Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Elevator Fun :-D

In my office, presumably fresher guys (hair stuck up like they got a shock/ low waist pants starting from the thighs/ tip of shoes reminding that of tipu sultan’s/ piercing either near eyebrow or ear/ tattoo/ wearing a watch the size of a clock/ shirt buttoned or should I say ‘unbuttoned’ unprofessionally/ annoyingly whistling or humming always)  are usually irritating when they use the elevator.

When  the elevator reaches the floor of the above mentioned species, they block its doors by standing right at the entrance and start calling their friends, who are sometimes still at workstations or at restrooms!! It is not like it is the last elevator in that route. I have been delayed and irritated many times due to this, but never told anything. No one says anything here, you see.

Few weeks back, I got on the elevator, and there was this foreign white lady, very smart and polite, and a few others inside. She gave me a smile and said a ‘hi’ with elegance. I returned that. The elevator carried on to the next floor. The doors opened to what sounded like a fish market. There was a huge noise, and people deciding whether to get in or not, and one guy quickly came and blocked the elevator door and called aloud, ‘Hey…Rakesh ! Priya! Pooja!..come..!’ The people there who were alerted by the calling of names, turned to him sluggishly and said ‘ Arrey yaar agle lift pe jaayenge…’ To this, this guy said…’ No you come..’ and he dint finish that sentence.

The foreign lady in the elevator tapped on his shoulder and said loudly
 ‘ Either u get in, or just GET OUT!’

The gang of fresher species fell silent, while this guy sheepishly walked inside the elevator and the doors closed behind him. He had hit rock bottom.

Everyone were silent after that. The elevator moved on. The air was thick with controlled laughter of everyone and the damaged dignity of the fresher . However I made a very weird noise through my nose as I got breathless in the process of controlling my laughter.

This guy looked at me, burning with rage. I guess it hurt his nonexistent pride.

As the elevator reached the cafeteria, I got out and pretended to dial someone and laughed my lungs out on a fake call.

Since then, every time I saw that guy , I got infuriated glares from him. It makes my day :D


  1. wooow, what a description of the freshers?
    while reading your post in the office "I got breathless in the process of controlling the laughter" ;)

  2. haha thanks moonlite. again. :-)

  3. He he he ... Liked it .. :-) .. ee njaan vare paranjittundu .. annerama white lady :-)

  4. lol...i so so soooooo know that species!

    u should have laughed that very moment...send the wonderful lady over 2 my office too :D

  5. Praphul: aana? bhayankara dhairyam thanne.

    Blunt Edges: U know that species? I doubt whether you ARE that species.!
    hehe...but couldnt laugh that moment..cos... men get hurt more when females laugh at them.:D

  6. Hehehe...we have some specimens like that in our office as well.

    This was a great read! :-)

  7. Kochu Muthalali: Thangew :)

    Phatichar:They are everywhere! Thanks!

  8. haha de elevator gyaan continues....

  9. "men get hurt more when females laugh at them.:D" .. satyam :-/ athentha angane ?

  10. Lakshman: Hehehe

    Praphul: Aaa enthano entho

  11. lol...i just love that lady after reading this!! Wish pple had more sense wen it comes to such things..:)

  12. Yes even I wish I were as smart as that lady!

  13. HAHA!!
    Tha was really funny.
    Stop making fun of that guy at least nw..:(
    Bechare ko Complex ho jaega..

    First time here..
    Humor at its best.



  14. First time here ..
    Ha ha ha this was funny.. Yeah each time i have visited india i get this lecture from my friends not to open my mouth.. the reason being here its normal to say hello to anyone , how you doing.. good morning stuff like that .. to compelte strangers ..

    But the lady did the right thing.. I also noticed this on buses the local ones ROKE ROKE ROKE..

    Interesting article.. You had a Hearty laugh excellent... Laughter is the best thing... Maybe next time when you see this guy you can ask him .. "Anyone you want to shout for , while I hold the lift " :) he he he go for it ..

  15. സന്തോഷം ആയി അല്ലെ ? :)

  16. Bikram: hehehehe... thanks for calling me 'funny'.
    Ozhakkan: Pinne ??!!! Valare!!