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Thursday, November 26, 2009

A piece of conversation :)

Here is a piece of conversation with my cousin brother , who forgot my birthday, and is not sure when it was.

Andrew Sudhan:hey
Andrew Sudhan:u there?
Andrew Sudhan:ok.. dumb question..
Andrew Sudhan:but.. ur bday by any chance?
me:its over...was yesterday
Andrew Sudhan:waaaat?
Andrew Sudhan:it cant be overrrrr
me:it is over
Andrew Sudhan:wait calling u.. now.. 9******024 rt?
me:u dont even know my mob no?
Andrew Sudhan:9********26?
me:dont I also belong to the family which you also belong to *sob*
Andrew Sudhan:9*********24?
me:was i adopted ? *sob*
Andrew Sudhan:hey shit up.. tell
Andrew Sudhan:shut* :)
me:no i wont tell
Andrew Sudhan:fine.. u are missing the brotherly bday blessing of all... ur fate..
Andrew Sudhan::)
me:looks like its gonna be a good year ahead
Andrew Sudhan:illogical mannerism.. ur blog recent post..
me:u read my blogs?
Andrew Sudhan:naaaaaaaa
Andrew Sudhan:first time.. today.. right now.. lol
Andrew Sudhan:listen.. u say.. sat night.. power cut.. then how the hell u bloggin????
me:I am not typin staright into the website,,,it usually undergoes a strenous process of corrections in microsoft word
Andrew Sudhan:spell checkkkkk!!! :P
Andrew Sudhan:no wonder its not a daily blog!!
me:who writes blogs daily
Andrew Sudhan:bloggers :)
me:noone writes daily
Andrew Sudhan:i got paid for writing blog for some nokia thing.. 1500 for 5 days..
Andrew Sudhan:it never got posted.. but still got the money.. :D
me:even if u write who is gonna read? not even the ppl who pay u! lol
Andrew Sudhan:haaaaa haaaaaaaa... so funny..... NOT!
Andrew Sudhan::?
me:someone stole our car stereo
Andrew Sudhan:ok tell kno.. ur bday was yest?
Andrew Sudhan:shitttttttt
me:twas alpine :(
Andrew Sudhan:am hearin abt lotsa incidents like this..
me:only the display panel was taken:(
Andrew Sudhan:damnnn...
me:but...replaceing the display panel will cost us another alpine set
Andrew Sudhan:central locking dint warn?
Andrew Sudhan:display panel only is the most expensive..
Andrew Sudhan:i wonder wat he is going to do just wit the panel..
me:he will suffer
Andrew Sudhan:u forgot to lock the car?
me:dont tell anyone :( I did :(
Andrew Sudhan:am gonn call up uncle now n tell him abt it..
me:we told parents that someone broke in and took it... but actually i forgot to lock the car...only me, he and chechi knows
Andrew Sudhan:now i also know..
me:shut up idiot, firstly u forget my bday, secondly, u dont know my fone no, and thirdly u gonna betray me????????
Andrew Sudhan:amateursss!!!!
Andrew Sudhan:lol.. am not gonna betray.. chill.. its gon cost u some currencies.. thats al :D
me:but papa will delete me from family group if he comes 2 know
Andrew Sudhan:lol.. like u one active member in the group...
Andrew Sudhan:ok btw... belated birthday wishes anuuuuuuuu
me:thank you bro :)
Andrew Sudhan:ok gtg now.. will talk later ok.. byeee..
Andrew Sudhan:later ok.. cya

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Handling Irritants - A case study.

Day in and day out, one comes across people who know only to irritate and break the hell loose out of the mildest of human beings. I don’t know the intentions behind this category of homo sapiens, but any argument they raise will be futile at all given circumstances. Here are certain tips on how to bring that curve on your lips back, instead of tearing your hair.

Scenario1: You have just got some information from an onsite call, and need to close an urgent ticket within an hour. You rush from the conference room to your workstation, grab a chair and start flipping through screens. Suddenly the irritant appears from nowhere and says, ‘Hey how come you always take my chair’. At the back of your mind you want to bang the chair on his head. But here is the tip. ‘Hey, I am sorry I took your chair, but evidently, I was in a hurry, and have so much work that I couldn’t measure the size and shape of it before sitting on it’.


1. You said sorry and apologized.

2. You have made a point that you are busy, and he is the one making fuss over a chair.

3. You win. He is speechless.

Scenario2: Some girls cannot even stand it, if another wears a new dress, or if they just got married. They also tend to say green-with-jealousy stuff like, ‘So what if that is a new dress.. I had one like that two years back.’ This statement usually gives them heavenly bliss. Another typical statement is, ‘Hi, did I tell you that I have an aunt who looks just like you?’. Boys please stop reading here. Girls, please continue. This is a rather twisted statement. The person who said this obviously couldn’t contain their jealousy at your dress, purse, car, haircut. So they want to attain satisfaction by saying that you look like an aunt. Just immediately say, ‘Is it? I think you have put on so much weight than I saw you last time’. If that was a girl, You Win without leaving any traces of her!

Scenario3: At office irritants can come in the form of managers, Leads, colleagues, subordinates or security guys. Well, just keep smiling and never let it go. There is no way out than to grudge and grumble within, still smile and make a statement outside.

Scenario4: Someone makes fun of you in a totally unreasonable manner. Or even has the courage to say something about you referencing your parents too. You want to kill them on the spot. But don’t.
Tip – Say , ‘My parents taught me not to make fun of others or say a tit-for-tat. Hmm..They had a point’. The rivals may laugh, but here are the advantages.

1. You portray a good image of yourself and your parents and exhibit aristocracy.

2. You say indirectly what their parents taught them ( I love this point ).

3. You win again, as no one has no reason to complain. You dint say anything, right!

Scenario5: Someone makes fun of your appearance, hair, height. If you are married, say, ‘Oh my, how much you care for me…Even my husband/wife dint notice that..!’. This could obviously leave the irritant hunting for words.
If you are unmarried, say, ‘I wish I was perfect, like you’ with a smirk and a laugh. This always works, in all given situations. You always win in this, unless it is Hema Malini or Sridevi who is talking to you.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Top ten husband myths.

Here are a few husband / boyfriend / prospective groom myths. I hope any girl reading this would agree with me, and any broad minded guy would admit/laugh/nod/ at it.  Here is to you, guys :)

Myth1: If a woman overtakes him on the road, then it is a potential threat to masculinity.

Myth2: To stay in her house for more than a day would mean that he is henpecked.

(‘Sorry Mom, we will come again for Christmas..this time we really have to go back as my dog is not well and it has to be taken to the Vet’)

Myth3: That making comparison of her cooking to that of his Mom’s would help her love his Mom even more.

“You know… my Mom makes fish curry like….’ AAARGH! ( That dialogue nullifies appettite. Cooking is not in the picture anymore. Sure everyone knows what kind of comments those statements invite)

Myth4: Washed, sun dried crisp clothes will be in the wardrobe whether she is here or not. The biggest myth of all times.

Myth5: Apparel shopping is more boring than being in the science section of the British Library.

‘Please go with your friends. I am not well’

Myth6: Hrithik is not all that sexy. He is just ‘okay’.

‘Oh whats there to admire about..he is tall..and dances well…that’s it’ (Very very typical)

Myth7: We can always get a fresh pair of socks, even if one of it was put to laundry and the other is still inside the shoe.

Myth8: Her dad is not all that smart.

Myth9: My mother never talks like that! Women really cook up stuff.

Myth10: Gossiping? Thats what women do!

( Do yo guys really discuss about Mamta Banerjee and Sonia Gandhi at smoking zones?)

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