Sunday, December 4, 2011

Motherhood Makeover !

When I was single, I thought my life couldn’t be better. And then, I got married. Then I thought oh it’s not that bad…its good atleast until a kid comes into picture. And then the kid came. And I am still the same with a few teeny tiny details changed.
  • I hear myself telling the beautician that I’m unable to book a prior appointment, and my arrival depends on the mood of the baby and availability of my husband.
  • I find myself in a rocking motion even when I am not holding the baby.
  • Soaps and shampoos do not form lather on my hair or skin as they are washed off before that. I wonder what I did during my forty minute bath before. And what a lather looks like.

  • Hormonal imbalances took half of my hair, and the rest were uprooted by my baby.
  • At malls I make mental guesses of the age in months of any babies I see around and compare them with my own.
  • I browse through babycenter as much as facebook and twitter.
  • My mobile reminders consist of vaccination dates.
  • I've given strict instructions to everyone in the house to talk in hushed tones when the baby is asleep.
  • That guy who honks in front of our house exactly when the baby is sleeping is going to hell .
  • My maid is trained to treat vessels like flowers so that no noise comes out of the kitchen.
  • Packets with plastic covers which need to be opened while the baby is asleep either has to wait or will be opened outside the apartment.
  • If the shoe polish is not found around in the last minute, baby wipes will be used. 
  • If I meet anyone who has a baby the first thing I check with them would be about the pediatrician they consult, or about the reputation of ours.
  • I started folding our clothes to form small squared lumps so that they fit in the corner allotted to me and hubby. The rest of the wardrobe belongs to the baby.
  • I have stopped wearing watch, bangles or bracelets for the fear of hurting my baby as I hold him.
  • I have also stopped wearing long earrings as when I wear them my baby thinks they are hoops to which he can hang on.
  • I sleep at the edge of the bed. In fact I am almost hanging from the edge of my bed.
  • I make international calls to my friends I've known since primary school and end up discussing about feeding bottles and baby utensils.
  • I call my parents only to narrate what my baby did that day, as no one wants to know about me.
  • In photographs people seem to see only the baby. To my parents I am invisible ever since he was born.
  • I cant remember what the hell I used to talk with my close friends before.
  • I have a baby poop stain in all my tops and tees in the washing machine.
  • I sigh aloud seeing prices of bibs.
  • I shop more at mothercare  than lifestyle.
  • There isn’t any furniture in the house on which there is no hand sanitizer.
  • If someone advices me about infant food or medicine, I reply quoting from WHO guidelines to infant feeding and supplements.

Oh now coming to think of it, these are not teeny tiny details. It’s a huge makeover ! I deserve a relaxing holiday. I need to get a  break. I should remember to discuss a vacation with my friends next time I call them. Wait. Don’t I have to check with them about baby walker? Wonder whether they bought it. Or is it time to get my baby one. Where is the phone. I will ask her right away. Ohh what was the other thing I wanted to discuss?


  1. Quite a detailed list of changes since motherhood!! :)

  2. You have just repeated what we had undergone, roughly 28 years ago. However good writing indeed !

  3. Lol!! I have heard people say having a baby changes everything! But its worth it!

  4. Anita,

    You brought back memories of our time which seem eons ago now but was repeated with grandchildren. We had removed everything from dressing table and put dummy sockets in power point within children reach. I am glad Aaron is keeping you fit. He must be crawling now. Once he starts standing without support that is when get baby walker and not before that. May God bless you all.

    Take care

  5. ohh really... must have been tempting time :D

    Weakest LINK

  6. HUGE changeover!! Motherhood is all about it I guess..
    Couldn't help smiling through the post :) "don't wear earrings because baby thinks those are hoops he can hang on!" :D :D :D
    Sweet as always :)

  7. That brought back some memories. As I have aged something I heard once has more meaning and I wish I had understood it sooner. "Each season of life has its struggles and its blessings. If we focus on the struggles we can miss the blessings and then one day we wake up and that season is in the past, gone forever, and the blessings were missed."
    Don;t blink this precious time will be gone before you know it.

  8. ha ha nice one.. Lot of truth in it .. :)

  9. Binu Thomas: Yeah.

    Papa: Thanks again Papa.

    Rohan: Yes totally worth it you know. It is so much fun.

  10. Jack: Thanks a lot Jack. Your comments always mean a lot to me.

    Rachit: Not 'must have been' . Its going on..and happening !

    Maithili: Yes...thank u so much.

  11. Grayquill: Yes I know...And I am also enjoying every bit and looking forward to the years ahead of surprises ! What you said is absolutely true...these fun stages will be gone before we realize its worth !

    Sunitha: Hihi yes I think it does.

  12. this would actually be called "MIRRORING MY THOUGHTS"...

    i could picture you shhhhhh-ing the house and almost falling off the bed as I do too...and i remember how i would put my baby on the potty seat and then get to take a bath...i'd have to sing all the while i shampooed so that she would not get bored on the throne and want to get off-never mind the lather that entered my gaping mouth:-)

    i sooooooooooo loved the post-sounds so nice when you are not the one cribbing for a change-and when you crib this sweet...i go out n hug you tight:-)

    take a break-you deserve it and the sooner the better!

  13. Yes...thanks Suruchi...BIG BEAR HUG from me !!! And u called the potty a throne ROFL HERE !!!

  14. Haha...been there done that...a life revolving around feeds,burp,poop and pee.

    And the way I used to stress about weight!

  15. Darling ur blogs hold a mirror in front of me dee...luv u...umma

  16. apc...ur blogs r real mirrors dee...i see WE in everyline i happy 2 have shared every phase of my life with a wonderful friend like u who blog REALLY WELL...

  17. LOL super list but the best were...

    I find myself in a rocking motion even when I am not holding the baby.

    Soaps and shampoos do not form lather on my hair or skin as they are washed off before that. I wonder what I did during my forty minute bath before. And what a lather looks like.
    Hormonal imbalances took half of my hair, and the rest were uprooted by my baby.
    I sleep at the edge of the bed. In fact I am almost hanging from the edge of my bed.
    And soon u r going to run out of toys to distract them with & turn to ur pots & pans to keep them occupied;-P.

    And a break may sound good on paper but inreality u'll be climbing the walls wondering how ur baby is & u'll be counting the minutes till u get back;-D

  18. :D hahahaha :D This was a fun read, do you actually do that? Guessing the age of babies :D I can imagine....

    The worst, my friend told me, she used to get annoyed when parents gave the phone to the babies :| One day, she did that to me.... :)I was told to listen to what her 2 year old had to an aunt she has never met.

  19. It's a huge change indeed.
    And you sound harried, that vacation should be sooner rather than later:)

  20. Purba: Totally !

    ARATHI: You are a part of each and every childhood memory Ive shared here...Love you..!

  21. Nancy: Yes I know ...break sounds good only on paper ! I cant stop looking at the system time when I am in office and literally counting minutes 2 go home and be with him !!!

    Chintan: Many parents do that...its a moment of pride for them but not so much for the person at the other end of the line ..! LOL !

  22. PeeVee: Yeah...:) thx for the visit and the comment :)

  23. All the bullet points apply here too - very nicely put together... especially the honking guy going to hell part!!!

  24. its got humorous truth, loving it

  25. Archana: Haha thank u !

    Swatisays: hehe..thanks :)

  26. That was indeed a very sweet post anita :)

  27. 1st timer and absolutely in love with ur blog! specially this post! warning: u'll find me lurking often!

  28. I could relate to most of it. But the darling is the priority always and a decisive factor for anything we do