Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Just a random working day.

As I work at a five minute walk from home, my working hours starts at 7:00 am ( I chose this shift to be able to reach earlier in the evenings ). Till 9:00 am, hubby takes care of the toddler. The child would be sleeping, so you can guess the amount of work that goes into it ;-) . Jokes apart, he does wake him up on time, gives him a bath, dresses him up (in the most obnoxious tee shirt and shorts combination which I later have to replace) and gets him ready for his playschool. I visit home for breakfast soon after and one day I found the house incredibly peaceful. No TV, no screams of the toddler. Occasional cute giggles of the toddler were coming from my room, and hubby humming a random tune was emanating from another. Something was terribly wrong.

I proceeded to my room and realized that my worst fear was happening. My toddler had caught hold of my ipad, and was playing Angry Birds in it. He had wanted to touch my ipad ever since I owned it, but by words and actions I had made it clear that it was not a toy. 
Don’t judge me, I cannot afford to buy ipads and give them to my toddler to play.  But he was so happily playing that I stormed to the bedroom where hubby was ironing his shirt.

“Dint you see that he is playing with my ipad ? With music on?”

“Yes . I gave it to him. See how cheerful he is! Awww”

“WHAT ! It is not a toy! Why dont you give your ipad instead?”

“WHAT? My ipad? I paid for that through my nose!”

“Then what about my ipad? We dint steal it ! We paid for that too !”

“But that is YOUR ipad no? Its okay” he said.

I mean what is the logic of that. My ipad is a toy. His ipad contains high security political information of the country’s Armed Forces.

I left the room fuming and snatched the ipad away from the toddler and replaced it with something else. This cant be happening. Do I look or behave like a cartoon to be treated like this. How can all my stuff be considered as toys. Hmph.

So we started from home, and the kiddo was dropped at playschool, and after he waved goodbye, I waited some more time watching him play with his girlfriend (who comes to playschool in a Hummer and I am not complaining )during which he gave me a look which translates roughly to ‘Please leave!’ On our way back I casually told hubby how the summer was catching up. I missed my sunglasses which were resting comfortably in some dark corner of hubby’s home in Cochin – I left it there last Christmas. I sighed aloud.

“Yes for your forgetful behavior, you should feel some sun this time, so that next time you won’t forget” preached the hubby. “Before misplacing this, you lost another one, remember?” he added.

“Whoa! You lost one too ! This is your second!” I argued.

“ Mine was stolen” he defended himself. “But yours was not, it is there somewhere but you don’t know” he said.

“Mine was stolen too!!!”

“No your sunglass just went missing it wasn’t stolen” he insisted.

“Oh I see? Did you see somebody stealing yours? It also went missing right?”


"Your sunglass went missing, and you believe it was stolen. Mine is missing too, and I believe it was stolen as well."


Silence ruled the car for some time, and I decided to break it. I thought of ways to change the topic and the mood and came up with a mind blowing one.

“You know, Ray Ban aviators are cool.”

I am really bad at changing topics.


  1. Lolmax!!

    you ARE really bad at changing topicS!! :P

  2. :D:D:D

    I can picture two adults in a car having this conversation :D

  3. haha you know what, its always like this. My time is nothing and his time is always so very precious. If he pings I have to respond, but if I ping 'how can i respond immediately when I have so much work!'.. :-( :-( karna padta hain! the topic change, lol.. i know that feeling!

  4. Hahaha, men will be men na :D

  5. The attempt to change the topic was simply epic! !

    1. hehe thank u thank u.. it was not appreciated well by the hubby though :D

  6. Anita,

    Caught up with all pending posts. You would know the reasons of my absence if you have visited me. Enjoyed reading about your experiences as young mother. You take me back by many years though I am reliving those days with grandchildren but am, of course, wiser now. Simple meal with love on any day makes it Valentines Day. Congratulations on 4 years and 150 posts. Liked the way you both pick on each other but it is fun which you will recall when you get old.

    Take care

  7. will catch up on all ur posts. quite cool! stumbled upon the site looking for stuff on muscat.

    Btw i am kn, moved recently to muscat looking to gather thoughts, make company and make life bindaas :)

  8. hehe.. love the hubbys logic... "that your ipad. mine is paid with hard earned cash." :D ah.. the ways we defend our stuff !!

  9. ha ha ha,
    the best one is the use of the word "FINE"
    and in caps

    1. :D that is the word which is used to accept defeat in style !

  10. Arguement, arguement and more arguements! :D I like the way your son was playing on your I-Pad.. :D Nowadays they learn a lot more than we think they will learn.. Like fiddling on gadgets that are precious to us.. My daughter has her eyes set on my Galaxy S3.. My time will come soon :P

    1. hahahaha yes... but now my son is not interested in the ipad or phone anymore... because he thinks he has finished all levels on angry bird :D

  11. Ghahahahaaha atleast you are cut enough to always try to break the ice. and no..YOUR IpAD TOO CONTAINS HIGH SECURITY POLITICAL INFORMATIONS!!1

    1. hahaha yeah ! As I won that argument in a not so straightforward route, I decided to break the ice. hahaha

  12. I'm just imagining ur lil one's glee at getting his mom's ipad for a whole 10-20 mins before u the wicked mommy snatched it away from him. And LOL at girlfriend who comes in a hummer;-D

    Even though I'm talking abt diff stuff.....it was a fun post Anita, enjoyed it;-D

  13. haha am reading your blog after such a long time. loved the conversation between you and your husband. and ur son's please leave expression has made me curious.

    1. Lol G3 ! And I am so glad you dropped a comment..! Ya he has a girlfriend at his playgroup. :D

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