Thursday, November 26, 2009

A piece of conversation :)

Here is a piece of conversation with my cousin brother , who forgot my birthday, and is not sure when it was.

Andrew Sudhan:hey
Andrew Sudhan:u there?
Andrew Sudhan:ok.. dumb question..
Andrew Sudhan:but.. ur bday by any chance?
me:its over...was yesterday
Andrew Sudhan:waaaat?
Andrew Sudhan:it cant be overrrrr
me:it is over
Andrew Sudhan:wait calling u.. now.. 9******024 rt?
me:u dont even know my mob no?
Andrew Sudhan:9********26?
me:dont I also belong to the family which you also belong to *sob*
Andrew Sudhan:9*********24?
me:was i adopted ? *sob*
Andrew Sudhan:hey shit up.. tell
Andrew Sudhan:shut* :)
me:no i wont tell
Andrew Sudhan:fine.. u are missing the brotherly bday blessing of all... ur fate..
Andrew Sudhan::)
me:looks like its gonna be a good year ahead
Andrew Sudhan:illogical mannerism.. ur blog recent post..
me:u read my blogs?
Andrew Sudhan:naaaaaaaa
Andrew Sudhan:first time.. today.. right now.. lol
Andrew Sudhan:listen.. u say.. sat night.. power cut.. then how the hell u bloggin????
me:I am not typin staright into the website,,,it usually undergoes a strenous process of corrections in microsoft word
Andrew Sudhan:spell checkkkkk!!! :P
Andrew Sudhan:no wonder its not a daily blog!!
me:who writes blogs daily
Andrew Sudhan:bloggers :)
me:noone writes daily
Andrew Sudhan:i got paid for writing blog for some nokia thing.. 1500 for 5 days..
Andrew Sudhan:it never got posted.. but still got the money.. :D
me:even if u write who is gonna read? not even the ppl who pay u! lol
Andrew Sudhan:haaaaa haaaaaaaa... so funny..... NOT!
Andrew Sudhan::?
me:someone stole our car stereo
Andrew Sudhan:ok tell kno.. ur bday was yest?
Andrew Sudhan:shitttttttt
me:twas alpine :(
Andrew Sudhan:am hearin abt lotsa incidents like this..
me:only the display panel was taken:(
Andrew Sudhan:damnnn...
me:but...replaceing the display panel will cost us another alpine set
Andrew Sudhan:central locking dint warn?
Andrew Sudhan:display panel only is the most expensive..
Andrew Sudhan:i wonder wat he is going to do just wit the panel..
me:he will suffer
Andrew Sudhan:u forgot to lock the car?
me:dont tell anyone :( I did :(
Andrew Sudhan:am gonn call up uncle now n tell him abt it..
me:we told parents that someone broke in and took it... but actually i forgot to lock the car...only me, he and chechi knows
Andrew Sudhan:now i also know..
me:shut up idiot, firstly u forget my bday, secondly, u dont know my fone no, and thirdly u gonna betray me????????
Andrew Sudhan:amateursss!!!!
Andrew Sudhan:lol.. am not gonna betray.. chill.. its gon cost u some currencies.. thats al :D
me:but papa will delete me from family group if he comes 2 know
Andrew Sudhan:lol.. like u one active member in the group...
Andrew Sudhan:ok btw... belated birthday wishes anuuuuuuuu
me:thank you bro :)
Andrew Sudhan:ok gtg now.. will talk later ok.. byeee..
Andrew Sudhan:later ok.. cya


  1. belated b'day wishes :D:D
    n actually what will the guy do with just the display panel??? :o

  2. Hey, B'lated b'day wishes..and u forgot to lock the car? :-O

    Probably his boss will yell at it him for just getting the panel and he'll come back for the set..hehe.. wanna take a chance leaving the door open again to find out :D

    (BTW, saw u on twitter, not sure what to do next?)

  3. Blunt Edges: This is an old chat block... my bday was months ago!!!
    And abt the display panel..thats the single most expensive part of the stereo.. and as it was broad daylight probably the thief dint get enough time to take the other part.. andyways we suffered a heavy loss..:(

  4. Hi Anup.. We dint try leaving the door open to find out who the thief was, because, now I am under strict monitoring by close sources to ensure that I close and lock doors whenever necessary!!
    Yes I joined twitter and got a mail saying that you joined me there, but I am soooo active in facebook that I dont even login to twitter:( And u guessed it right..I dont know what to do next in twitter..!!

  5. It's a sad birthday - no gift from cousin brother and radio stolen - sorry!
    What is a cousin brother? my mind is making up all kinds of possibilites and none very flattering.

  6. Cousin brother is nothing but a this context, my fathers, sister's son. 'Cousin Brother' is an Indian usage .. :)

  7. lol.. thot i will comment.. late i know.. but wat the hell.. i visit on a yearly basis.. advance bday wishes :P

    Andrew :)