Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rewinding to those lovely days again.

Well, one of my friends who called marriage ‘legal prostitution’ recently got married, and I am totally happy that finally she did. Ironically it was a love marriage and I wonder whether it was so huge enough even to inspire Chetan Bhagat (Two States!). She was one crazy non-vegetarian "Brahmin girl", who would go to such extent as to catch fish from my fish tank at home for lunch. Her near and dear don’t have any idea about this, as she carries a factory of mint in her bag and always smells of fresh veggies ( and sometimes of stale ones).

Innumerable school day memories always come rushing to my head, when I am not thinking of something crazy (which doesn’t happen too often). I still remember the teacher who hated me, another, who actually loved me like she would her daughter. If only I could wind back time. At school whatever mischief I got into, however big a hurdle befell me, I knew Papa would be there for me. Sometimes it was to squeeze my ears in front of my teachers, but still he would buy me Frooti on the way back home, as a sign of apology. And back home, Mummy would be there, supporting me even if I was wrong (but never if the grades are low).

Now my Mom bakes cocoa cakes like no other in the country. My friends would come home and attack the cake seconds after it is taken from the oven. In a few minutes, it would look like a mountain of brown rice, and we would be uncivilized barbarians, until not even a tiny morsel is left . Even today, I cant properly make chocolate milk, given milk, sugar and chocolate cream or if I did, the kitchen would look like a war zone. Only God knows how she makes those little brown pieces of heaven.

Days passed and Papa showed signs of diabetes. So it was my turn to play ‘Papa’. I would give the cold ‘how-dare-you’ stare at wedding lunches when the caterers come to serve ice cream. Papa would look at me like a lamb and I would finally yield to a small spoon of ice cream to taste. Mummy is lucky enough not to have diabetes history in her family, but rejects even a spoon of it ( 'Papa's food, is poison for Mummy), as she thinks it would change her voice and  made to sing ‘bass’ with other men in the choir.

I also used to be in that choir.

Which is not funny if any of you are laughing.


  1. Cocoa cakes - I'll take 3 please.
    I hope you friend stays happily married.
    And, you sang in a choir? Hmmm...
    I think you have your papa wrapped around your finger.

  2. yeah.. Grayquill.. she does have her Papa wrapped around her finger.. and even papa is secretly proud of it!
    I miss her choc cakes.. I wish I nevr get diabetes!
    Miss those days...And your friends were an absolute bunch of rowdies.. and I still love them more than even my friends!!! LOL! U have alwys been veru lucky with friends and I have to admit that they are some of the most adorable ppl I have ever met in my life.. Long live your friendship!
    And keep writing more happy things.. :) Love to read them.. :) take care..

  3. buhahahaha...u sang in a no i ain't laughing!!! :D:D:D

    n talking about diabetes, i remember my mom stuffing herself with sweets the day before she went 4 the test lest she tested positive and could never gorge again!

  4. @Grayquill : Well, thats true :)
    @ANjuchechi: My friends are your friends too! Check 'mutual friends' ..! LOL!
    @Blunt Edges: Hehe...many people do ur Mom.. :) Well, we cant blame them.. :) And I actually sang in a choir . GRR

  5. against marriage and now "2 states"..seen that around before..hehe

    so were you thrown out of the choir for doing a jig while singing "Samayamayi"... :D

  6. :D...actually i have a friend who is a tamil brahmin who got married to a Punjabi guy... can very well relate to 2 states...theyve been to top business school too!

    And abt the choir...? GRRRRR

    Welcome back, Anup! Havent seen u in a long time..!

  7. Oh hehe.. cud be the nextgen 2 states..guess we have to wait till ur friend's hus starts writing books ;)

    I've been around..check ur last post..guess u were too busy to see :-)

  8. :) I saw it too Anup... I have replied to it too..although not specifically... i was too depressed even to reply :-(

  9. :-) no probs.. hope ur out of it now.. ok, I'll stop now, befoe this turns into a public chat page :D