Monday, March 7, 2011

A reason to REJOICE !

A week ago, I was in Dubai, on a well deserved vacation, after a few months of dry spell in Muscat. Hubby had a few bachelor friends there, and I guess all of them silently wished that I wasn’t with him during this trip ;-). Anyway I was also welcomed gracefully and we had a great time together.

One of these guys owned a car, and another was a close friend, so the four of us hung out one night, at the movies. During the movie, these guys got frequent phone calls which sounded very critical and since then, they were at the edge of their seats waiting impatiently for the movie to end. As soon as the movie was over they sped out and were rushing to drop us at our hotel. It was half past midnight, and I silently assumed that these guys had missed out big on some midnight birthday celebration.  During the drive from the multiplex to the hotel, they kept getting calls from aggressive party animals, who were blaring out their vocal cords and music in the background was so loud that it could’ve been audible to people in other cars on the road.

A birthday party couldn’t be as violent as this one…or was it a bachelor party…my assumptions wandered.

We drove on.

In a matter of minutes, the car halted reluctantly  at our hotel (bypassing certain red lights en route) ,and the guys who now appeared like they fought a tsunami all along, were entirely oblivious of the good nights’ and thank yous’ I was sincerely saying. We both got down and hubby asked, ‘Where’s next?’

And seconds before the car could vroom out of our hotel came the reply…

 “There is a party at my friends’ apartment… as his wife just went to her native place”.


  1. Ah! That explains it! I thought the calls were from office! My hubby came home early to attend my daughter's school day (which was a miracle in itself) but missed seeing her in the dance cos he was on office calls all through the drive to the school and the programmes! Now eagerly waiting for the dance DVD!

  2. He he he :) Muscat lu kurachu maasam kazhinju party undavum ;-)

  3. Anjuchechi: :) U can see as many times as you want in a dance DVD ! Whereas on stage the performance will be missed even at a blink of the eye !

    Praful: You think I will leave him alone here? !

  4. LOL, did that actually happen or you just made this up. Whatever the case might be, it was a fun read, specially the ending line.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. Hi BA ! No stories here...only real stuff ;-) Thanks for dropping by..and for the comment ! :)
    Liked your blog .

  6. LOL sooo true but I've also noticed that the very same guy who throws the 'wife's gone, lets rock' party will be climbing the walls by the end of the week waiting for beloved wifey to get back;-D

    Enjoyed reading the post;-D!!!!

  7. Nancy : LOL that is sooo true...when she is gone, it is party time for a couple of days.. until the friends leave and the house looks like a garbage.!
    Thanks Nancy...missed you in blogosphere !

  8. Ahh...!! great... Well I'm not married but yeah I have a gf and I can understand that how sometime girls act very childish being too much possessive.

  9. Nice posts. Like your pictures and art too!

  10. Hey, you have got an award :). Check it out - here

  11. Listen to the other side of the story! The moment I am out of town, the first thing my wife does is plan a shopping spree with her friends :-D We at least stay indoors and drink :-) good boys!

  12. She prob does that for timepass , since u're gone... but this was real celebration of freedom !