Thursday, May 13, 2010

The weekend trip that was..

Green picturesque hills, stunning meadows, spectacular streams and everything that is romantic. However the guys were more interested in capturing butterflies, frogs and flies when my friend and I wasted our strawberry lip balmy smiles and blow dried hair staring at them.

Yo and there is a big rock. The perfect place to pose for a couple snap. With a lot of effort I climbed up the rock and waited for him. Then he came and stood next to me. I pulled him, and tried to lean on him.
‘No! Move out of my reebok logo!’
Oh so there was a logo on the shirt.

So I decided to pose alone, near the car.
And.. ‘Move away from the alloy wheels’!

So he is going alone for the next trip.

And that was my 50th post :-)


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Hahah edi i feel u missed couple of other insulting situations we had to face....remember how the two were snoring away to glory when we were in the midst smthing which needed a solution then and there??..Men!!!!

  3. Anita, i had a lot of fun reading all that u had penned down. I didn't know that u had a strong sense of humour. Plz do keep updating your blog coz i've turned out to be an ardent fan of it.

  4. Vineeta: Hmmm we can put it up as a separate post, cos the details which needs to be sarcastically put in that requires separate mention abot a b*t*h also na?

    Praphul: GRRRR!

    Sandhya: Thank u so much...U made my day :-)

  5. deleting my previous comment,, (looks like i made you feel bad,,, *** me all sobs *** )
    any day its fun to read your posts, dearie!!

  6. hahahaha...HE is certainly super-cool :P

    n congrats on the 50...been an absolute pleasure reading u :D

  7. Ya I knew u'd find all this super cool :D
    Poor me :-(
    Thank You for the last sentence :-)