Saturday, January 21, 2012

Was awarded a new tag !

My Mom is here. She brought me one of her special homemade chocolate cake. I don’t know what you’ll think of me when I say this, but I ate the entire cake on the same day and I’m not even sorry or guilty. (We have a family friend here, and my Mom had plans to distribute a few pieces to them as well, but I got violent when she revealed this evil plan to me). So my little one is enjoying a little more attention than what is actually required .Clearly, we are spoiling him.

So as I was browsing through my blog on the weekend (heights of luxury as my Mom is here to take care of the baby), I came across this comment which Reflections had posted on my last post and the award. Wow Reflections thinks I am versatile! Yay ! I’ve been tagged to write seven random things about myself and collect the award as well. As this award is already on my blog, I’m thanking Reflections below it, and continue with the tag.

I am very infamous for misplacing things. Back home, if anything goes missing from its usual place, my parents tend to immediately call me (in a volume and tone which doesn’t sound so good) or search my room if I’m not home(the search usually ends successfully). The same continues after my marriage. However, if someone misplaces my stuff I get confused as logically, I can’t blame anyone for it. L

Right from my childhood I hated food. When I spent vacation at my grandma’s I kept everyone on their toes. I made them run after me with spoon and food for hours. This continued into my college days, when I was underweight and immunity took a toll on me. I caught all diseases which are usually attributed to malnutrition. Even now, (I am visibly NOT underweight) although I can generously treat myself with chocolate cake or grilled chicken, eating healthy is a very difficult task for me. I have alarmingly low sugar levels and Papa is very angry with me right now for that. I have a weird feeling that my son will follow suit.

       I am into the fourth book of Sophie Kinsella’s shopaholic series and can identify totally with that character. Not like I buy Armani or Vera Wang gowns all the time, but I have this knack to make whatever clothes that catch my eye, feel like they are a total necessity. Last month I thought, that I should buy a black formal pants and my wardrobe would be perfect. But now I think I should have a few more tshirts and I just cant seem to get enough.

      My husband is a total foodie, especially for beef and mutton, but I have an allergy to all red meat. Surprisingly we totally get along with fish and chicken and till date, never had differences of opinion on food matters. 

          Whenever I come across relatives who worry about their unmarried daughters and are secretly groom hunting ever since they completed high school, or those aunties who anticipate on when their newly married daughter will start a family, I let a silent sigh, mostly of relief and a feeling of liberation, as I am done with that horrifying phase.

       If I had an option I would like to relive my school days once again. But I’d like to skip the exams and result part and then directly slip into the place I am now. The worst punishment that can ever be awarded to me is to make me relive my college days.
           My favorite food is biscuits. I used to hog on cream biscuits all through my days at hostel. Later after graduation I was home with parents and started gaining weight due to all the normal food they forced into my food pipes and the additional packs of cream biscuits which I kept eating. So I switched from cream biscuit to normal biscuits.After that I followed a diet plan and said goodbye to biscuits altogether and whenever we are out buying grocery, I make my way to the biscuit section and stare at each of them, fighting the urge to put them all into my cart.


Phew! Those are seven not-s0-interesting-or-useful-in-any-way facts about me. I am not sure I’ll find fifteen people to tag, but I am going on to tag a few of them.

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Good Luck !!


  1. Ate a whole cake by urself;-o

    I didnt think I had this much close competition around here ;-D

    Mispacing things is a problem with me too;-(. But now I've learnt my lessons and am genuinely trying to correct myself. This self-correction procedure started when i realised tht my kids were following my footsteps;-P

  2. Reflections: The cake was YUM. Couldnt stop eating ! Oh may be when my son grows up I will also learn.!

  3. I sometimes wish that I was underweight instead of overweight :(
    and how could you ever fight the urge to stop cream biscuits
    ! HOW HOW HOW!!!

  4. You said your mom is with you. Agreed. What about me? :( :(

  5. Red Handed: Oh once u decide to stop eating cream biscuits, the next time you visit someone they will offer you a pack. But you have to say NO. It might even bring tears to your eyes :D (It did for me) ...but it will help u resist all temptations that may come in future too !

    Papa: You are always in our hearts na papa? By the way, you only decided to stay back cos you dint want your students to miss you, na? But we totally miss u !

  6. Many congratulations :) I think I can eat a full cake too, but now I end up feeling guilty because I think I am putting on a little weight which I disgust!

    Having mom over is such a luxury <3 I miss my mom :(

  7. Anita,

    Read 2 posts now. Have you finally found suitable maid or not? Many of them become greedy after sometime as they feel you can not do without them. It is an art to manage them. Had a good laugh at your food habits.

    Take care

  8. Chintan: True before my marriage I wanted to run away from my Mom and now having her around is like super luxury and I am publishing that on my blog too.. See how time changes people and their outlook :D lol.

    Jack: Thanks very much. Yes we have found a maid, my Mom is here for a few days and certified that new maid is good too, but she says she cant stay long. So we are still not out of the pickle.

  9. Hey congrats yaar Anita!! And thanks for selecting me as a versatile blogger!! :) I am sorry I am reading this post after 20 odd days!!

    But, as they say, better late than sorry :D

  10. Hey congrats yaar Anita!! And thanks for selecting me as a versatile blogger!! :) I am sorry I am reading this post after 20 odd days!!

    But, as they say, better late than sorry :D