Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What comes when you least expect it to come?


It stays until I:

 Gulp down countless gallons of water (Makes me think about shifting my workstation nearest to the loo)

 Eat sugar or gulp down a big ball of rice ( these resources would be unavailable on the spot)

 Hold breath until I’m almost dead ( I would die to get rid of it !)

 People around me take the ongoing conversation into their court. ( Situational advantage)

 The morons across the table who are entertained by the whimsical show are out of breath.

And, not necessarily in that order. Sometimes one has to live with such irrational tendencies. Sigh..! Inbuilt ways of being publicly embarrassed..!

Hiccup Occurrence:

If you have read till here, you might have understood that I have nothing to write about. Although that is partially true, I really got pissed off with hiccups today, which extended its occurrence like a mega serial. Halt and think before you write me off saying that I am unbelievably silly. There is an interesting group discussion going on.. the hiccup descends on me for no reason at all, and it refuses to leave my damn throat after repeated attempts of breath holding and gulping down gallons of water! Isn’t it embarrassing? GRR. Now the group is so amused by the show that they laugh their heads off . God save these pessimistic morons.

The spasmodic contraction of diaphragm !@$%^&*(! Well that was the definition of hiccup I got when I googled it.

Lead us not into hiccups and deliver us from embarrassment.



  1. Hiccup will be looking at some of his famous cousins (diseases) and saying, "Well, you know what, someone blogged about me today and another moron commented on that post". :D

    If you look down and gulp water, it stops. For me at least.

  2. i love hiccups. such a nice feeling, like a rocking motion, but all jerky. feel like i'm on a train or something.

  3. Anup: hahaha..
    Look down and gulp water stops..but when? For me its about half an hour later!

    AGG: Wow..Hellloo nice to meet u..U might be the only one in the universe to love hiccups! It shakes my entire system..upto the brain! Felt nice to see your comment again! Honoured :)

  4. Hmmm... I haven't had a hiccup in I bet twenty years. I hardly remember what they are. I would say I feel your pain but that would just be a lie. Good luck with all those home remedies. I think you won’t get dehydrated in the near future.

  5. He he!! Good one! I hate hiccups too.. but I have never seen anyone who get hiccups more frequently than U do and for so long!!!

  6. Agree with AGG. Me enjoy them too.
    I though try to get rid of them, of course. Try this: Breathe into and out of a plastic bag. (basically breathe in your own CO2) works for me (most times). don't ask why.

  7. Ah! Doesn't that mean someone is thinking of you all the time Anita.... be happy girl :-)

  8. hik!excuse me.dat ws a hiccup :)

  9. @slash : Hehe.. Is it?? Thats a new info!

  10. @ATMM: Hehe durin schooldays I used to say this..had forgotten after a while.. now u jus reminded me that someone is thinkin of me when I have hiccups..! Thanks, ATMM!

  11. @Anjuchechi: He he ..u know it best!

  12. "The spasmodic contraction of diaphragm!"
    lol...hiccups sure are a funny phenomenon...wonder who came up with the term "hiccup"! ;)

    n saw the comments section of ur previous post n grayquill has been talking behind my back ha? ***raised eyebrow***

  13. hehe... yeah Grayquill and me were having a public discussion about u..! Be proud of it..! Ahem! Lol!