Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Scrappy Oxymorons .

Dear Internet ad/app programmers, 

Please have some sense. Or atleast humanitarian traits.
By the way, have you ever seen a baby?

Yours sincerely,
Human Beings.

P.S: Screenshot from a random site I was browsing through.


  1. Looool...Seriously thr r even applications like FART Analyser...I dont know how it workd but it apparently tells your health issues by ur fart. God knows! I was just busy laughing at the advertisement. Nd btw no babies r ugly...atleast for the parents

  2. Well, There are users of this type of applications, that why they are there.


  3. If there is a fool out to develop to them there'l be at least 10 other fools to use them as well!!If there is a fool out to develop to them there'l be at least 10 other fools to use them as well!!

  4. MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD people roaming around free on poor Mother Earth:/

  5. Red handed: Fart analyzer? Someone is seriously jobless ! And yes all babies are beautiful, they r miracles, not only for the parents, but for everyone who knows the concept and the miracle of childbirth.

    Makk: Ohh yes there are. Poor souls beyond help.

  6. Rohan: so true !!!

    Suruchi: correct :D

  7. Anita,

    Read all pending posts. Congratulations on having baby boy. May God bless Aaron with all the happiness and success in life. So you both are June born. Please do post his photograph. Children are really much more tech savvy than we think. Rags to Riches shows that no matter how much we detest stories with moral ending, the truth does not spare us. Had a good laugh at Free Show. It is an experience by itself to bond with baby which can not be explained. He will be proud of you when he reads your blogs in future. It is typical of husbands, isn't it? There is always an alibi for fault if it is from their side but wives, a big NO NO. LOL. I do not know what goes in the heads of these people when they plan an advertisement. I think sense takes leave for some time when they are at work.

    Take care

  8. Heyy Jack...thanks for going through all my posts..! Thanks for your wishes, and I will post Aarons photo one day... :)

  9. Well, I could have asked that question to the mirror instead of clicking that ad?

    We live in a world obsessed with skin and beauty.

    Chintu Singh

  10. Some people cannot fathom sensitivity! They think anything sells..

  11. Insensitive people. And weird weird applications. I bet there are weirdos out there who use these.

  12. Anjuchechi: Of course,.And I seriously wonder who uses these.

  13. Blunt : Hmm :(

    Chintan: Totally. And now that obsession has extended to babies as well.

    Rahul: True. And its also true that anything sells. Im sure there are users who click on them.