Sunday, August 2, 2009

An ode to Friendship..!!

Its friendship day, the only day I actually halt and think of my friends who support and care for me… as, on all other days I take them for granted. I am not such a perfectly lovable and sweet person. I am weird , impatient and horrifyingly short tempered. But it is a surprise that I still have friends, who know me well and do not bitch about me anyways.

Here is a tribute to my friends, as they dint simply happen to me, I handpicked them personally.
Here is to you, my friend, for..

1. Giggling, passing notes, drawing portraits of the teacher during classes(yeah, Miss.D) and playing pranks throughout… we painted the town RED!

2. Making my days from Std I to XII at Holy Angels Convent, the chapter of my life most visited , missed, and re-lived.

3. For all the lovely Archies greetings, innumerable gifts, soft toys and 36756 friendship bands, and for screaming at me if I don’t wear those bands for the rest of the year.

4. For calling me up on my birthday every year at 12:00 am sharp and making me say that you’re the first. ( I usually say that to anyone who calls after that too..! sorry idiot.)

5. For coming over to my house and making my neighbors wonder if the Tsunami occurred within the small geographical area of the premises of my house.

6. For helping me climb the stairs at school when I’d met with that scooter accident, and for making creative stories of how I met with that accident anyways * sensored*.

7. For lending me maths homework to copy ( even though it was wrong..yeah yeah anyone can make mistakes..where did u copy that from..?).

8. For letting me call your names whenever we encountered monkeys on the way to our excursion, and expressing that helplessness of revenge (oh that was priceless,darlings), as there was a teacher by my name in our bus.

9. For saying, ‘If I could have given you some marks of mine, I would have done that to raise your aggregates’ … I don’t know if the person I’m referring to still remembers this, but these are a few words I will not forget in my lifetime, and it makes you immortal in my world of friends. And, there are tears of happiness in my eyes now.

10. For being the life saver at college.

11. For staying awake all night when I was bed ridden, that too during University exams, and making me lemon tea every now and then, spoon feeding me dinner when I just couldn’t move, ironing my uniform, and for being just like a mother to me. I am not just plainly grateful.. I am indebted to you all my life.

12. For making me feel like a VIP at your wedding.

13. For making office just like a college.

14. For being the perfect batch of good-to-be-with people and for making me laugh my lungs out.

15. For creating an air of college at the pantry every noon and making lunch seem tastier than it actually was.. Lunch times were awesome..!

16. For considering me one among the guys and picking and dropping me at office get-togethers, treats and lets-go-have-a-juice evenings.

17. For referring to me as ‘best friend’ and saying that I was an ‘angel’ who touched your life. No one ever told me that, I am not even close to being angelic, but I’ll remember you for it, even though you don’t feel the same about me now.

18. For lending an ear to my innumerable silly complaints, grudges, troubles, problems and laughing them away… those were actually adjustment cranks to the totally new environment. This is my new home and I do feel like home..just because of u!

19. For being the most sensible person around and helping me overcome every single thing I bother about.

20. For defining what it is to be a great friend..!

Thanks everyone who touched my life is more ways than the above…there are trillions of points I dint cover here, but still, I am thankful as always… Happy Friendship Day…Love u all!!


  1. You actually write well mate... very well...

  2. I am sure your friends consider themselves blessed for having you as a friend! N you r the best!!! Stay cute! :D

  3. Tht was so sweet... Loved this.. I m a first timer here..jus blog hopped into ur blog :)

  4. @ Anjuchechi.. Thanks dee..! And, you are my best friend...!

  5. @Lakshmi: Thank You for taking some time off to browse thru ma blog! And happy to know you liked it..! Thanks..!!