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Monday, March 30, 2009

My first post!!

Yesterday I wrote on my orkut and facebook pages... that I look and sound crazy to some people..and its they who actually love me... Yeah these two lines came spontaneously to me, without much thought to it, actually. So, it is genuine, frank and original. Yep thats what I am to those who actually love me....I realized that a bit late, though.
Hmm...marriage had made me mature ..that means!! I still have vague ideas about people and what they think of me. My closest friends have deceived me, had been secretive and have hurt me a lot. But friendship is something which I still believe in, even though a majority of them choose me for entertainment. Forgiveness comes with time, and comes quickly when I have an affection for them deep inside. I tend to overlook what they did, and what they are still doing..for that matter!!
They say blood is thicker than water..yes it is. Nowadays I cant rely on anyone else!!! Experience was the best teacher... however finally i realized that I neednt consider friends bigger than myself!! :)

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