Saturday, February 13, 2010

Processor Woes. :-(

 Sometimes it kills me that I am not able to say want I actually want to say. My head, which is my inbuilt processor, is probably processing a lot of requests concurrently, and is inherently slow. So my verbal communication is often delayed and quick responses if any are not logical. And the situations that I get myself into are very complicated even for my processor to interpret, and it takes some time even when I get to see the logical side of it. But some daily life scenarios take a higher priority with my processor. For example, I just met one lady in my project and she introduced herself as ‘Silky’. The very second I found myself laughing at her. At the same time, I also thanked God that my parents did not name me like that…cos if they did, it would have been embarrassingly contradictory. Anyways, the processor works diligently when there is something to laugh. But when there is something serious to think, I would be left wondering whether the existence of a processor is just a myth.

Today, I was crossing one of the busiest roads in Bangalore… the one near Dairy Circle.

I crossed half way through (with some two wheelers wondering aloud whether the road belonged to my Dad… hmm…I wish it was) and waited in the separator awaiting the police to interfere. Another girl was standing near me, wearing an ID card similar to mine, and a shawl covering her forehead and cheeks. Two small eyes were partially visible. In order to cross Bangalore roads and end up alive at the other end, two eyes are not sufficient. This wonder woman was covering half her eyes also. The police came, stopped the vehicles and signaled us to cross to the other half of the road. At the very instant, the wonder woman took out an umbrella and pointed it near me. The next second, it opened in my stomach, the pointed tip of which had now touched my intestines. I yelled with pain, but the wonder woman swooshed past, and reached the other side.
My processor rushed to my stomach and was busy consoling it, that any communication to the verbal end was terminated.
Back in my workstation, I am painfully regretting, in regular intervals, why I hadn’t given her a piece of my mind.

5 minutes:

I should have said, ‘Don’t you have eyes!!!’

30 minutes:

I should have said, ‘ What in God’s name are u doing??’

2 hours:

I should have simply taken the umbrella and thrown it on the road.

4 hours:

I should have taken that umbrella and given her a good thrashing.

6 hours:

I should have killed her.

Back home:

*Wailing* Mummy, one girl opened her umbrella into my stomach..sob sob..and it is paining u know..

Mummy: What were you doing when she took out the umbrella? You should have moved and given some space!

*Wailing harder* I know…I know… Don’t talk to me *SLAM*


  1. He he :-) ...
    In office lift i saw one gal's ID card with call name as SILKY !!! (Girls nte id card nokkunnathu oru weakness aanu ;-) )

  2. Was it raining? Maybe the two eyed umbrella bandit was saying, "You are in my personal space, back off" or maybe she was thinking about her new boy friend and forgot her surroundings, or maybe because her eyes were barely visible she thought she was alone and a had all the space Bangalore has to offer. Or then of course, maybe she just wanted to hurt you.
    BTW: do you think she was having thoughts about you all day? If so what do you think her thoughts were?
    I will leave you with this proverb: "Do not forsake your mother's teaching; Indeed, they are a graceful wreath to your head, and ornaments about your neck."

  3. @Praphul: I am hearing abt a name like that for the first time.:)

    Grayquill: Hmm it wasn't raining. Nor was it too sunny. Hmm some people are totally unaware or even pretend to be unaware of the surroundings.
    And my Moms thoughts on this..yeah she is wise even though most of the times says a lot of blunders herself.

  4. hahahaha...well if she had poked her umbrella into me, the reaction would have been different...based on how good looking she was (or wasn't) ;)

    loved the conversation between u n your mom! :D

  5. @Praphul: Yes yes I know what 'silky' means in Malayalam..! and thats the reason why I laughed in front of her!

    @Blunt edges:Yes yes u guys will forgive good looking girls even if she had poked that umberella into your eyes!
    And, thanks..!

  6. I would have slapped her (in my dreams)!!!! Well u said it right!! it just doesn't come instinctively when it has to!! and that last act of urs of slamming the i do it everyday ;)

  7. Yes yes..and many times we have discussed this...after something happened... we should have said that...we should have said this...:-D remember when that neighbour guy came and asked 'are u playing music?' when we had home theatre installed..? hehehe...after they left..we were left asking... 'and we dint reply..! we should have said this...said that..!!'
    Hmm...and, Our poor Moms dee.. :-(

  8. Ohhh sorry to hear that Anitha :(
    You see the problem with most of us is that we are sensitive. We can’t take a rash decision or instinctive action against those people who hurt us. The surroundings where we grow up and the upbringing styles have a lot of effect on our behaviour. Believe me when you can’t take an action against that person immediately, you tend to keep thinking about it the rest of your time.
    And about the senseless girl who poked you with her umbrella, she might have been going through a rough patch not to realise her surroundings properly. So just forgive her. Forgiving is the best way of forgetting.
    By the way is the phone/ door okk now? Or it got broke with that “slam”? :P
    More over are you still crossing the roads wishing they belonged to your dad? :D