Monday, March 22, 2010

Home-hunting ..

It is  fun home hunting in Bangalore. Being a notoriously immature couple and dangerously incapable of making good decisions, we set out to make popular beliefs come true.

And yeah, I called one of the not-so-popular builders last day to enquire the starting price for a villa. The receptionist wanted to know our budget. I still thank God to this minute that I dint tell her my budget lest she would have heard the biggest joke of her life…cos.. the starting price of a villa was Rs. 2.6 crores.

Here is why. The villa is in close proximity to the newly constructed Forum Value Mall. We have to take an auto and pay  Rs.40 to get a half kilo onions, but being so close to Forum, we can buy Gucci sunglasses every day, you see.

15 radio songs and 25000 ads later, we reached the site which holds another 'affordable' piece of land. One needs to have trekking shoes and goggles  to reach the exact location. The builder calls it a 'township'. Seriously, barren land, not a tree or road in sight. My husband wondered aloud on why there were no trees, and the builder told that soon there will be…pointing to a budding mango tree the size of a weed over there. If you see the sounds like a Shakespearean tale…’with acres of lush,  green grasses and shady trees which gives your home the soothing comfort of quality, luxury and..blah... blah... blah..."
 I truly admire their immense foresight to the future.

 It was very convincing when the builder also added, that the area was very secure, and we don't need to have pet dogs there…pointing to a gang of street dogs growling at us. Probably he meant to say that we'd have to  tame wild animals to fight these dogs.


God please help me find a home.


  1. he he he .. good one ... !!!
    Aaakashathile paravakale nokku .. avar vithakkunnilla .. koyyunnilla .. kalappurakal theerkkunnilla ..
    Daivam sahaayikkatte !!!!

  2. Praphul: aakashathile paravakal...athu pattini kkidakkunnu...mazha nanayunu...veyil kollunnu... athonnum aarum ariyunnilla...ellarum nokkumbo athu jolly aayi parannu nadakkunnu!

    Thank You.

  3. Athu asthanathu upayogichu bakki ullavane naatikkunnathu aanu thettu :D
    Anita - 10 points

  4. karthave aa pennaadinodu porukkuka .. athu cheyyunnathu athu ariyunnilla ..

  5. Anu... As usual, Kidu !! :) I am laughing uncontrollably here and Advika is looking at me & smiling too - :)

    You've one big fan here , I ALWAYS stop to read your blog the moment I see it updated !

    //Anjana chechi

  6. So sweet chechi...u have no idea how nice it feels when someone say that they actually laughed at these posts..seriously...that too from u...i know u are the funniest :D Love u, chechi.

  7. Anu...ur way of writing is just great...kidu aayitundu :-)...adipoli esp abt the dogs ;-)

  8. Dee as usual good one.. :) Cud have written more abt this u knw.. Anyways, keep writing..

  9. hey, nice one Anita,,
    esp the budget & dog part,,, laughing out loud here:D

    but, wish you all the best in ur home-hunting :)

  10. Ashchechi: Thanks for ur comment definitely buying u an eclairs next time we meet!

    Chechi: Yes, could have writen more..thats true.. but I dangerously out of points, u see.

    Moonlite: Glad that u laughed. Really glad. Thank u.

  11. hahaha...hope god follows this blog ;)

  12. Good one! i could visualize most of these..:)

  13. hahaha...could relate to it :).
    Hope you find your home soon.

  14. Thanks Vanathi.
    And glad that u dropped by.

  15. :) that was a nice post..
    a good way to begin the

  16. :-) Thank You so much Diwakar.

  17. Hehehe that was a great post!
    I can understand your plight very well now. Moreover I’m very happy that the builder didn’t try to sell you people a heritage building or a govt property. I heard people doing that too. :D
    In fact the builders or the commission agents tell lies with such an art that we are sometimes left with no words to utter. And the modernised term to explain such act is “Marketing”.
    Keep us updated about your experiences of hearing such sweet words as providing security with street dogs and budding mango twigs/trees becoming full grown tree in just a couple of days :D.
    Do check his website once, he might have updated now about providing sweet mangoes too. :D
    I wish you get a nice and lovely house at a reasonable price and location.

  18. Yeah Asif.. real estate hunting...and u may get duped in any form...Thank you..That last sentence was very sweet.

  19. good write up. keep it up. Love.

  20. Thanks , Papaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  21. Consider the cost of houses , lack of electricity , traffic in rush hour .. I have given up on even dreaming of a house I plan to get caravan car and park it right in from of my office :-)

  22. if you're going to get parking space!! LOL...Thanks for dropping by :D