs which are supposed to do the LISTENING part have trained themselves to do their torturous duties. It is usually about Thunderbird, Sony DVD Player, Canon 500D, Apple laptop or the like..!! And yeah, the enthusiasm is often met with a curious expression of mine :)

I am a brilliant actress you see.

When asked very romantically as to what he needs as a wedding anniversary gift and gleefully replying ‘Ya! That would be ... a stabilizer for the home theatre’ came as a slap on the face. But coming early from office that day and giving me a huge pocket money with permission to buy whatever I want is duly noted!

That my Dad says not to drink juices from local stores to avoid cholera and other deadly diseases is poorly misinterpreted by the daring husband as ‘spoonfed and pampered to bits’. But, buying an egg puff to a hunger stricken child while at the store is duly noted.

That multiplexes are for English movies and misjudging Hindi and Malayalam movies as not worth a multiplex ticket is disgusting. But a Saturday special ‘come lets go to forum’ but saving a surprise ticket for ‘3 idiots ‘is duly noted.

Hesitating to visit my home whenever we are in town and making a huge fuss about the distance and time required is painful. But talking cheerfully to my parents on phone and making them feel like he is a son they never had is duly noted!

Getting increasingly impatient while I choose a dress at a store is embarrassing. But enquiring whether I liked it and paying the bills without any haste is duly noted!

Reminding me of his Mom’s culinary skills is discouraging. But initiating to have lunch from office when he understands that I dint  have the time to cook, is duly noted!

Men are from Mars and women from Venus, but we nag and pester not because you are unacceptably weird, but because most of the time you tend to be in Mars itself..This is the only way to make you listen! But even when you are seemingly in Mars, the big heart that’s inside is duly noted!


  1. Really good one... U knw wat,even though reading this blog brought a smile to my face esp cos I was tensed abt something else, the fact that my lil sis has now grown up is duly noted! :) Love ya lots.. Muah!

  2. Its a sad thing that most of the husbands dont give the right kind of love and care to the wives.I agree to it.
    On a different note, even after all the small small things,making a note of his big heart shows how much you love him....DULY NOTED. :D
    Wonderful Post... :)

  3. What possible stream of thought gave you the premonition that taking your husband dress shopping could in any way could turn out good for either of you?
    Yes a definite tactical error on you husbands part to use mom’s cooking in the same sentence as wife’s cooking. I am sure is did not end well for him that night. Most men will not make tha mistake more than once.

  4. Anjuchechi: He he.. Thanks dee :-)

    @Asif: Thats a real cute comment. Thank You :)

    Anjana chechi: Thank You Chechi!

    Grayquill: Actually I do not know most of the routes here in Bangalore, and my friends are poor at directions too..! SO I had to take him shopping, you see.
    Yeah you're right. He never did that kind of comparison ever since.

  5. Awsome one.... hahaahhaha....!! dats a real cool start to the mornin i mus say.! CheerS!

  6. Nice one Anita.. Like uar sister said, it brought a smile to my face too.. was thinking abt how Nibin reacts to things and then finally do it as a surprise.. :)

  7. Nice one .. experience illelum .. relate cheyyan pattanundu :-)

  8. @Ajay: He he..Cheers!

    @Aparna: Yeah we all might relate to it...even in the long run..

    Moonlite: Thank u dear.

    Half Kallan: Atheyo? Thangoo.

  9. very true..the canon lover at ur home should read this :)

  10. Blunt Edges: Tee Hee !

    Vineeta: Yup..he already read it :-)