Thursday, February 4, 2010

The art of expressive living :)

I can  interpret facial expressions and convey entire sentences or even paragraphs with just my eyes and a few other facial muscles. Those who thought I am an illogical creature, please note: I can read minds too. This being my trademark quality, I will not share the trick with you, but I can give some inferences with examples.

* I was going to my native place over the weekend. I had to travel in a jam packed bus till railway station, with a back pack trice as heavy as me.( Now don’t ask me why my bag was heavy, as my eyeliner and lip gloss constitute majority of the weight..whereas his shaving kit, and shoes are lighter than feather) .Putting it down would occupy the space of at least 5 average passengers. With one hand on the bar at the ceiling of the bus, I almost hung there, with the back pack weighing me down heavily. One lady, about my age, sitting very comfortably in a seat, was enjoying the beauty of the concrete jungle outside, but is very much uneasy by my presence. At a major pressing of brakes, I lost balance and hit another woman who was also standing, and the tag of my back pack touched the comfortably sitting lady. She gave me a stare which said:

“What the bloody hell are you doing… you insignificant creep, with a very significant luggage”

At this look, the hell broke loose( inside my head). I gave an expression back which said.

“Please pardon me, if I did the unimaginable sin of touching you, your majesty the Queen”.

At this expression, the lady gave me another expression which was difficult to comprehend. ( It must have been some regional expression).

* A five minute incompliance of corporate punctuality would raise the eyebrows of some managers in a perfect shape. (Sometimes I wish I had such shapely eyebrows)
These raised eyebrows with eyes balls popping out of their destined sockets, follows you to your seat with rigorous lifting the sleeve to stare at the watch .
This expression reminds you of the deadline with exact date and time up to microseconds. It also tells ‘Don’t come to me later asking for extension of deadline’.
However sporting any expression as a sign of retaliation to this would have very unpleasant consequences. Just think of some software code, and your face would become as expressionless as is required for the current scenario.

*As soon as I step into the office bus, I take out my ipod and be engrossed in it. Some ladies come in late and create a huge hullabaloo inside the bus. One such day, I accidentally touched the screen of my ipod, and it displayed the song I was listening to in a font so big that some of it went out of the screen. One contemporary lady saw that I was listening to ‘words’ by Boyzone and gave me a cold look , which said:

“ ‘words’? and ‘boyzone’? !! This song was released during the dinosaur era!’

I gave another expression, two fingers on my nose, eyebrows formed like a tilde.
“ What an awful smell! Don’t you ever take bath! ‘


  1. lol
    hey.. pls teach me how to read those expressions :D

  2. OMG! I wasnt aware there are so many inbuilt meanings to your expressions! Shud be careful from now on! :) And by the way, r there any early bird prizes for being the first to comment on your post? Have mailed you my postal address.. ;) Keep writing!

  3. @Moonlite: Sure! Come over during the weekend. Hope you are aware of the tuition fees!

    @Anjuchechi:Yes! You have won an early bird prize! A hug from me..!!!

  4. lol!!
    I am giving you an expression that says," what a great post! do write more plz.."

  5. @ Diwakar: :-) I am expressing 'Thank You'

    @Blunt Edges: Not as much as u...!!!

  6. I have heard it said that only 7% of our comunication is verbal and 93% is non-verbal. I think you are learing the 93 % language.
    Good job, I think it will pay high dividends.

  7. Hey Anita,
    why weekend? can take classes in weekdays ;)
    i work in the same concrete jungle where u work... official name ITPL :D
    and fees, u quote dear ;)

  8. Oh is it? I work there too :)
    I will decide abt the fees and let u know.. :)

  9. @hehe imagne we would have been lost if we were unable to xpress few stuff!!! I think i can read urs by just looking at u now!! been more than 10 -15 yrs since ive been knowing u :)
    And moonlite..i loved it"concrete jungle"!!!

  10. Vinee: I can picture your expressions even while talking to u on fone :) Familiarity sure makes a difference :)

  11. I’m sorry to admit that I could not realise that the comments’-section was actually working. After trying 2-3 times, I was just happy to enjoy your posts in my google reader. Just casually checked and darn its actually working!!!Now I’m happy to see all those nice posts in the classic black template. :)
    Well about the post,it is super fun post.
    I love boyzone tracks myself or for that matter I love many much older classics. But I never knew what "contemporary" people have to express :P as i'm not so good in reading expressions. Sorry to be soo ignorant but I'd like to read minds.
    Can you pleashhhe teach me that art? Pleaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeee :)