Saturday, May 22, 2010

Way to Exit...

Hmm..Currently I'm in no mood to write, but I can’t seem to abandon my blog just because a drastic wind of change swept over my life. Well, I resigned my job in Bangalore and have landed in Muscat, in a product based company. (Time to play client now ;-) ). It is high time I shared some details about people in my previous firm who even managed to make exit process complicated for me.

In the beginning of the month of April, I dropped a small bombshell titled ‘resignation’, in the form of an email, which was expected to bombard my team of a few programmers. However it took the guise of a nuclear bomb and smoked out the entire project including the teams who were onsite and I started getting international calls with strange people (whose names I’ve seen only in the ‘Cc’ of emails) asking me soberly why I took this decision all of a sudden, in a fake mushy tone as if their life and living depended solely on the lines of code I was painfully and regretfully writing. Many a times I indirectly I asked them questions which in plain language means ‘Who in God’s name are you?’

The biggest reason behind all the fake concerns flowing in from all over the world is that, if people leave the project, it requires immediate explanation from the project managers to the senior management. So they come down from being the commanding morons that they are to be the forged ‘perfect’ boss and try their level best to pull you down from prospering any further. Well, my case was different. My supervisor was this guy who doesn’t know how to talk to people ( I have seriously come to believe there are a pack of dogs at his house to which he commands ‘Sit’, ‘Eat’ etc and he practices the same tone with people who reports to him). He called me on phone, very impolitely demanding explanation on why I am leaving, to which I was itching up to my toenails to say ‘You are why’.

On the day I was running around departments to get clearances for exit, I was not aware of some formalities and approached him. Well his response was ‘I don’t know, I never exited from here’ coupled with an evil grin. The guy who sat next to him then knew that I was exiting and said , ‘Ohh you decided to resign, is it? Then we can’t help you’. This happened with a bay of people watching as if they were watching a saas bahu serial with the bahu getting beaten up.

However I managed to vent out my frustration at the innocent HR who during her fateful duty called me for an exit interview and I talked 40 minutes nonstop. I am sure she must also be thinking of ways to quit or opt for a role change now. Well that was the least I could do. :D

And yeah, on my last working day, the last person I pinged from my desktop was my supervisor, to whom I wanted to say Bubye. I really don’t know why. Just a bubye, and no ‘thanks for support’,’or thanks for anything else which he wasn’t …and this is how the conversation went.

Me: Hi

Supervisor: What do you want now? For exit formalities contact Mr.JP.

Me: Okay.

And that was it. Well, we can’t change some people or expect even humanitarian traits from them.
 I have no regrets.


  1. hey congrats...whoa that's a lot happening in your :)

    n the incident with your boss reminds me of the sms joke that i had got sometime back...

    ***fumbles with cell...trying 2 find the sms*** it! :D

    Q. What's the similarity between a boss n sperm?

    A. One in a million turns out to be a human being! ;)

  2. Blunt Edges..... thats the best sms..or shud I say best comment ever...! U just made me feeel soooooo happy...!!!!

    Praphul : Lovely comment na...!!!

  3. me liking it..especially, when u wrote that u have no regrets....

  4. my exit interview is yet to happen nd i hope u dnt c a blog update frm me.:)well said Anita nd i think u shud send the link of ur blog to ur manager.its a hit for u nd a kick on his !@#$% buhahaha

  5. Leena : :-) ur comment means a lot 2 me.

    Lakshman: I really heaved a sigh of relief after writing this one. Thats more important than sending across the link 2 him. :D

  6. All the best, girl!!
    n yeah! can't expect humanity from the species called managers!!

  7. :D Thanks moonlite. And everyone agrees to this fact abt managers!

  8. എന്നിട്ടിത്രേം പെട്ടന്ന് മസ്കറ്റില്‍ എത്തിയോ??? all the very best.....സസ്നേഹം

  9. I've also moved through a similar situation, but not exactly. So i can feel it...Good luck for future...I think its the time of job changes. Off:- Read an extremely funny post in erakkadan's blog today about his lost job. See this if u havent yet...

  10. Oh, i forgot to mention...blunt edges, thats absolutely right.Very funny but painfully true.

  11. Oru Yathrikan: Ellam valare pettennaarunu!
    Thanks! :-)

    Vinayan: Thanks u for the link..will check it out..and thanks for droppin by.

  12. good luck anita.
    and their bloody loss.
    but, what you wrote is so telling. corporate india has no idea how to handle people leaving their jobs. they never take it professionally, always personally. and second they never learn that it cheaper to retain a person. idiots...the lot of them

  13. True :( A bunch of people who cant say a 'hi' . Well I chose to escape and say 'bye'.