Monday, December 21, 2009

Victimized by a Nameless Award!!

 Blunt Edges has tagged me with a nameless award…more of a questionnaire to fill, which is 7 things about me which hopefully no one knows. Here they come!

1. I can't control my tears when someone cries in front of me, or if someone is crying on screen. I hide it very efficiently enough that only sometimes do I get caught. However this doesn’t mean that I am innocent and angelic, but that something is wrong with my tear glands.

2. I talk nonstop, am very loud and noisy with friends, and act very smart. But deep inside, I am always insecure and unsure of myself.

3. I cannot make myself like any food that’s outside my general taste. But I hate to admit that I can’t get accustomed to other cuisines and force myself to eat them so that others may not think that I am a country fellow.

4. I love cold coffee. I don’t drink regular coffee.

5. Whenever I get into the lift of my office, I suddenly get super conscious of my toes, the nail polish on them worn out in amoebic shapes, and try to hide them. Then, I promise to myself that I would get my nails done, and when I reach my floor, I forget the promise instantly.

6. I always have an over estimated mental image of how my hair at the back of my head looks like, at any given point of time.

7. I can memorize and reproduce any stupid ad that comes on TV and recite them as and when it is broadcasted. But when there are guests around, and I can’t do that, I feel curbed and irritated.

Please don’t hate me..!! *SOB*


  1. Quite interesting facts about u. :)

    Best wishes.

  2. These are good ones. - I like that you are human. Pople who boast of confidence all the time I don't trust to much.
    You did good.

  3. Ha Ha ha loved these 7 points and i'm looking forward to a long 1-1 discussion on the 3rd and 7th points someday ;P....

  4. 5th and 6th are applicable to me as well ;) same pinch :)

  5. @Chandrika: :-) Thank You.

    @Grayquill: Thank you so much Grayquill. Its a nice comment. I read it again and again.

    @Asif: :D hehe

    @Vineeta: Most of these are applicable to u too dear . Our school sure is playing some weird role!!

  6. Nice Anita,,,
    so cool all these points are!!
    7th!!! can we have competition? ;)

  7. 1. i have never cried after watching a movie or anything...not even when i was young n jai died trying 2 save veeru ;)

    2. oh u are that type ha? :P

    3. 'country fellow'...hahaha

    4. i can drink anything :D

    5. lol...that's the funniest of the 7 secrets :D

    6. i guess the word is 'weird' :P

    7. wait! this might be the funniest of them all! :D:D:D

    trying not 2 hate u :P:P:P

  8. :D hehe..funny, yet true, Blunt Edges!