Saturday, December 17, 2011

Luck By Chance !

There always comes a hurdle or two when I try to send gifts for my sister. 
My sister who is very lovable, genuine and witty, is also notorious among us at home for being slightly pessimistic and calling herself unlucky for even trivial coincidences.

 Last I remember, it was this cute little woolen jacket which I found at a store. I bought one for myself, as I was unsure whether my sister would want a similar one or not. So I displayed it to her on webcam, she loved it, and off I went again to the same store to pick up another one for her. The store had like tens of it in different colors, and I picked up the black one which she wanted, and waited at the cash counter in a queue which seemed to move at a snail’s pace. Finally after around forty odd minutes, when my turn came, the cashier guy nonchalantly threw the jacket into the basket nearby and heartlessly mumbled that it does not have a price tag, and printed out a bill for the other items I bought. My rage took the better of me and I argued with him, only to invite cold stares from people waiting behind me in the same queue and some were close to pointing a knife to my head. I left the store, weeping all the way home. I decided to give my jacket to her which she pleasantly denied.

It’s Christmas, and this time I was way too determined for any ill fate or anything to come my way. I bought a dress for her. The next day, my colleague was going to India, to the same place as my sister and I decided to send the dress through him. So everything was well planned and I ensured that nothing could go wrong this time. The previous night (yes I am Miss. Procrastinator who waits until the eleventh hour to buy the gift)  I went to a neighborhood mall, and chose a dress which I thought she would love. We hurried home and I started packing when I noticed that there were no buttons on it. It was a damaged dress.
I was supposed to send it the next day. I couldn’t believe that all situations were only helping to prove my sister right. I hated myself for not checking the dress as I chose it, but made a mental note to get it exchanged the next day and give that lady at the store an earful.

Morning came, my reminder ticked off, telling me that its vaccination day for my son. Now this is a dreaded day not just for him, but for us as well. We left to the clinic in the morning, gave him the vaccine shot and returned home with the little one crying in pain. Now consoling a crying baby is no cakewalk. I carried him around, sang to him, showed him some moving objects, and finally lulled him to sleep. I gave instructions to my maid and fled back to office when my lead told me about a technical document pending from my end which was almost like a showstopper for a process. I sat down at my desk, trying to focus, but my head was spinning. I was mentally at my home, where the baby slept and I couldn’t imagine the hell that will break loose if he wakes up to his pain. At a corner, I am unable to accept that this time around too, a gift exchange with my sister will be a total failure. (Not that I cant send by courier or cargo, but it would take longer and I wanted this to be reach her sooner for various reasons). But I typed away, completed, and sent the document across to the people concerned.

Me and hubby work in the same office, so I decided to put the dress issue across to him, but when I walked out of my cabin, I caught a glance of him striding across the corridor with a few people carrying laptops, as if they were on their way to stop a major bomb blast. So I called a friend who offered to drive me to the mall and help me get it exchanged. She came at around 3:30 pm, and I waited for her at my home. She called me as she reached my building and as soon as I closed my apartment door, a shrill cry from the cradle startled me. My little one was in total pain. I apologized to my friend and hurried back home, fed and consoled the him, rocked him patiently and soon he fell back into a little slumber, and I put him down in his cradle. I made my maid watch over him. My friend waited, and we left soon after. It was almost 4:00 pm, and I was rushing through the store when my friend said, that the guy who was supposed to carry my parcel already left for home. . I felt shattered. She continued to say that he leaves for the airport only at 6:00 pm.

When I reached back to office, I found a guy there who offered to give the parcel to the colleague who was travelling that day. And my mission was finally accomplished.

The day after, I got a call from my sister and as I answered it, there were no words, just flying kisses! It was totally worth the adventurous day I had, the day before.

 See?  I told you no? Do you think she is “just plain unlucky” as she always says ?


  1. As I was reading, I was thinking the problems will now end.. but it just kept on coming!! But, as they say, all's well that ends well!!

  2. I always say " Do not buy dresses for others. Because the taste and choice differs" Transfer money to their account and let them decide their preferences. may be i am a old fashioned man. But it has always helped me!!! :)

  3. Praphul: Thanks :)

    Binu Thomas : Yes ! They actually kept on coming ! hehe

    Papa: That is a truth. I never buy clothes for anyone else, except for you and her ... I know your tastes and I've never gone wrong there !!

  4. I am very sorry....but I have to tell you that the comment from your dear PAPA made me go awwww. It was like the icing on the cake. :)
    I never had a sister to buy me stuffs, so I felt so touched reading this...Well she does know you love her :)

  5. Red Handed: Thanks a million. I know Papa is the sweetest ! And my sister? The second sweetest !:D :D

  6. Anita,

    Read 2 posts now. The photograph is really well captured. Had a good laugh at this one. But so true, what one has to go through for near & dear ones. How is the little one? I am sure by now he must have got over that pain.

    Take care

  7. I totally empathise here....and I've noticed tht it happens to us especially when we are extra careful or over-eager that it all goes according to plan.

    I'm so glad everything went off well in the end:-)).

    I hope Aaron is feeling much better now.

  8. And I do the same...@ the webcam bit;-D

  9. Jack: Thank u so much. Yes, he was fussy for three days. Now much better, and from the way he crawls I am assuming that the pain is gone.

    Nancy: LOL. Yeah me and my sister view each others wardrobes via webcam.! Sshh dont tell anyone :D Yeah Aaron is fine now. Much better. These vaccination spells spoil our days. I really wish science advances in this area and not torture babies and parents alike like it does now.

  10. Elder sisters take it upon themselves to spoil the younger ones.. thankfully, I belong to the latter category and thoroughly enjoy being spoiled!

  11. my god, this was like a roller coaster ride in which the hero combats all evils to cross the finishing line at last...and i jumped up and said yiy yiy yiy:-)

    no one's lucky or unlucky...circumstances are...and with you two looking so similar and being sisters-that's proof of your connection and love enough(I miss having a sis)

  12. This was nice - like watching one of those girly movies where just about everything goes wrong but gets sorted out in the last few minutes.

    Oh and make mine black too :p

  13. Archana: ME tooo !!! LOL

    Suruchi: Exxxactly !!!! Yes I now truly treasure the sisterhood...can share things with her which I cant even say to the better half...cos she knows me since birth !

  14. Hari: Thank you !

    Cris: LOL yeah ! That day was like a movie :D