Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rodent Menace ...continued.

Following my article Rodent-o-phobia, my sister (who is also my critic and an unmatched support behind this blog) was online and was giving me feedback along with a few LOLs. She enjoys my poor jokes to such an extent that she not only LOLs, but also ROFLs and ROFLMAOs at some of them, whereas the same joke would not have any effect on others. In fact, my ability to crack poor jokes is nurtured by her.

(After reading my article she says...)

She: How can there be mice in your house. It is very unhygienic!

Me: Yeah I thought it was healthy and invited it.

She: No I am serious. There was once a mouse in my kitchen…and I knew it from the smell.

Me: Deodorant?

She: Mice stink, don’t you know. I found it and drove it out with a mop. Also cleaned the kitchen…especially the area where it hid.

Me: You killed it?

She: No I drove it away.

Me: Okay check your wardrobe.**laughs**

She: I saw it going outside my apartment...

Me: Towards your neighbor’s house?

She: No it sped towards the elevator… and squeezed inside...then someone from parking lot pressed the button and the elevator went down.

Me:  Mice these days,  I say…!

She: **ROFL**


  1. Lazy mouse .. y dint he use stairs .. Cholesterol koodi chatholum .. !!!

  2. He he he! It was residing in my electric rice cooker.. so that shows it was already used to luxury! But the relief after it went out of the house (and down the elevator!) was immense. Slept peacefully after a long long time! :)

  3. Pity my folks don't laugh at my PJs! :P

  4. Praful: Mice doesnt use stairs. My sister uses it !

    Anjuchechi: haha what a luxurious mouse! Could be a descendant of our very own Mickey !

    Blunt: Some of us laugh in fb na? For your PJs even that is too much to ask ! :D

  5. We once had a rat that we used to call super Mouse because it once escaped a rattrap by somehow squeezing through the bars.. Also it used to never eat any of the rat poisoned bananas that we used to place around the kitchen. But found other un poiseoned stuf..Finally we got a cat.

  6. Sunitha: Thats a super smart mouse !! seems its got immune to rat poison !

  7. Anju chechi.... So you are the culprit!!! Pls dont encourage anu... Now its not just Abu, all her blog readers are suffering!! :-D

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