Sunday, July 3, 2016

The spies in our Whatsapp groups!

There are three types of people on our Whatsapp groups. One, people who are still in touch and are friends even outside the group, two, people whose names you still remember and are participants in the group, and lastly, people you don’t remember at all, making you question where you stand on the road to Amnesia.

The first category is the best. I have a whole group of them from school; we chat from different continents, are supportive, and have honest discussions without being judged. We discuss everything from stuff on our grocery list to men on our wish list to relatives on our hit list. We use everything from F word to B word to A word like it was our normal vocabulary. There is nothing more energizing than a girl group of like-minded super crazy individuals. The second category is people who are neither friends, nor enemies and are scattered across groups. They probably bothered to study during the time I was busy socializing, so they dint have anything to do with me then or now. The third category comes into picture when some conversation about that person happens in the group. This is the time I’d be reading messages without any clue about the existence of that person. 

How did I possibly forget the very existence of a person who sat in the same room with me for an extended period ? May be our brain chooses to forget irrelevant people, the ones who had nothing to do with us. May be it just moves people to the recycle bin when it is time to move on and then empty the recycle bin too. Oh I haven’t forgotten any of my enemies, mind you. I am still waiting for the right time to get back at them. ( Meanwhile, for them I am their third category of forgotten morons)

This irrelevant third category sent me a friend request on Facebook, and the profile picture is intelligently chosen. It is a picture of his/her child. Just the child. No parents anywhere in the album. I mean unless your kid is North West or Princess Charlotte, there is no way to know who you are. I make all kinds of efforts to visit their profile and try to place this person. I mean why on earth would you upload your baby’s picture on your profile? I mean it is not okay for you to upload your picture due to Sati Savitri reasons but your child’s picture can be posted everywhere?  Either you become a little bit social or don’t be on social media. At least, don’t remain anonymous and send friend requests.

Once I was pinged by this forgotten person I had mutual friends with. We exchanged a ‘hi’. She asked me where I am, what I do and the name of my child. I answered the above questions dutifully, and when I was about to ask something back, she said ‘Okay then bye’ and was offline in less than a second. This means that she pinged me to ask these three questions. She also left in a hurry and was never online again on messenger (or I was blocked immediately after). May be she dint like the name of my child.  My dear friend, if you are an introvert I completely understand. If you want to maintain your privacy I get that too.  Why would you want to know everything but not say anything about yourself? Why would you be in a group reading all messages but never say anything?

Most probably.
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My parents always tell me, that I should never suspect or blame anyone without proof or knowing them long enough.  
Going by that advice, my best guess is that she is a spy for the RAW, or works for the CBI. They can question you. Do you question them back?


  1. Ya and you are on FBI hitlist :p

    People with profile pics of their kids - DPs are meant to identify you, not just publicise your and your kid's good looks ;)

  2. Lol at these Messenger conversations.

    One time, someone pinged me and said hi, I said hey. They said how are you? I said I'm good, how are you? They said I'm fine, how are you?

    That was when I was like ummm, I have to go :P

    And even worse are those with the profile pictures of actors or models. The absolute worst are the ones who use a picture of flowers or puppies as their dp. I mean come on!!! :/

    1. Actors, actresses, puppies, Gods, quotes, scenic places, wallpapers and what not ! Highly irritating! Why are these secretive introverts on social media?

  3. You are funny :-) I haven't been here in a while and now I see I might be dropping in more often. All these things have happened to me, so that whatsapp exists no longer on my devices and mysterious FB profiles have finally received the boot. Too much chaos in immediate life already so, I'll become the social media/chatting/messenger recluse. Good writing, Anita and a really good read.

    1. Thank you so much Tisa! These are things that happen on social media, and I write it when it happens to me or someone I know. And someone on my friend's list immediately takes offence because they think I am writing about them! Well, if they feel that way, there should be some reason right? ;-)