Monday, May 3, 2010

Online B'day bumps!!!

My sister's b'day falls tomorrow, May 5th. Well she thinks that I am trying to compose a poem of praise for her. So here is my little bday present ;-)

Whoever visited my blog till date knows my Papa and Mummy too well.
Now its time to torment my readers again, as I introduce you to the world’s cutest little weirdo, My Sister.
She is biologically my elder sister, but psychologically, NOT. I will not be discussing weird stuff about her here, cos if I do,  she will unleash a beast capable enough to destroy my will to live.

Just discussing few normal things about her.

She has the weirdest taste in men. Look around and find a random weirdly dressed and insignificant guy. Thats her type.

She is a fan of Chennai Super Kings and spent more time in the toilet than in front of the TV during IPL finals. When they won, she threw a party and treat to her friends and blew up the salary for the month of April. Well I doubt whether the Super Kings themselves ever did that.

She says she had a blackout ten minutes on the day of All Kerala Engineering Entrance examination. ( She is a victim of hyper tension with customized symptoms)

My cousin once stuck a sewing needle in her finger and had to rush to hospital. My sister accompanied her trying hard not to look at it. At the hospital, she accidentally saw it and fainted. There were more people gathered around her than my cousin whose operation got delayed cos someone ‘stole her thunder’ :D

She can solve the toughest of Math and Physics equations, but cannot get herself to draw a diagram. Convincing Mummy to draw diagrams in her Biology Record book the previous day of submission always created havoc at home.(She cannot draw straight lines, even with a scale and pencil, but can draw resistors with them).

She has to use the toilet  every 5 minutes on each and every day she has ever written an examination.

Her wardrobe constitutes dresses, all of the same design, in variations of orange or maroon.
( But I can trust her more for honest opinions, than looking at the mirror myself).

Most of her close friends are  at least ten years younger than her.

If she doesn’t like Ms.X, she calls her the most cunning and wicked person she’s ever seen. When she meets Ms.Y and realizes that she is cunning too, she starts to be all praises for Ms.X.

She hates all animals..birds too..or let me put it this way..she hates anything that’s not human. But of course, loves eating them.

When I told her on a long distance call that I cut my finger while chopping vegetables, and added that a little 'blood' came, she felt giddy and wanted to sit down.

So that makes her one in a million :D
Yes she is, and thats my sister ...
   Happy Birthday...and many more happy returns of the day !! 

(Please don't kill me..)


  1. Happy Bityhday Anju chechy!! di ithrem insult chaiyandayirunnu..paavam :)

  2. Many more happy returns of the day Anjana... Here is your song "You are my national anthem Anjana.. Anjana..."...

  3. Anjana! Advance B'day Wishes!

    >>>Most of her close friends are at least ten years younger than her.

    Sorry Anjana, I am 12 years younger than you!


  4. Hey Anjana am 15 years younger than you...

    Anita: Pls. note this...

  5. Hi Anju Chechi....Advance birthday wishes.

  6. Advance b’day wishes Anjana…. But, I think, Anita still has a lot to write about you.

    (One of her younger friend )

  7. Praphul: Chennai il ninnu ethaan paadayirikkum!

    Vineeta: Approved by her highness before I published it!

    Karthikeyan:guess you must be having your board exams now...why arent you studying??

    Poulose: Hello toddler!

    Kiru: She said Thanks :D

    Stalin:Yes I do... Dint want to take it all at one shot. Rest will follow in instalments.

  8. lol...was this a tribute or some kinda revenge???

    happy b'day 2 your sis :D

  9. A tribute to immaturity... there couldn't be a better oppurtunity!

  10. heehee. what a sweet post. the sweetest i've read in along time.

  11. Andrew!! said...

    hahaha... that was funny. seriously!! ok am curious to know which cousin stuck a needle in her fingers!! :O

    Also.. she cooks pretty well.. FISH BIRIYANI!!!

  12. Andrew... thanks for going thru my and the cousin is asha..from Moms side :)

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  14. Happy Birthday Anju chechi... U should be thankful to god that on your bday, your sis wrote only this much... If you see how she uses her blog to defame her hubby n dad, u will understand my point...
    And ya, cheers to a CSK fan from another CSK fan...
    (unfortunately the writer of this blog might not be very happy :-P)

  15. Yes u know the captain of CSK was partying so hard and dating all the time, that he couldn't focus, you see.

  16. I'm quite sure I posted a comment here;-(

  17. Reflections! No..! I havent enabled comment moderation.. whatever one posts, appears! May be it was a different post ! Wud I ever remove your comment? I always look forward 2 it!