Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy Boyz, and happy Gals!

International Women’ day, women’s reservation bill getting passed…oh my ! too much going on in my life. haha
And some, foolishly believe it is going to bridge gender gap.
It is always better to have the gap , you know? Otherwise, what is the difference?
I can’t help but say that among animals and birds, the male species are more attractive ( yeah they have a purpose for being attractive, I know).

Take for example the Lion.

It looks so sexy with all that fluffy, well maintained, royal mane. I actually gave flying kisses to it at the Bannerghatta National Park (my husband has never been more embarassed).
However the lioness could be easily mistaken as a dog if it weren’t in the same cage as the Lion.

See the peacock, with the bushy tail and bright colours. Pea hen is like an overgrown ordinary hen. No wonder they don’t keep them at zoos.
However, the peacock with all those colours , feathers and rain dance… Seriously, not manly, dude..! Think about it..! Be a man!
Ok I guess its high time I stopped this.. I am questioning the gender of our National Bird.

You know, the cafeteria in my office is jam packed at noon. Getting a chair and table so that one may sit and eat is close to impossible.
What we can do is, take the plate with the inedible lunch in it and look pathetically around. And ask some guy/ girl for the vacant seat next to them. The next thing I know, some guy will signal me with his hands to sit there. Whereas, if it is some girl alone in a table with vacant chairs all around her and I ask for the chair,’ she cruelly responds, ‘Oh I'm sorry.... one of my friends will come…she might need this chair to keep her bag…and that chair to keep her leg..and the other chair also...!#$%^&***&^%

You know, girls are such a horror.

When it comes to friendship, guys are definitely better. A gang of girls as best friends? Works only if they are nuns.

When it comes to choosing restaurants… guys win.

When it comes to choosing a holiday location, girls win.

Choosing a car? Guys win.

Choosing the colour for that car? Girls win.

Humor sense? Guys win! (Girls try to find the hidden meaning and intention of the joke, and by the time they realize, its too late to laugh)

Cleanliness and good memory? Girls win!

Shopping and dress sense? This one belong to girls. We do not have opponents here.

Bowling? Guys win!

Carroms? Girls win!

Marriage? Noone wins!

Yeah! We are made for each other!!


  1. Kollaallo videon .. :-) .. Humor sense? Guys win! -- absolutely true .. i had to do post mortem of many jokes :-/

  2. lol...i gotta agree on most points there...except for the carroms part...i dunno a single girl who plays carrom well! :o

    n thinking about it, peacocks are actually not manly! strange!

  3. Yes, I agree, all the legislation in the world will not make man and woman the same. But equally respected - That would be great!
    Once again many good points about strengths and weaknesses of both sexes.
    Your last time was the best! and the smiles were great too.

  4. hey girl... i agree with ur view on gender gap..
    but few of the things u mentioned...hmmm,,, well, I scored better than many guys in my team in bowling :D, as BE say, I know guys who are good at carrom and also zeroing on a holiday location,, they are such travel freaks any way!!!

  5. Half Kallan: Hmmm ..Humour sense..absolutely.

    Blunt Edges:We have to win in some game was just a lie :D

    GQ: Thank you :) hee hee

    Moonlite: Travel freaks who cant think of picturesque and romantic locations!!

  6. now dats a fair game.i liked it :)

  7. interesting post !! very true...

    I remenber an irate employee calling me once and arguing why do we celebrate women's day and not men's day !! well there is one such day.. not that he hated woman but what i could sense he hated all things feminist...

  8. Lakshman: Hehe ..Thank you.

    Aalaap: Hehe so when is Men's day? April 1st?

  9. Marriage? Noone wins!


    Is that true?

    But then, i liked your way of balanced presentation of facts.

  10. he he thank u...
    Yes , noone wins or loses in a marriage...
    Marriage is a compromise. :-)