Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two years of marital Bliss :-)

It’s a special day.  We are celebrating our second wedding anniversary. And my parents have flown in from India. It is double dhamaka. Lalala. With a cool wedding anniversary gift. Lalalalala.

Two years! Wow and I really can’t believe it’s been that long…Thanks to my sweetheart who has shown me that life is more beautiful than what I can see from behind the pallu of Mom’s saree.  

And about my blue Christmas and all the long distance nagging about my current location. Parents have visited me for the first time that too during the best time of the year, and complimenting on how there are flowers on either side of the road, the cool climate, the romantic drizzles, occasional rains. Now I am the liar who said that temperature hit fifty and people actually melt here. I came in May-June. I am inviting them again in May !!!

Here is wishing everyone a peaceful and blessed 2011. Take care.


  1. Congratzzz ..

    Happy for the double dhamaka ..

    God bless :)

  2. Congrats and happy anniversary :)

    Have an awesome new year! :)

  3. Praful: Thank you :)

    Aparna: Thanks, dear.

    Sumit: Wow long time ! Thanks and happy new year 2 u too !!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Glad you had a wonderful time.

  5. Happy Anniversary Anita..:)

    and may 2011 double the happiness in your life ..

  6. xmas, anniversary, new yr.. Talk about ur funfilled weeks !! Have a great time :D

  7. Aww congrats babes :)

    Njoi ur time wit ur mom and dad :)

  8. Sourav: Thanks !

    Sony M.M : Thank You :-)

  9. RGB: I did... Thank you for the wishes :)

    Prasad: Thank u so much for the wishes :)

  10. Harman: Thank You !

    Pythoroshan: Hehe...Yeah finally the blue of Christmas has changed:)

    Shanu: Thanks, dear.

  11. wishing you a very happy new year 2011

  12. Wish you too a happy and prosperous New Year, Harman !

  13. Its very rare for two people to be so completely happy with each other! Am so glad I read this. Touch wood! Wish you guys another year of warmth, love and happiness!