Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Review Mania !

Director Ramesh Sippy has certainly lost it in ‘sholay’.. the villain cleanly gets on our nerves and  overshadows both the lead heroes. Gabbar Singh is as weird as his name and looks like he has come straight out of a childrens magazine, the awful make up and irritating dialogues. He succeeds in making the audience pull their hair out, while Hema and Jaya Bhaduri are female characters whose role still remains clueless throughout the script of Sholay…Had Sippy concentrated more on the script of…’

Before you roar at me, hear me out. This would be the review of the blockbuster of all times, the movie that made history, Sholay, if it were written by today’s film critics.

Gone are the times we used to watch movies for the entertainment value.:-(
Leave Sholay, and take some other blockbuster of those times and watch it again through the critics’ eye. You will laugh at it.

During school days, Hindi movies were a passion to us (me and my friends at school)  , although a lot of dialogues were not interpreted to what it actually meant …as Hindi wasn’t the mother tongue to any of us...but Urmila and Madhuri were our style icons. There would be weekends we would get together at a friend’s place and watch movies back to back.  On Monday at school we’d  be narrating the experience of how sexy ‘Madhuri Dixit’ looked in ‘Hum Aapke Dil De Chuke Sanam’ !!

I started reading reviews and got judgmental about every movie. Was there a top losers match goin on?
Then I boarded the movie spree yet again, and kept reading reviews after watching the movie...because I realized that I was missing out on a lot of good stuff.

The most recent one was Ravanan, a spectacular movie, which I enjoyed every bit of. It was a great experience watching Raavanan but the reviews... man! I’d been singing “Veera..” all the time for around a month...its a catchy song. Some dumbos said that the songs weren’t peppy enough…
Some cheapos ran out of logical shortcomings that they called it ‘predictable’. Raavanan is straight out of Ramayana…and Ramayana is thousands of years old. How can we expect Raavanan to be not predictable? :-D

So good criticism comes with logical understanding of the facts of entertainment …it is so much different from regular fault finding . And comparing Mani Ratnam’s movie with his previous work is also irrational…

Big B supporting his son in this matter sounded like a PTA meeting to me…’my son did well…but they edited it! give him more marks!’

Coming back to the point…do not read movie reviews and get biased…watch the movie and then decide yourself. Movies are for entertainment, they dint use your bank balance to make them. If you want, you watch!

Even otherwise, why do we need film critics?

By the way, I gotto say that ‘Kites’ was unbelievably silly and a huge let down. :D


  1. KEWL .. :-) . kites he he he .. :-)
    If i want to watch a movie .. I'll make sure that I dont read review before watching movie .. and will write how it was before reading the same reviews !

  2. :D lol, your kites review!! hmmm,, should I take it serious or not to!! ?? ;)

    Yes dear!! I watch it for fun!! watch it entertainment!! and for the pure joy of watching movies!! (n yeah, movies of my choice)

    your review for Sholay is HILARIOUS!! :D so so anita it is ;) [well, I was planning for a post on a similar line!! :( ]

    hey, at last,, which is that movie "Hum Aapke Dil De Chuke Sanam"??? who'z acted!!!??
    n kiska dil, kisne kisko diya??? :D

  3. I agree..Kites was a silly movie..I havent watched Hum Aapke Dil De Chuke Sanam abhi tak though..will u pls send me a cd :P

  4. n that's precisely why i don't read reviews!! but i gotta admit i do check out the ratings :D

    n of late, for some reason, people have started expecting a lot from movies...if a movie doesn't bore me n keeps me entertained for the 2+ hours in there, i say 'thank u'...guess it's time people stopped expecting every movie to be a path-breaking one.

    too much funda ha?

  5. Very true. Perspectives vary and so do opinions. I second your opinion though, about using own judgement before passing a final judgement!

  6. Spot on..Ravanan was superb...the reviews weren't. :)

  7. Praful: good for u!

    Moonlite: Hum aapke dil de chuke sanam is a mix of hum aapke dil mein rehte hain and hum dil de chuke sanam!

    Shanu: hihi


    RGB: true :)

    AN:yes...! I'm with u!

  8. Hey loved ur style of writing! :)
    I got quite a bit of catching up to do to become familiar with ur blog, I guess. Will surely do so in the coming days.

  9. True.. before, we just had the movie trailors to go on.. and Hindi movies never even gave away storyline in those.. just the songs.. still we'd go with so much hope.. nowadays, you know the whole storyline before u even enter the hall..

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