Sunday, September 18, 2011

Car Scars !

I have seen a lot of passionate people, their passion varying from bikes to earrings to interior decoration, but I should genuinely admit that none were as intense as my hubby’s passion to drive cars. Any aspect of a car is known to him, may be as much as a mechanic. He works in software but I believe he was born to be a mechanical engineer.

 We owned a Maruti Swift VDi ( high end Diesel version) at Bangalore and traveled by car from Bangalore to Cochin and back, almost 550km one way, and not a second was boring with him.

The story goes like this...Long long ago, I introduced my best-boy-friend ( presently my hubby) to my parents. Years later he turned out to be such a darling with them that I (still) feel like a daughter in law in my own house. One of those days, Mummy was talking to him on phone and she mentioned casually that I rejected one other proposal of a guy who was very rich, owned several cars and that one of his cars was a Skoda . Of all the things why Mummy had to specify that, and how the Skoda part alone struck deep with him, is still a mystery.
 Since then, no skoda would be spared on the road without him overtaking it. :D Sometimes in the jam packed roads of Bangalore city, if he spots a Skoda, he goes out of his way to overtake it.! Are we mad or what :D

Coming back to the point, all other cars on the road are rated based on its technical  specifications.  For example, if a swift Ldi honks hard from behind he still won’t give way for it to overtake us, whereas he will not only give way but also make the car bow down to a Honda Accord !!. Are we weird or what:D 

Our car not only had a soap but a shampoo and conditioner as well ! So now you’d know that this car rests in the car shed only because we dint have enough space to bring it to our bedroom.

One unfortunate day, while I was parking in the basement of the closely packed parking lot of my office, I happened to glance into the rear view mirror and found that the Maruti Zen parked next to where I was trying to park was shaking. The rear end of my car had accidentally ‘touched’ it (due to poor visibility *cough cough*)…I then took a reverse and parked right, but a teeny weeny scar had appeared there. (I din't check what happened to the Zen... of course :D ). On reaching home when I told him this, he jumped out of his chair, grabbed the keys and ran to the car shed. After ten to fifteen minutes of close examination, during which a lot of undesirable ‘hoo’s and hmph’s and ‘grrrr’s were hurled at me, he said that I was careless and still unfit to drive on the main road on a non-hartal day. I sheepishly went back to my room.

The next day, my aunt invited us to her apartment and we both went very enthusiastically (as she was a great cook ). At the parking area for visitors, hubby could not find a decent place to park and was struggling amidst lots of other cars which were parked in total disarray. I requested him that I will get out of the car and tell him how much more to go on reverse but my request was dismissed with a grin and a hmph.

BANG !  

The noise alerted a sleepy security guy who came running as I hurried to the backside. A pillar had hit into the rear end of the car. The damage was awful. I turned and looked at him.

“The pillar settings are not right in this building” he said.


  1. Lol...girl you have a very cute husband. The skoda part was just soo cute. Men Men Men and their cars n bikes. My little brother talks so intricately bout car engines and their physical attributes that i go all blank.
    Dreamy right now!

  2. Guys will be guys after all !! We love cars, gadgets , anything electronic... :D

    Very well written post !!

  3. Of course the pillar settings weren't right! ;)
    And LOL @ the poor visibility part! A fun read as always! :)

  4. Curious and provoking, aneeta has our mind space on lease for 99 years. That's addiction or simbblee FANtastic expression capturing Life in your eyes. Hope we get our royalty for making aarons mom a star blogger. Keep us curiously hooked to your silver screen.

  5. haha...are we mad or what :D
    are we weird or what:D

    well, reminds me always of a couple of times when I called hubby at work and me sounding sad n panicky saying, "suno, kuch kehna hain,daantoge to nahi?"(coz i may have fought with his mom, burnt his new shirt, flirted with his best friend...but naah, naah all that does not come to his great mind)

    he:mere car to theek hain na?
    grrrrrrrrrrr...never mind if i may have had multiple fractures in case the car was not theek!

    super cute post as always ani:-)

  6. "the pillar settings ain't right !!" I hear ya, bro !! They ain't right while I'm parking too many a time ...nothing to do with the fact that i'm so fat Im lazy to turn all the way back and see if im parking right :)

  7. LOL tht was really funny...pillar settings alright;-D!!!!

    The skoda bit totally imaginable;-D

    p.s: U knw I wrote a post with the same title...around 3 yrs back i thk:-D

  8. Praphul : ;-)

    Red Handed: Totally. You should see the living room of my house all full of gadgets and wires. One could even get lost in them.

  9. Binu Thomas: Yea true. Thank u !

    Papa: Thank you, Papa...!!!!!

  10. Blunt : lol :D Thanks Blunt !

    Anonymous: Thanks a ton.Your comment meant a lot to me :) If only you were not anonymous!

  11. Suruchi: Our husbands shouldn't meet ! Ever !! These same types na...when they get together, they simply get oblivious about everything else :D
    And thanks Suruchi.

    Pythoroshan: I am running with my laptop to show your comment to him :D LOL

  12. Nancy: Is it??? haha....same pinch no back pinch !!! lol