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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

When Drama Queen becomes Busy Bee.

It has been a busy month with school admission of my little kindergartener. Added to it, the emotional turmoil I went through because of the whole new environment he had to cope with. The thing is, everyone else in my house seems to be robots and none of these feelings are applicable to them. And that makes me drama queen. Well, it feels good to be the queen of something.

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When my little fears and very reasonable nervousness are misinterpreted as drama, I can’t help but remember my maternal relatives, who have invented the whole concept of reality drama. They can terrify you just by laughing. The reverberations of this laughter can send ghosts with the most obnoxious laughter running back to their graves in shame. When they are collectively judging someone else, often mild tremors were reported, significant enough to be measured by a Richter scale.  You must have heard a quote that says one should never judge a person by their relatives. Right ? If not, just keep it in mind ;-)

So where do we draw the line between regular and drama? I am really curious to know WHO draws this line, because I am capable of coaxing that person into increasing the threshold. A feminist would say not to be ashamed of your emotions; tears are shed by normal human beings with feelings. A feminist will also slam the man who calls you drama queen because you cried at your son’s kindergarten. So, I am not a feminist and I feel ashamed of uncontrollable tears. But if my tears dampen the enthusiasm of the kid, then it is a totally different problem. The kid began to think that this was not a fun place and something real bad was going to happen. I exited the scene with my son looking lost. Just then, another kid ignited the loose end of a chain of explosive crying. In two minutes when I peeped into that classroom, all the kids were in tears and looking at each other for more inspiration. One of them took it real hard; he kicked his school bag and tried to escape. I may not blame him that is exactly how I feel some days at office, the difference being there is a laptop instead of a school bag.

The teacher, about my age, (which is 19) and the assistant teacher looked completely in control. If people got paid by the patience they required from them on the job, then kindergarten teachers would be paid highest. However our society decided that surgeons be paid the most even if the people they work on are already heavily sedated and surgical procedures are painfully quiet. Oh, well.

So things have been smooth in the kindergarten classroom ever since and the kiddo is now worried only about his clothes and has to deal with the mild disappointment that he is not allowed to wear his Lightning McQueen watch to school. This dial of this watch is so huge that it looks like a time bomb; hence I have forbidden him to wear it to school. Other than this minor glitch on the dress-up front, everything looks fine for him.

So during the admission paperwork and first-day tears, there was my hubby giving me NO support at all, and criticizing me all along for being edgy. And that is too much adult talk for a person who once cried like a baby in his sleep. I can’t think of another night in my life when I laughed so hard that I couldn't sleep till morning. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

My pretty shoes, my pretty pretty shoes!

Last Friday after an occasional purchase, I walked down to the mall parking area where hubby and kiddo had agreed to meet me after our separate indulgences.

‘What did you buy now for XX Rials?” He exclaimed, before I could say anything.

No, he does not have any telepathic capabilities. Our evil bank gave us spouse credit cards and whenever I use mine, he gets a message.

‘Shoes’ I mumbled, arrogantly and not making eye contact. Obviously he thought I bought a car.

He did not say a word, or remind me of the number of existing pairs (he knows better), we just drove home.

The next day we were out again, this time I was wearing THE shoes. After walking a bit inside the mall, I felt something on my toe so I removed the shoe and knelt down for a closer examination. Blood. The pointed toe red shoes which I thought was crafted to perfection had made me bleed. I also noticed that my toe nails had overgrown as I don’t remember trimming those in the last three years. I squeezed my toes back into the shoes and started walking in slow motion careful not to limp.

All women know that when she sees blood on her toes, the whole world abandons her and instantly she is all alone. She can’t tell her parents, as their response is programmed to ‘In addition to the 678 existing ones?’ be it clothes or shoes. She can’t tell her husband due to obvious reasons or the kid in my case, who can’t understand the concept of secrecy or bribery yet. Now all she has are her friends on whatsapp. One of them assured that once I trim my nails it will be fine, another suggested that I walk in it more often so it will stretch a bit to make more room for my chubby toes. However both of them told me to suffer in silence and not to drive because the right foot is kind of important in automatic cars. Also, I don’t wear shoes while driving and it may expose my wound to potential audience in the front seat who are waiting to pounce on crucial law points like this.

At the parking area, I pretended to be tired so I could explain the slow walking. I almost baby walked straight to the passenger seat.

‘Are you not driving? Why did you get a license then? When are you going to drive? Why did you take car driving lessons?’ 
Other versions of the above questions kept coming and I finally said,
‘My feet hurts’.

He got into the driver’s seat and we drove out of the mall.

Meanwhile I bent a bit low and flashed my phone torch on the bruised toe ( I admit I shouldn't have done this). The blood clot near the toenail now looked so red that it actually matched with the shoes. I sat up and carried on the pretense.

‘What happened to your feet?’ He asked.

I am a crappy liar, so as I was trying to assemble some words to make a believable line, when he asked that earth shattering question.

He: ‘I hope it is not because of the XX Rial shoes’.

Me: ‘What? No! What makes you think that?’

He: ‘Nothing’. He made a straight face.

Straight face meant that HE KNEW.

As soon as I reached home I placed my beautiful pair of red shoes in the shoe rack. I also trimmed the toenails even though what really needed trimming was the toes. I wondered how he guessed so quickly that my new shoe hurt. Well, the price obviously hurt but one can’t run into conclusions about moderately overpriced, yet beautiful shoes.

God knows what else that bank tells him besides the details of my shopping bills.

Spouse credit cards are evil.

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