Saturday, September 18, 2010

'Holier than Thou'..

This incident dates back to a couple years, when yours truly had got a job as a fresher and eventually developed a huge crush on a guy at office.

 Office and team parties were then, those unavoidable events, in which each of us participated, to prove right the ‘team spirit’ and ‘team player’ factors of the annual performance assessment form. Usually I end up checking the watch incessantly and fight the increasing urge to eat at the cost of project funds and get out. However this time it was different. Now that the crush is there, official parties have gotten interesting for me. I stopped yawning and dressed better.

It all began by people getting together in round table chit chats, patting shoulders, fake laughs and the like. Me and my friend sat together and shared interesting gossips about our crushes. Being single girls who dint have vehicles of our own, but essentially had ego clashes with people who had vehicles,  we had to find our own ways to commute our way back home, so we initiated the buffet dinner a bit early.

Soon after dinner, we disposed the plates and walked into the wash room, still commenting and giggling at the awful color of the dress another female was wearing. As we washed our hands and pulled out tissues, my crush stepped in, stared at us both sarcastically and got into the restroom. Oh my.

 “ What the hell is this guy doing here… these men! !@#$%^&*()   !!!!!!!!!They just get drunk and get into the ladies washroom…look at the way he stared at us? Arrogance I say! “ 
And we got out of the washroom, feeling disgusted.

And we also noticed that there were a group of ladies in the adjacent washroom which was actually,  the ladies washroom.

We got the hell out of there.

That he couldn’t remember this the next day and ever since,   saved my head.

By the way, that crush is now the husband J


  1. U actually did that? lol ...and u guys have never discussed this after marriage? lol

  2. if he reads this, deny everything !!! :) say he was drunk that night and must have been eyeballing some other girl... then give him the third degree on who THAT GIRL was and force him to spend the night on the couch.. or else buy you a diamond set.
    ( hmmm... maybe its this kind of mindset of mine that has ensured i remain single !!! )

  3. Those crushes have long term consequences. And, what is it about females doing the, 'giggling at the awful color of the dress another female was wearing'? I never have understood that.
    So, advise to your furure daughter will be??? Hang out in the men's restroom and wait for the first drunk guy to walk in - that will be your husband? LOL Great story, thanks for sharing it. The visual was pretty great!

  4. K ... now tell me .. which brand u had that day anita ? n how many pegs ?

  5. Vinee: :D one of the best well kept secrets :D

    Doctor:thanks for the ideas...but he is smarter than I am...third degree wont work on him...cos he will ask what my business was in the mens room!! He is more aware of surroundings when he is drunk than me while I am NOT drunk :D

  6. Grayquill: We girls get a heavenly bliss if we can seize an opportunity to mock another of the same species.:D
    And I will never say that to my daughter :D

    Praful: Black Label :D

  7. I have been to a men's washroom once..wen we were playin hide and seek at work and I chose to hide there ;o)

    And wow..teri love marriage hui hai? Sahi..i wanna hear ur love ishtory :) next post on that pls :)

  8. Shanu: That is ironically a place to HIDE for men too!
    Love story...hmm... I guess I might not publish that... :) Let it remain between us :)

  9. Hahaha..And atill the crush married the perv who snuck into the men's loo :P

  10. Jayaraj: Thanks.

    Blunt: I am not a perv ! It was an accident...!

  11. hilarious,,Good can never forget to check the sign before using the washroom!

  12. lol, we still would love to listen to isshtory!!
    but, the well kept secret is revealed now,, doesnt he read ur blog??

  13. Harman...Yes now I am extra careful!!!

    Moonlite: He reads..but doesn't take me or my blog seriously :D

  14. I am sure you still love that mistake, that going in to the wrong washroom! :)

  15. Sourav: But the crush dint become the husband because I went into the mens room. :D
    We were only just colleagues at that time.

  16. hahaha.hilarious!this is why wise people say drinkin make the insane ,sane :)

  17. hehehe...never been to a gent's toilet...ek visit maarke aana padega :)

  18. G3: Its not so good :D especially if other people see u coming out of it :D :D