Sunday, June 27, 2010

'We Three Kings...'

I am an eager participant at various events for Christmas celebrations and an extremely talented choir member as well...( like anyone will believe that) ; :D This helps me fulfill the hidden motive, which is to cut classes at the expense of ‘choir practice’.

  So there is this Christmas celebration event scheduled at the auditorium, the stage supposed to be the manger where there would be baby Jesus, Mary , Joseph, shepherds , hay, dim lights, sheep and goat. The choir had to be at the side, in their respective uniforms, and some guys were to play guitar and  piano. The main song was ‘We three Kings’ where the story of the 3 kings would be enacted with the choir singing at the background.

This song told the Biblical story of the three Kings, who came to the manger in Bethlehem where Jesus was born, with gold, frankincense and Myrrh. They reached there by following a star.

The song had an initial stanza, and three stanzas, one for each King. When the stanza for the first King starts, that King would walk royally to the stage, place the gift gracefully, bow before Jesus and exit exactly when the stanza is over. This pattern would be followed by each King.

The star is initially at the entrance of the auditorium along with the 3 Kings. I do not have stage freight at all so I confidently chose to be backstage, pulling the strings of the star very proficiently and slowly so that the Kings can follow it. This star was put up and pulled from entrance to the stage a million times before the event and it was perfect, unless otherwise the Kings would never find Jesus and all existing beliefs would be shattered and rewritten by me.

The big day came. 

The auditorium was housefull, with teachers in the front row. Although my hands were a bit shaky seeing the crowd, I was happy I dint have to be onstage being one of those shepherds (someone actually recommended me for that), which would have resulted in comedy and controversy. I stood backstage and held the strings tight. The three Kings were ready at the entrance and so was the star. The choir started the song, and I slowly pulled the strings… The Kings, dressed in heavily sequenced shiny cloaks and ridiculously large jewellery, their respective gifts held tight (cos if it falls down there was no way to bend and pick it up, as the dance costumes which they were wearing underneath was very tight)  walked slowly, repeatedly glancing the star. In between a wave of laughter slowly took the front rows…I immediately turned to check what was wrong. No… it was all perfect, just Mary sneezed and one of shepherds jerked in shock.

So the first King was about to start.

Ta Tang !!!!  The worst had happened. The star was not moving anymore.Everyone froze. The choir started with the stanza, the King stuck in the middle of the hall, flabbergasted and helpless. A thousand eyes were focussed on that King, but he maintained the royal attitude.There was a knot on the string and the star was stuck. I felt faint. The choir girls looked at each other. Mary and Joseph rolled eyes. The shepherds were bewildered. The first stanza was over; the King was still only halfway into the auditorium. I instructed one of the volunteers to hold the string and called one tall girl there to help. Finally she eased the star out of the knot.

By now, the chorus for second King was almost over and Mary, Joseph and the shepherds looked tired and impatient waiting for gifts. I instructed the two Kings to come and place the gifts on stage and leave so that atleast the third King can follow the music and the ending would be right.
So the first two Kings rushed to the stage, hurriedly placed the gold and frankincense at the manger, and left the stage without bowing... like they were attending the wedding of some distant relative.

The third King did it just fine, and the song ended as planned.

At the end of the event, one of the staffs turned up backstage and said, ‘You just had to pull a string, Anita…’



  1. ROTFL....very funny anu :-))....

  2. hahahaha...perfect LOL moments:
    1. u NOT having stage fright, n choosing to be backstage!
    2. wedding of a distant relative
    3. n the closing line

    great to see a fellow blogger just as NOT scared of the stage as i am...cheers! :D

  3. lol..was this at Holy Angels? cos i remmeber u being part of the christmas Celebrations every year...but imagine the torture the kings wud have underwent...Good one di..takes me back to our school days:)

  4. Ashachechi: Danks di.

    Praphul: GRRR

    Blunt: Which shows that u read all the lines! Thanks, blunt!

    Vineeta:Yup, very nostalgic..every Christmas. It is painful that I cant be a part of all that anymore.:(

  5. :D lol,
    me too, no stage fear at all,,
    and yeah, ‘You just had to pull a string, Anita…" ;)

  6. LOL..Super post! I too, have no stage fright and have graced many a debates from the front row seats :P

    Loved the punch line "You just had to pull a string, Anita…"

  7. wow...If i were to appear on a debate in the front row, I wudnt survive it fully :D
    So glad u liked the post, Shanu :)

  8. That was 1 funny incident....started laughing even before the star got stuck;-D

    I remember 1 manger scene in my church where we proudly got a real sheep and tht sheep got out of the hands of the shepherd, went beserk and started pulling out all the grass[manger] under Baby Jesus and had to be hurriedly removed from the scene;-D

    U have another stage-fright changaadi.....I'm petrified even at the mention of it;-(