Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Testimony to a childhood inspiration :-)

As a kid, I was scared to go alone to another room in the house, if no one was around. I would hear my footsteps echo like it would inside an empty auditorium…I’d turn around to check if some shadowy creature was following me…the palm of my hand would sweat incessantly.

 Mummy used to knit, read, or value answer sheets from college and be engaged all the time. Therefore she sends me to get her scissors, red ink pen, spectacles or something from her room. I always used to wonder why she can’t keep these things handy, at a place where she can pick it up herself. May be she sensed my fears and kept it at the farthest possible corner of the house, which is on her desk on the first floor. Climbing stairs alone itself was a terrifying thought for me.

One day, when me and Mummy were at home, she asked me,
 “how many people are there in the house now? 
I said “Two, you and me”. 
She said, “No, we are three”.

 May be she counts the spider in the bathroom as a separate person. 

She continued, ‘Jesus is with us na? When Jesus is an invisible presence we don’t have to fear anything. So when you have to go to next room and you feel scared to, just say, Jesus, come along with me”. 
It got etched in my head because at that age, going to another room was the biggest cause of tension. So by softly saying ‘Jesus, come along with me’ I could go fearlessly to the darkest room in the house, even if it had a spider in it.

Years later, as I walked back from office cab after night shifts, amidst hundreds of street dogs, “Jesus, come along with me” was the line which gave me strength to overlook the beasts and move on. Practicing a childhood trait like this one, never felt like something to be ashamed of.

And few days back, I washed my pink tshirt with hubby’s favorite white kurta and the inevitable happened. Pink patches on the white kurta! How am I going to put this out to dry ? !! He is definitely going to see it !
 ‘Jesus, come along with me !’


  1. Only Jesus can save you .. Hope Jesus will read this post and come along with you :)

  2. pray more!! stains on white kurta is a sin!!

    nice read :)

  3. hmm i doubt if Jesus can save u this time.. since the owner of the white Kurtha may attack u even before Jesus can think of saving you....All the best di!!!

  4. So nice Anu. Jesus is with us always and just feel His presence each and every sec. God Bless.

  5. :). U just go out and put it to dry. I hope Jesus goes along with your hubby when he goes out and sees his pink kurta! :)

  6. The pink colour may go as well as the kurtha. But Jesus will never fade away or go or leave u. Trust only in Him.

  7. Tell him white with pink patches are "in" right now !!

  8. Praful: Jesus knows it even before I write it :)

    Moonlite: Thank You :)

  9. Anjuchechi: LOL ...exactly !

    Mummy: I know, Ma. Thanks for commenting ! Its your first comment on my blog !

    Anjana chechi: But its too late for that chechi :(

  10. Sunitha Arun BhaskarFebruary 22, 2011 at 10:35 PM

    LOL...dat was funny! Ani..u've really got something going here for urself:)

  11. Sunitha chechi: Thanks chechi... I'm so glad you visited my blog and even commented ! yay !

  12. Jesus can never help u in this situation! Cos surf excel was invented in the 20th century!!