Thursday, October 15, 2009

Corporate Blues.

I now know how frustrated a person can be at office and how equally demeaning are its policies. People , people everywhere but not a friend to talk. By the way who needs friends during these trying times? Especially cry baby friends. Some such friend species can break the hell out of you.. And that too in such a place as my office.

Before one talks about my pay package or recognition, the first thing I want out of a workplace is peace of mind. Given a chance I would explode the HR to bits. They kind of decide when we should go to the loo. They tell us what ******* to wear on which day. Ultimately they decide our lives. The day will come when they tell us whom to marry. I wanted to do an MBA in HR, but I dropped the idea. Who would voluntarily want to bear the curse of thousands of employees for the rest of their lives? I certainly do not.

Now they want us to set ‘goals’ for the performance year. Goals! And me? ! Sure typing imaginary stuff in goal settings can be very interesting at times. Especially when my goal is to finish off the moron who wants us to document the goals. Whatever. Now there is a guy, who approves it. He can be miles away or in a totally different planet. And he, decides what I should do during the coming ‘performance’ year. Oh that sounds very interesting and pragmatic. And there is another guy, who analyzes what the alien has approved and passes his own comments in it. The broth is now spoiled to its nucleus by all the supernatural cooks and this would be the documentation of my fate for another 365 days. End of the day, I end up venting my frustration on my blog and the approvers are drawing fat salaries and filling excel sheets in their glass cabins.

Heights of injustice as I call it. There is another category whom I want to bombard and get rid of to the very blood cell. They are called ‘peer groups’. These are disturbingly lucky chaps and definitely not any better. They get promoted every six months and thereby raise the assessment bar so high that other deserving fellows are dragged through the rock bottom and they get to see how it is like to be in a space where there is rock bottom and layers of crap on it.
 I am in such a space now.

 It doesn’t feel good.

 It doesn’t smell good.

 I can still see the undeserving morons smirking devilishly at me.

It is ugly.


  1. Well i had plans to quit..but now i feel whats the use when the atmosphere is just the same????? Will these situations ever change? or is it gonna get worse??Lets wait and watch!

  2. @ Blunt Edges: Yes. It never gets better.
    @ Vineeta: Changing organization can give ya better pay, but never peace of mind.

  3. hahahaha... awsome awsome...!! yea i guess the supernatural cooks do cook up a

  4. You shouldnt be laughing at that Ajay... :-( I am in so much pain and you are laughing! :-( SOB! (U lucky chap. I will kill u. Dont ever think abt going elsewhere to work. You might end up writing stuff like these):)

  5. I read you are alone in the work place, angry, and, hurt. I would caution you in talking to others at your company about your discontent. And, do not listen to others words of discontent. Negativity has a way of becoming a monster and making a hard situation much worse. You might think, but then I will feel more alone – that maybe true – Sorry.
    Another caution – find a way to not hang onto the anger. Every situation usually has three simple choices (but not so easy to do) and they are always the same choices. #1 Can you do anything about the situation? If you can, then do it. If you cannot do anything about it your task then is to either accept it or leave it. It is foolish to look for a fourth choice there is no fourth choice.
    If I said I understand all that you deal with day in and day out that would be a lie. I do not understand corporate India or your specific situation. - therefore take these word with a grain of salt.
    In regards to your goals, are you afraid one will say these are not good goals? Or are you afraid the goals will be used against you in a years time? Knowing what we fear is often helpful. A wise man said to me once, A problem well defined is a problem half solved. Another is from the scripture, "for the lack of knowldege the people perish" Be careful your strong emotions are not allowed to act with out full knowledge and full information.
    You feel things deeply – that can be a great asset but it can also be a great hindrance in your life. You must beat this gift of strong feelings into serving you not running you.
    Good Luck and hang in there - I believe in you!

  6. Grayquill... The one most important thing you said..which is not to talk to others at workplace about my discontent..You are 100% on that. I know it pretty well. Because all are colleagues here- they do not fall into 'friend' category.
    Thank you Grayquill. Your words feels like those from a long time friend.Thank you so much.

  7. @ Grayquill
    what a monster of a comment that!

    @ Anita
    u bring out the philosopher in grayquill! poor u ;)

  8. hahaha.. ! yeah I think I do. I also bring the monster out of the 'approvers' at office!

  9. Hey...Dont get this much frustrated..yes i know ur situattion..but dnt worry yaar..everything will be just fyn by gods grace..then why r u saying that u dont have any frnds in office to talk i not ur frnd??????

  10. Yees you are :-) And in our project theres lots of spare time to talk, isn't it?

  11. from my experience, things never change. You just get used to the situation. Keep knocking...

  12. Yes, bitter and inevitable truth, Ashtung.
    And, thanks for dropping by :-)

  13. And I hate how when you give yourself an above average you have to go all out to 'show cause' as to why they should not downgrade you. As if slogging your ass off all year is not enough!

    There are huge grey areas in the way assessments are done in most companies and those who know how to manipulate the system/situation are usually the winners.

    Nice to finally come here Anita. Seen you at AGG's.

  14. EXACTLY! I agree with each and every word u just said. Thanks for dropping by :-)