Sunday, August 9, 2009

Dear Papa... With Love.. :)

Happy Birthday Pappa…!!!

I am short of words here, but expressing completely my feelings and love for Papa is next to impossible. Here is a composition of a few things you might not have known.

Whenever I order cold coffee, I am reminded of you. Cos you used to make cold coffee for me and try to wake me up from my long afternoon naps. After repeated failed attempts you would say that the cold coffee would get cold!

I still don’t wear nail polish on nails of my right hand, because you don’t like it.(I know you don’t like it if I paint my left hand nails too, but sorry, that’s unavoidable!)

I used to appear annoyed and freaked out when you genuinely say that there’s no change in my appearance after I come back from the beauty parlor. But when you’re not noticing me, I would laugh my lungs out!

Even to this day, I don’t wear anything other than salwar while going to church, because you don’t like it otherwise.

Mummy , sis and me are in fact a welfare association trio effectively operating and functioning for you . We hold online STD meetings too. Beware we will soon come up with a bit insensitive decision on smoking.

My school friends love you more than me. I know that they dial my number to talk to you. You are a superhit among us girls! (Sorry Mummy)

When you drop me at tuitions, I would look at my watch and depending on the expected time that you reach home, I would console myself saying that you must have reached.

I still don’t know how to bind my books, as you did them so neatly until I passed out of Engineering College! (Anyone who reads this might say that you were responsible for pampering me, but I say that you made my books last longer!)

Even today, I am obsessed about Bata footwear. (Remember Bata ballerina school shoes..?)

You may just coldly flip pages through my drawing book, but I know you are proud of me when I hear you telling others that I make beautiful pencil sketches.

I loved it when you gifted my grandma ‘Junior Horlicks 1-2-3’.

I know you’ll be furious to know that I am not at par with current affairs and I am scared when you talk about it, but I am also proud to see my Papa knowing everything in the world.

You are so systematic in calculating my taxes, renewing savings and updating all financial stuff ..! Keep up the good work..! You are also my personal tax consultant!

Snoring during church sermons is not appreciable, but being able to summarize biblical verses and being wiser than the priest himself surely is.

We are really thankful for letting us accommodate our kitten at home after overcoming a lot of hesitation from your end . I also remember those five injections for which you diligently kept the dates and took me to, after it hurt me and disappeared. I’ve not asked you this, but I know that you know how it disappeared.

When I asked you whether we could adopt those three kittens from aunt’s house, and you said that I should choose between you and the kittens, I embarrassed you by taking a while to decide. But that was just to irritate you. I was sure I would choose you.

I am totally jealous of your friends, because, to this day, I couldn’t find one like you. But chill, I have YOU!

When you twisted my ear for losing the 151st umbrella you bought me, I was totally in pain. But I use those ear-twisting memories for being more careful.

You taught us to be patient and to shut our mouths tight when we’re angry and are in catastrophic situations. I appreciate the way you do it, but I don’t have one thousandth of the virtue you have to follow it.

This blog is dedicated to you, Papa, my best friend ever. Rock solid at life’s turbulences, soft hearted to your little girls, epitome of patience and good will, fountain of wisdom, and whose love is endless and boundless…that’s my Papa, who is the reason for who and where I am today, my role model, sole strength and support. My love for you knows no ends. Luckiest in the whole world I consider myself, for being born your daughter, and every day I thank the Almighty for giving me YOU. Love you loooots…!!!!
Long live His Highness Papa dear!!


  1. Now that is the best gift a daughter could give! Beautiful Anita dear :-)


  2. Lovely writeup Anu! What more could he wish for as a gift? :)

  3. Papa - ought be proud! Not many fathers have been honored like you have honored your father. I think daughter must be alot like like Papa - she admires him to much, it had to wear off on her.
    Great Post - Now I must leave to find tissue to dry my eyes.

  4. Wow.. I am absolutely honoured , Grayquill..!! Thanks a ton!

  5. Anita, I came over to your blog from Nikita's. I think your post was one of the best possible tributes a child could ever give to a parent.

    Tomorrow is my mother's b'day as well, and I can imagine how delighted she'd be, if I were to write something like this. :)

  6. Thank You so much Sumit - for dropping by and for the compliment, which in my language is, 'encouragement'. Thanks a ton!

  7. Oh, I will keep dropping by. I'm a 'follower' now. :)

  8. wow! Wat a post! I am sure u havent conveyed even 5% of what u really feel.. still.. good one! I soo wish I cud write like that! And once again love your sense of humour! :) Excellent writing!

  9. From the time a little girl bounces on her Dad's knee to her Wedding Day when he gives her away, a daughter is always Daddy's little girl!!!
    Wat best cud u gift ur Dad....Truly awesum..i almost cried...he..hee:)

  10. Hi SHerin..Thanks for droppin by...there is a small correction...not till marriage...the daughter continues to be Dad's little girl forever! Thank you soo much for that beautiful comment anyways..!!

  11. I am sure Papa is really very very proud of you!! Really good one... :) Excellent writing! :)

  12. No matter how we write about that one most important person in our lives, there will be so much more. Loved your letter, a lucky Dad to have such a sweet daughter! :)

  13. Thank u sooo much Sourav. I am telling that to my Papa today