Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Anniversary to Exit Hassles !

Hello Friends, I'm celebrating the first year of exit from my previous firm, from where the exit hassles are not completed yet !

I left my previous firm a year ago, and ever since I’d been hopefully checking my bank account to see whether my PF amount is credited.  As my salary account is with a foreign bank which liberally allows people like me to maintain zero balance without any penalty (well, if I had the money to pay penalty would my account be empty) I make the maximum use of this provision. So if my PF is debited I can easily make out without using the calculator ( some losers has six and 7 digit balance on their account so they have to see the account summary to see how much PF has been credited …thank God I do not have any such troubles).

 Some of my friends actually said that they badly wanted to quit from their firms but when they think of these exit formalities it makes them think twice. Now I understand the painful truth behind it.

*A few words of enlightenment to anyone who plans to quit*

Once a resignation letter is submitted, then you are prone to extremely harsh and ruthless behavior from your managers and leads. (As if it wasn’t like that before).Okay, lets say it gets worse. (Can it get any worse? Yes it can, try sending a resignation letter). Then you will be called by your manager and he will brainwash you to make you realize that working with him is next to achieving salvation. Of course, you won’t fall into that trap. So his next step is to extend your notice period, making you do donkey work like documentation, etc, asking you to share knowledge  (ya , right !) in multiple sessions, assigning your workstation to someone else so you have to beg,  borrow or steal computers to check emails and the like. Then the HR calls up and says that she had been your personal HR representative (you’ll be forced to exclaim ‘Really!’ but DONT). She would ask you to specify the reason for taking such an extremely drastic decision, in a tone which sounds like you won a million dollar lottery and decided to donate it for charity) and also ask you whether you would think about joining back in future. You’d have vowed never to let even your enemies join there, but never say it, if you want a smooth relieving.

* end of enlightenment*

I had the additional privilege during my notice period, that I talked to the HR for like forty minutes from the balcony of the 8th floor of my office and one guy from the admin asked me to get inside and he promptly shut the door behind me. He’d received  confidential information from an anonymous resource that ‘one girl is standing at the edge’ and had come to save me from committing suicide. As I got inside I got pitiful stares from an entire floor of people. Thanks, you guys. Ironically I was about to tell the HR that working there had always been a suicidal experience for me.

Anyway a year passed and I received an email from them. Here goes :


We have received your PF withdrawal forms. While processing we have noticed the following error in the documents submitted by you.

•       You have not submitted form 10C.
•       So you have to submit Form 10C.
•       Please find the attached Form 10C.

Did you notice the rhythm of that email. You could make a nursery rhyme out of it. Anyway I will do whatever it takes to get my PF back.

So, my ex employer,

  • I was not aware of Form 10C.
  • But now I have duly filled Form 10 C.
  • Please see the attached Form 10C.
  • Kindly accept the Form 10C.

For God’s sake, Give me my PF !!


  1. Going thru notice period ! Can understand it perfectly !

    Thanks for ur info on form 10c :)

  2. hahahaha....

    even i was sufferin the same situation when i resigned from a company..n my PF got creditted to my acc after 14 months.. :|

    u got to keep buggin them... :|

  3. hahahha someday if you get an extra phone to spare, and feel like quitting, give the HR manager a feel of how it feels like a suicide attempt by just gently pushing that phone from the edge with the caller on. :) I wish he stays there till he hears the crash.
    Hope you get your PF soon and the zero in your bank figures get some backup. :D

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  4. Rachit: :-)

    Praful: My pleasure ! Feel free to check with me for any more doubts on exit formalities !

  5. Anoop: 14 months ! thanks for the info... I have 2 more months to reach there !

    BA: lol :D Thanks..and I am gonna celebrate when it gets credited!

  6. Sheesh, I haven't even applied for PF withdrawal yet, though I quit two months ago. I wonder how long that will take!

    Btw, good luck with yours! :)

  7. Sumit: You have 2 forms to fill...form 19 and form 10C (if you want to withdraw PF)...if u want to transfer PF there are some others 2 fill ! :D
    And hopefully you will also write a blog one year from now similar 2 mine :D

  8. LOL! That's some enlightening! Guess what even I'm on notice period and I have no clue about forms 19 and 10C!

    PS: Meet me online sometime. I got a surprise about where I'm joining next ;)

  9. Blunt: A year back, even I dint have any clue about forms 19 and 10 C ..!
    When u said 'surprise' I guessed it...anyway will be online 2 see whether I guessed it right :D

  10. Awww yes I agree on the behaving indifferently part. Till then you are an asset, valuable player and then all hell breaks loose. Exiting is a tedious process and on top of it you need to behave so nicely! I hope you get your PF soon :)

  11. Insignia: Behaving nicely is the worst part ! And thanks... looking forward for the PF !

  12. Please accept my condolences and then my best wishes for full recovery[of ur money I mean];-D
    U knw it brings back memories of my old compnay here in Dubai. It was a company running under loss and everybody who left had a tough time trying to extract their dues out of them....umm none of them got any actually;-P.
    When I left I too had doubts and husband me told not to bother about the dues & just get out without generating any discord. But on the last day of work I got all my dues and a full month's additional sal for being a good employee[something unheard of]. I was shocked but felt so good. The accountant was totally jacked but he had orders from above;-D
    Even today whenever I think abt it I feel so good...a precious memory really:-).

  13. "donkey work like documentation"??

    I am an sr documentation does that mean I am a 'specialist in donkey work'?

    I dont know what you do..mayb s/w i gss...

    couldnt help this....

  14. Hello anonymous, from a software programmers angle , documentation of the code written one year back comes like a storm once the employee plans 2 leave and has no idea of that work anymore..we need to write it down in perfectly laid out formats, and many are copy pasted which is what is meant as donkey work...
    So that is the explanation, friend. You need to have a little respect to your job and not ask me whether what you do is donkey work or not !

  15. well, I certainly do have all the respect for my keeps me happy, content and wealthy too...its just your word 'donkey' usage I found a lil baseless and a tad bit derogatory.

    "I am an sr documentation does that mean I am a 'specialist in donkey work'?"....

    This did not mean am asking you - I am telling you rather...that's called reading in b/w lines...keeping the tenor of the conversation...

    that's it. period. am done.