Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Digital memories :D

During my days in Bangalore, malls were our favorite hangouts. We had friends too, and we girls and boys would team up and break into stores of our choice.

One such day, we set out on a window shopping expedition at Zigma  mall. The two guys, instinctively stepped into a digital store. All there was were LCDs, LEDs,  laptops,  and some gadgets whose names I don’t know. Soon we got terribly bored as the sales guy got all technical and started talking in certain units of measure, and soon we found ourselves on a couch which was meant for the home theatre demo.

On one of the gazillion LCD TVs in front of us, was Tom and Jerry show and even before we knew it, we were laughing our heads off and getting a bit too comfy in that couch. As the husbands were gathering specifications minute enough to build that gadget at home, the store guys got tricked into believing that they are actually going to buy it, and so being girls who came with them, we were treated with most respect and Tom and Jerry started to play in full volume.

Soon after, some sales guys started to stare at us, but we ignored it in style…well, who doesn’t look at two irresistible girls... we innocently thought. But the stares got strange; some of them started murmuring and pointing, the volume of Tom and Jerry getting lower by the second. We looked at each other totally unaware of what was going on. We continued to sit there, expecting the sales guys to increase the volume of the show we were watching….but the interesting Tom and Jerry rudely gave way to NDTV Profit. Most of the salesmen now had a raised eyebrow on them, hands places impatiently on their hips, and looked more or less like lion tamers without the stick.

That’s when reality struck hard. The husband lot had taken some brochures and wandered off somewhere else long back. Now we were just two girls, sitting on the demo couch, watching TV in a digital store.

We chickened out.

And what happened to the husband lot is a long story.

Later we pacified ourselves, thinking that at least we realized and got out in time….as we were actually planning to ask the sales guys to increase the volume of Tom and Jerry.


  1. lol :D,
    n, what hpnd to husband lot!, we would love to read another funny post!! :P

  2. hehehe that was really wonderful :) (Post but not what happened to you :D :P)
    Hmm I can guess what might be the looong :D Poor thing they can't ignore it in style :D
    Hilariously presented!

  3. LOL!! I love watching display LCD TVs in stores...maaza aata hai :)

  4. And the applause goes to the husbands :P

    PS: Checked the previous post. Someone has stopped replying to comments :P

  5. Hahaha! That must have been so much fun! :D

    And btw I always liked The Popeye Show, though they never show it in the stores! :/

  6. I think the sales guys were dumbfounded to see women actually waiting for men in a mall. That has to be a first. I have made more friends at the mall sharing the pain with some other poor sap waiting for his lady. At least she doesn't ask me to hold her purse - you don't do that do you?

  7. lol..i still remember how embarrassed we were..and that too in a shop laughing away to glory not realizing the fact that we wer left there to perish by our better halves... just us and a grp of sales guys and LCD tv's...missing u guys! come back soon!

  8. Praful: :)

    Moonlite: Will put that on another post :D

  9. Asif: But what happened 2 us was nothing stylish :D
    Btw ur comments are very encouraging...each time :)

    Shanu: Me too.

  10. Blunt: I know u like the husband lot better. GRR
    I replied 2 all comments... check it out :D

    SP: :) If they show Popeye there, then people wont get up and go ! mebbe thats y.

  11. Grayquill: Thats how it is 2 have a tech savvy husband !!!

    Vineeta: Missed u a lot as I wrote this...

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  13. nice..quite a good time...I guess..

  14. All said and done, nothing like watching a Tom & Jerry show.

  15. Ibrahim: Thnx.

    Harman: of course it was... hehe

    Haddock: Absolutely!!!!

  16. Well written interestin post.......

  17. Ramesh: Honoured to get a comment from you :)

    Mayank: Thank You :-)