Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mobile Appointments.

My first mobile phone was a Nokia 1100. It had a white moonlight display and was gifted by Papa in my final semester of engineering, as he was overwhelmed by my marks in the seventh semester. Haha I wish !  The truth is, there were only two theory papers and a project in the final semester. The project demanded frequent shuttling between hostel, printing press and computer center, and the gadget helped him trace me.

After six tiresome and frustrating months of job hunting after graduation, I landed at a software firm as a trainee and started earning on my own. My first investment was a mobile phone (which is hardly an investment ) worth twice my trainee pay. I spent my entire salary of that month and a monetary donation from Mummy to buy it and flaunted it around for almost three years. That’s when I got married and ever since I’d been using my husband's discarded phones.

Okay I am not trying to be the super modest wife here because the very infamous nagging also happened in parallel. Whenever I shop for clothes or shoes, my excuse would be…’See this? I don’t even have a mobile..This is your old one. Poor me .’ and it always worked. Last month he bought me a new mobile, the most happening Android. ( Ya I know what an Android is, he explained it to me.)

Ever since, our appointments and reminders happen as follows.
Our son has to be taken to the Clinic for his third dose of vaccination on December 7th. I create a reminder in my calendar and add  hubby’s name as the participant. As soon as I create, it sends an email to my hubby with the attached calendar , which looks somewhat like this:

Event: Aaron vaccination.
Date: 7th December 2011.
Location: Muscat Clinic
Participants: Anita Jeyan
Going? Options: Yes  No  May Be
Then he clicks ‘Yes’.

Immediately this is added to his calendar as well, and I get an email saying ‘Accepted’.

Aren’t we the super hifi Gizmo freak couple or what ?  So the calendar became our Godfather reminding us for Sunday Mass, Grocery purchase, Car servicing, ATM, etc.

Later one day I reported a dearth of clothes in my wardrobe and wanted to go shopping.
 As usual I created the event on my calendar.

Event: Shopping.
Date: 3rd November 2011.
Location: City Center.
Participants: Anita Jeyan

An email pops up in his inbox.
He notes the undesirable event.
The mail continues.

Going? Options: Yes  No  May Be
May Be.

My email reads: ‘Tentatively Accepted”. L


  1. Shopping... Maybe.. I can relate to that!! :D So now, Android has become an integral part of your family huh ?? :D

  2. Android remids .... Anita, time to blog .. and blog get updated

    :-o !

  3. tentatively accepted..hehehehehehe
    Awesome one!!!
    You have one super cute family. *touchwood*

  4. Technology makes things easier :)

    Tentatively accepted!! :D :D funny but cute :)

  5. Heights of technologisation!! :-P

  6. Nice post! I am a big fan of Android and always waging a private war against Apple's iCrap. I hope you don't mind but I am going to use your post as ammunition for my war. :D

  7. hiihihihihihi :D tentatively accepted ;) shopping irks men big time...

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  9. haha...you are the hifi gizmo freak cute couple-and yes, what would our lives be without lines that we use for emotional blackmail;-)

    and i still need to understand from mera waala pati-what an android is!:-)

  10. Binu: Yes , very much. It reduces a lot of unnecessary conversation. lol

    Praphul: Yes I should keep a reminder something like that :D

  11. Red Handed: Touchwood ! Thanks !

    Maithili: Thank you !

    Rohan: Totally !

    Tan: Thanks !

  12. Sunil: Wow then the article will get noticed ! Thanks :D I love android too and always felt apple is overrated.

    TheBluntBlogger: Yeah I know...but I have no other go as I do not have a license here to drive and get my things done ! hmm :(

  13. Suruchi: lol ...Come to me I will give you a session on Android. haha. I dint know abt it until he bought it for me...

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  15. I suggest leaving husband home when shopping...it does not promote marital harmony. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Good luck.

  16. Anita,

    Read 4 pending posts. Had a good laugh at what your sister said in Family Amusement and also the way your father told you he had seen the cat. You are lucky to be aware of frauds. There are many such persons. So now you finally realised the value of Banana. Enjoyed reading this one.

    Take care

  17. Grayquill: I sincerely wish I could do that, Grayquill. I do not have a driving license here and public transport is not available here except for taxis. As for the taxis, it is not completely safe for women to travel alone in this part of the world. Even if it was, I cant do that now as the baby hasnt started on solid food yet. So husband has to be dragged along or I have to wear maternity clothes henceforth ! :D

    Jack: Thank you ! Feels so good to know that you catch up on pending posts when u have time and comment about each of them ! Thank u so much.

  18. LOL this was soooo funny....;-D

    And ur new phone sounds really hep;-D!!!