Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shopping fiasco !

Shopping days are back as Mummy is around, and we took her to all malls we know pretending that we are helping her shop, but in reality she din't and we ended up swiping the credit card everywhere :(

Recently it was at Lakeland. There were these egg poachers, a holder to lift the poacher, another to separate egg from the holder, and another to actually pull out the egg, and then there is an egg separator which separates the yolk from the white, and a series of totally useless kitchen stuff. ( On a totally different note, I would be delighted to meet the woman who uses these on a daily basis ).

As we were browsing around, suddenly hubby came holdng an item which looked like a tiny remote.

Me: “Whats that?”
“I’m buying this. It is a key locator.”
“The car keys, you see. If we lose it, this remote will help us locate it”
“This one, **shows me another tiny box** is the main thing. We should keep it always in the car and carry this remote with us all the time. That’s all !!”

Me: “What if you lose this remote?”

He: “Nono I wont lose the remote na?” **stressing the 'I' which also means, ' we all know who is the careless one' :-|.**

Me: “Well then just guard the car key like you will do the remote!”

**stares angrily and keeps it back**

I walk away. Oh my God. Is he serious or what. Egg poachers and the associated junk looks useful to me now.

Soon he was back again, with another item. It was an orange peeler. “ Did you see this? I am buying it. I have a hard time peeling oranges everyday”

Me: “I will peel them for you.”

“Nono you have baby to look after na…you wont have time”…and there it flies straight into the shopping cart.

I let out a huge sigh. My mother, for whom we actually came to this store, was taking a look at muffin trays and making mental notes of their sizes and reading catalogues. She had no plans to open her wallet unless absolutely necessary.

So when I was just beginning to retire from that store, there he appeared again, with something which looked like a torch. Before it flew into the shopping cart I interrupted…”Wait!! Now what is that ?”

“Its this awesome thing which removes the seeds from apples”

“I can do that with a knife!!”

He put that also in the cart and walked straight to the cash counter completely oblivious of my comment. I was sure these things were going to run up a huge bill. I could have bought a pair of jeans with that money. 

I gasped and turned to look at the shelf I was leaning on, when I saw this lemon squeezer. I have one in my kitchen, but it is shaky due to daily use, discolored and old.

So I called him and said, “ Well then take this lemon squeezer too”.
He looked surprised and asked ‘Why?’
“Ours is worn out completely” I explained.

He: “C’mon, you can do that manually. You have to use your fingers in a rotating motion and then drain out the seeds! That’s how everyone makes lime juice! Do some work !”  



  1. ഹി ഹി ഹി .. ബെസ്റ്റ്‌ .. !
    Hey is there an ID card locator in that mall .. check out ok ??

    അല്ലെങ്കിലും ആവശ്യമുള്ളത് മേടിക്കാന്‍ ഈ അനീറ്റക്ക് അറിഞ്ഞൂടാ ..
    nice post :)

  2. hee hee hee.. I like that dude.. same wavelength as me :)

  3. I do not know what to say !!The write -up was so much amusing ! Ha Ha !

  4. Praphul: I want a locator for my comb and slippers. Both are always missing whenever I need them !

    Doctor: Oho ? I will let him know that !

  5. I have never laughed this hard after reading a blog! My husband would have done the same with the orange peeler, apple whatever....!!

    Oh Boy :D :D :D
    BIG HUG <3

  6. Chintan: :D Men will be men :D Thanks a lot !

  7. I kind of liked the key locator, and would like to have one for the TV remote and my company i card!

    about the orange peeler and apple seed remover.. tee lol rofl.. totally amusing!! Men!

  8. hehe loved it :) ROFL :D my "Hi" to Abu ;) and lemme know how the Orange peeler and Apple Seed remover comes in handy ?? :P

  9. mans ambrosia another man's poison...tho in this case it's abt what one man deems as usefull his wife pronounces it useless;-D

    I our house its the opposite I pick up all the junk and the H goes mad trying to stop me. I've got all those things[except for the remote locator] and I've also got a potato rasher[a fork will do], peelers[knife will do], garlic crusher[again knife is good], ice-cream scoop[simple curved spoon is enoff], egg separator[our hand], ladle stand[no comments]....there's more but I have a feeling u gave up reading a paragraph back;-P

  10. But seriously my peeler, cutting board, garlic crusher & apple cutter[tho I thk u r talking abt the apple corer] are very useful, I'm handicapped without them;-D

  11. Jenny: Thanks ! :)

    Anupama: Will convey your regards. And thanks !

  12. Nancy: ROFL ... My Mom has all these little things... and recently she bought an egg poacher ( saucepan will do ) which turned out to be a major disaster... :D

  13. hahahah cute husband you got thr!!
    and about t he lemon squeezer. Reminds me that I should buy one too!

  14. are sooooooooo adorably cute when you write these hubby inclusive posts, you know that na Nono?:-)

    You had me laughing throughout-and thank god, I needed that after some grim posts I just read:-)

  15. Uh... Men! What more can I say?

  16. lol!! Men *eye roll* ..Typical husband remark ;p