Saturday, June 19, 2010

Yet another birthday.

Gone are the days when I used to wait for my birthday to come. For all the kisses, gifts, cheek-pinching by aunties and cousins ( it is a customary exhibition of love, but used to hurt), new dress (was in the same school for 12 years, still on birthday I have to ring up someone just to hear from them that I am allowed to wear ‘color dress’ that day), greeting cards from friends, birthday songs, candy distribution at school, and the special chocolate cake made by Mummy.

 Today birthdays are painful, that there would be those number candles on the cake so everyone comes to know my age. This is also why I never publish the photos of the cake cutting event on orkut or facebook so that I can avoid at least 300 + people coming to know the "secret" number :-) (see how smart I am) . I also silently swear that I’ll use the same candles for at least three more years, but end up the next year with another pair of candles where 
age = age + 1. Sigh.

One has to consider birthday as the day to remember and celebrate the day one was born. Why add it to the age and spoil the fun? Putting up those number candles showing the age is such a pessimistic thought you know. 
I am sure that it was invented by some spoilsport guy.

Here are some things you can consider when someone is celebrating their birthday.

  • 1.       Never buy those candles with numbers unless its your enemy or your ex.
  • 2.       Avoid birthday cards which scream ‘yay! Its your n-th birthday!’
  • 3.       Avoid saying stuff like ‘yaayy…Miss. X is n years “old”

J Thanks to everyone who kept all those lovely birthday wishes flowing in on orkut and facebook all day. Love you all J

P.S: If anyone is laughing by seeing the numbers on the cake in the image, then don’t laugh too much. 


  1. i really luved ur write up! specially ur last line in "p.s:" :D

  2. hehe this is exactly y i never wish for birthdays..i just love the "getting Gifted" part!!

  3. Hi world... that magic number that Anu ia talking about is 29 or 30 i think... right anu?

  4. He he :-) ...
    i have never wore color dress to school on my b day.. never distributed sweets ... ...മുത്തശ്ശി പറഞ്ഞായിരിക്കും "പിറന്നാള്‍ " നെ പറ്റി അറിയുക ...

  5. Anjana Chechi: Thanks chechi!
    Vineeta: me toooo! same pinch, no back pinch!
    Davis : Yes yes and same pinch 2 u...u're as old as me :D buhahaha
    Praphul: Potte...ippazhum bday ku color dress idamallo...! sweets um distribute cheyyam! entha preshnam!

  6. LOL...someone's turning very old ha? :P

    strangely i like doing all the 3 "forbidden sins" when my female friends celebrate b'days! :D

  7. I am not very old ..okay?
    And I feel sorry for your female friends :D

  8. :D ever sweet sixteen!!
    n bluntu, FYI, all the girls are :)

  9. yes yes moonlite especially, us:D

  10. You'll get over it soon, hon. Listen to Bob Dylan's "May you stay forever young".

    Age is in the mind. No matter how old you are, you can stay the same. There's no stopping you. So why worry!

  11. Well said RGB..thats soooooo true..!!!

  12. hey happy belated bday anita..:)
    the P.S. cracked me up... didnt notice the number on the cake b4.. :D

  13. LOL. I am stuck at 18. Like Bryan Adams..I will be 18 till I die!

  14. Sure! Me too! Welcome to the 'forever 18' club!

  15. I clearly remember wishing u....where is my comment;-(????

  16. Reflections! Oh no.. seriously I have not enabled comment moderation or anything...satyam ,satyam, mahindra satyam.!