Monday, February 1, 2010

Beauty Business!

It feels like it has been ages since I blogged. There were some instances wherein I really wanted to write, but then anger and sentiments wouldn’t make good writing (neither does it make good reading!). So I let it cool down. Now I am back to Bangalore, after a ten day vacation at the in laws, and the silver lining is that I got to meet my parents as well.

The trip to hometown had been a major function- a wedding. Wedding is good business for the beauticians. We give them gold, wedding dress, veil, and whatever it takes to dress for the event. They put it on us and make big bucks. It reminds me of my own wedding. A month before the wedding, my Mom calls up the famous beautician, who has many celebrities as clients in her credit.

Mom: Hello?

Ms.Beautician: Yes?

Mom: My daughter’s marriage on the 28th, next month. I wanted an appointment.

Ms.Beautician: I am so sorry, there are around 12 appointments already.

Mom: Oh, in that case, could you recommend some place you know?

Ms.Beautician: Well in that case, if you can be here before 6:00am..

Mom: We’ll be there. Your rate..?

Ms.Beautician: Ten Thousand rupees.

Papa stood next to Mom, trying hard to eavesdrop the ‘rate’ part. His jaws fell wide open when he heard the rate.

“Ten Thousand Rupees..! That means will she be providing the gold and saree as well?”

If you thought Papa asked that sarcastically, you are wrong. Papa actually asked that out of innocence and curiosity. Whatever that was, it drew some skeptical looks from Mom and me.

The big day came…and ten thousand bucks were utilized in a matter of three hours. I dint like the lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss colors. Once out of the beautician’s area of control, I wiped off the lipstick with a handkerchief borrowed from Papa. Soon relatives and friends hovered around me, and some uttered feel-good compliments and looked at me admiringly. One of them asked Papa,’ So Anu got dressed from Ms.SK right? How much did she charge?’

Papa: (looks to the heavens)…Ten Thousand..! And Anu just wiped off a five thousand here in my handkerchief’.

Posing for the photographers, I glanced at them and got to see the peals of laughter, followed by a display of a lip-shaped red lipstick on a fresh white handkerchief.


  1. bu ha ha ha ha... wat a timing for the post.. when actually i have been consulting people on which beautician to call.. and I checked Lakme and another famous beautician(again with celeb customers) and their bridal package comes for 22k approx.. thats ofcourse with a facial and wedding make up trial and pedicure and manicure.. my father very innocently told me that i can get ready for my marriage without a beautician, if thats the rate all beauticians come for.. :( and yes, gold and the saree would not be provided by her..

    hopefully i get a beautician who isn't cut-throat :)

    and if I did that on my wedding day, my dad would become cut-throat (he hates wasting "his" money)

  2. 22k! oh my good Lord Jesus..! A good advice... Dont go for big brands and big names, it is not worth even one hundredth of what they charge... find someone good and reasonable..sarch with married friends...seniors...neighbours...check wedding snaps of other people u know...and if u liked the make up, ask them who did lots of enquiries...
    And, thanks for the lovely comment :)

  3. "Ten Thousand..! And Anu just wiped off a five thousand here in my handkerchief" sympathies lie with your dad n meenakshi's dad 4 that matter! :D

  4. You should sympathise with all parents who have girl children who are in turn trying to look like Angelina Jolie on their weddings!

  5. hehehe it was arathis mom who did for me and thankfully she wasnt rude enough to make my father a begger!!!! but i did enquire with these clebrity beaticians ..but their attitude and greed is what i hated the most!!! Any way good post for prospective brides who are looking out for a beautician!!!! My advice..Buy a make up kit and ask friends to help! Thats all thats needed rather than wasting poor dads money!!!!

  6. Absolutely... we just had to buy some make up times and practice the hair do...Rest is with us...we would look just the way we'd wanted to! Wish we had this enlightenment earlier Vinee!

    Namukkentha ee budhi nerathe thonathathu Dasa?
    Ellathinum athindethaaya samayam undu vijaya.

  7. Gee I remeber those conversations - daughters married - glad that's in the past!!!
    FYI my daughters were much prettier than Angelina Jolie - in fact now that I think about it I feel a little sorry for poor ugly Angelina :)

  8. hehe.. I know that you are not fond of Angelina Jolie :-)
    Anyways I understand this thing about parents... even my Mom thinks I am very pretty :-D

  9. LOL! Still remember how much better you looked without that lipstick! Good one.. was having a grumpy day and reading this post brought a smile to my face! Thanks! .. keep writing! :)

  10. Well, if this post made you smile on a grumpy day,the mission of my blog is accomplished :-) The best compliment ever. Mwah!