Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The year that was - hits, misses and growing old.

While working days are like HD videos played using a dial up internet connection (buffering…buffering... buffering…YAWN), vacation days are like a movie when it is fast forwarded 32X. More so, if it is Christmas. A fun filled masala entertainer with frequent intervals to eat high calorie food in large quantities with zero guilt and maximum gluttony. Back in Oman now, wondering where to place all those shoes I bought during my shopping spree at Cochin, and the extra kilos I gained around my waist. And by that I have been denied the right to even look into any shoe shop for the rest of the year. So 2014 will be the first year of my life I will be not be lusting after shoes. It’s not a resolution or anything, just a decision enforced on me. 

Let’s see!(evil grin).

2013 had been an okay kind of year. It was not good for me, or my batch mates, as we all turned fat, lazy and a year older. Our kids also became naughtier. Looking back, I remember being in a large group of friends, whose whereabouts are not known to me now. How a person who came to school with me can be in a place where there is no internet, I sometimes wonder. But it is not about internet. It is about the efforts we take to keep in touch. And this effort originates from genuine friendship. All other show offs and fake pretense die in time. And I lived to turn thirty to establish this shocking revelation which is already known even to small children.

Everyone who turned thirty now knows what betrayal feels like. Some friends walked away from my life for good, leaving me distrusting anyone who crossed my path. If I had 40 friends when I was 18, and even during my 20’s, I have like five friends now, to whom I don’t open up for the same fear of betrayal. But true friendship exists and at thirty realization dawns clear and most of us almost know who will stay and who will not. We are all judges at our own courts. 

2013 also took away a major portion of my hair. I dread the thought of combing it these days, as that’s when whatever is left also falls off! Anyone else turned bald at thirty? Please let me know!

2013 also marked certain other changes. Loud ringtones irritate me like no other. (Earlier I used to be loud myself so these ringtones were insignificant in comparison). I also can’t stand the fact that any person in my address book that uses whatsapp appears on my whatsapp list. This includes the shopkeeper at whose shop I gave my pressure cooker for repair, the plumber of the building where I stay and the sales person at a retail store who promised to call when there is a sale. And we wonder why people still swear by BBM.

I have also stopped screaming in potentially painful situations like paper cuts, knife cuts, and other minor accidents.  I also do not alert the neighborhood if I discover a spider in my bedroom.

2013 was also the year when some of my best clothes started showing their age. They are either pale, faded in patches, or the fabric has given way to anomalous spaces. They are still too good to be worn at home.  As such they now occupy a backseat in my wardrobe, and have grown hands and feet themselves, thus pushing the newer ones in such a way that once the wardrobe is opened it rains clothes (giving my spouse a false impression that I have too many of them). He is very unlikely to believe the hands and feet story theory.

Coming to think of it, I have the Joey syndrome now. Every birthday I am like ‘Why, God, Why me!!?’ and I dread to death those number candles.

Even though it is a depressing fact that we are not growing any younger, it’s a solace that nobody else is. 
And whenever I feel low, I think of Priyanka Chopra. 
She is older than I am.

 Buhahaha ;-)


  1. There is a whole lot of similarity between us! My hair has become 1/3rd of what it use to be before my wedding. Gulf does that to you.. not 30! I'm using a pack these days (imagine!!) .. will let you know if it helps me!
    I have pictures of my cabbie and laundry guy staring at me on my whatsapp. Everyone here has an iPhone!!!! And micromax doesn't make it any better. Its annoying!
    And same pinch on not making painful noises... wow.. we have finally grown up. And I absolutely hate that. When I tell this to people they don't agree. I'm glad there is someone who is as honest :)

    1. Nisha ! Happy new year and thank you for making me feel so special by commenting soon after I posted this ! As a blogger you will know that feeling when you know someone has already read the article you posted like ten minutes back !
      About the last line- your blog is synonymous to honesty. And I read your blog because of that.:-) Stay the same...have a great year!

    2. Haha.. yeah I know the feeling. This excitement will not change even when we are 60!! Thank God for blogspot.
      I love the honesty bit. Glad I came back to read your reply :)

  2. She is?! Priyanka Chopra is :O I didn't realize!

    Oh anyway, looks like 2013 was decent enough to you :) Especially with all the shoes *major envy happening*
    And what you said about real feelings when it comes to friendship is very true. I'm nowhere close to 30 and I already have only like three friends.

    May 2014 be awesomesauce!

    1. Wish you the same ...! I am glad my readers are now enlightened that I am younger than PC :D

  3. LOL
    Glad that the weight syndrome hasn't kicked in yet. Friends are a rare breed these days, so be content with whatever you have, 5 or 1.
    Oh, and you could always cajole him to buy you new clothes when he is in good mood? I guess men's happiness starts from their stomachs?

    Wish you a very happy new year!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. I dont wait for good mood... I just give him choices... like, what do you say...diamond pendant or H&M sale?

  4. Hey happy new year Anita.

    You know what. Those frnds whom you thot will be ur best frnds and will be in contact are the ones whom.u loose first. And maybe because we are girls its really difficult for us to start over again particularly after Marriage.

    1. I do not understand how marriage can become a barrier for a person to keep in touch with friends. For example I updated my blog two times the month I gave birth to my son. It is about the mindset and the will to do something, everything else are just excuses.

      Happy New Year dear!

    2. You are right Anita. Will. It has to be there.

  5. What is this?? I am 24 and everything u wrote makes me realize that I am already living the age of 30!!!

    Btw tellme from where you bought shoes in cochin. I cant find any :(

    1. What? At 24 I had like a zillion friends, mobile always beeped with fun forwards, noise never bothered, hair was thicker, had tiny waist and wardrobe was okay kind of :D Looks like I should be happy now :D

      Visit Oberon Mall - Reliance Footprint. You will get whatever you want. At Cochin I never even visit any other place for shoes.

  6. Haa falling hair, putting on weight; crossing 30 :) Seems so familiar. But yeah what the heck!

    Its nice to look back at how the year passed by. Gosh! I didnt even have time to do that.

  7. Heeeee....its the same way I think of Aishwarya Rai;-D.
    Too many similarities Anita...way too many similarities here that I dont knw where to start;-P. Have u tried indulekha....supposedly works but I havent tried very hard so I cannot tell u for sure even tho I use it;-/.
    I'm a new whtsapp user...so not very active but enjoying all the fwds I get on it.
    I'm not going to comment on the weight issue....because U & I are not in the same category here;-(
    Which brings me to the clothes...I too have stacks and tht too barely used ones sitting in my cupboard which I cant bear to dispose. There's this dream I have once in a while....one morning when I get up from sleep, all excess weight has miraculously vanished and I'll be so glad tht I didnt throw all these clothes out;-D.
    When was ur birthday???? Sending across belated wishes to U Anita:-))

    1. Hahahaha same pinch !!!! :D My birthday was way back in JUne and it took me six months to come to terms with 30 you see :D and the clothes...so true..! hahahah I loved the Aishwarya Rai part...let her be the icon to many more thirty something women to feel better !