Thursday, July 21, 2011

A 'fishy' collision...

It was the last working day of the week. Mom and I were waiting for hubby to come home, after the grocery purchase for the weekend. Papa had already left to India.

10:30 p.m. 
Me: Hello? Where are you?
Hubby: At the parking lot… will be there in five minutes.

So Mom and I arranged plates and got ready for dinner… Meanwhile she also diplomatically made space in the fridge for the items that were on the way. We switched on the TV, but my mind was programmed for the five minute wait, the noise the entrance door makes when someone enters the building, followed by the ring of the bell at our apartment.

5..10…15 minutes passed, and the bell did not ring.

I optimistically expected a traffic block, which could scarcely happen at this part of the town especially at this hour of the day. I took my mobile and dialed him on the speed dial. The call opened initially to the noise of a crowd, followed by his voice.

“Hello..Actually there is a small problem…I met with an accident here…a guy on a two wheeler was hit by our car and he is being taken to the hospital…I am surrounded by his people here…I will call you back”.

The statement sent chill waves down my spine. I ran to my Mom and broke the news to her.
We’re just two ladies at home. We do not know what exactly happened. It is a country where punishments are quick and extreme for even trivial faults. We are expats here. We do not have lawyers or support of any kind. I broke down emotionally, as pessimistic thoughts clouded my head..which also froze my ability to think. I took my mobile and rang up a colleague. He did not answer the call…it was 11 pm already. I rang up another colleague who said that he was already at the accident site, but also added that he couldn’t make out anything.

I was convinced that someone died and that we were going to face a criminal lawsuit. Tears started gushing out of my eyes... followed by persistent whining and melodrama. My Mom, who couldn’t stand me crying, took great effort to hide her own and consoled me despite the mountain of anxiety burning within her. Soon I got calls from various friends of his, who pacified me with updates every now and then. The latest one being, that the victim had come from the wrong direction, on a one-way road and the mistake was all his. He was not injured and was discharged from hospital after dressing up minor wounds. Hubby was in the police station now, where the police tried to document an FIR.  Although this much information was enough to stop the tears, I couldn’t get back to my normal self unless and until I could see and talk to him. The FIR could take some time, I was told.
 Mom and I thanked the Almighty for being there when the world was miles away.

Soon, there was a knock at our door. I rushed to open it... it was a friend, and he held out a small plastic bag to me, and said : “ Hi Anita…I just came from the police station…saw him …he is fine… by the way this is some fresh fish…he said , if he has to stay longer at the police station, it will become stale, and you might be pissed”

What do I say to that?    "Thank you" ????!!!!!!
His friends must now have built an excellent image about me... the wife who would be worried about the fish going stale when husband is at the police station. Sigh..!.

Anyway, hubby was back home in another hour, by God’s grace, and I quietly explained to him that come what may, I just can’t do without fresh fish :-D


  1. Lol ur craving for fish never dies!!! it was like sitting on the tip of a needle while reading this and that Fresh fish dialogue made me feel like pinching u!!!! by the way hope ur car is free of scratches!!! ;)

  2. Loool...i must say you are blessed with a very thoughtful hubby, Thinks about you even during epic troubles :P

  3. If you know anything about men, you will agree that he sent the fish home, only cos he doesn't want his precious car to stink by having the fish in there for long! :P

  4. I hope they are all right now, both your hubby and the two wheeler guy.

    P.S.: You've made quite an image. :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. Vinee: Hehe...There are scratches in the front dee...but not visible much as the color is silver..

    Moonlite: :D

  6. Red Handed: Well, I wish it was like that ! See Anjana's comment below and thats the truth :D

    Anjuchechi: EXACTLY ! U NAILED IT !

  7. Blasphemous Aesthete : All is well, Blasphemous Aesthete . Yes I've got a good image !

  8. got me a tad worried and very giggly in the same post!
    great read!and never mind about the image-husbands have the knack of forming the most annoying ones randomly :-)
    actually it was kinda cute to worry about the fish and you even from the police station!says a lot gurl:-)

    and loved the line "thanked god for being there when the world was miles away"

  9. phew! that was close

    and the fish! oh my god! it had me laughing!

    following your blog now...

  10. Thank God Nothing went wrong!! And loved the fishy fishy ending to the post!!

  11. I loved the way you concluded. Even I go with Cindrella's thoughts.. My wishes!

  12. Anita,

    Read 2 posts now. Had a good laugh at previous one. Did they all call you CHHOTU also? That is what normally happens. On this one, thank God all was well finally. I am impressed with your husband as he cares so much for you. He did not wish to annoy you with stale fish.

    Take care