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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Banana Sequel.

Its 4:00 pm, and here I am, at office, drinking milk. Not the warm milk from the vending machine (which does not exist), but the milk I brought from home in a vacuum flask. Yes people, I am a child in an adult’s body. If my Papa sees me drinking milk at office, he will jump with joy. Anyone else seeing this might think that I am retarded. Well, I don’t care as long as there is a calcium blast happening in my stomach.

My life was very eventful during my high school days.  I’d get up at 5 am, get ready and travel many miles to attend the tuition class, then go to school, after which I’d race to my entrance coaching center ( which proved to  be unfruitful when the results came) , and would reach home by 9 pm. Pretty hectic. 

So my parents derived a round the clock, all-round nutrition plan for me which goes something like this. A full mug of Horlicks at 5 a.m…. in which the horlicks would be just a negligible percentage and rest would be whole milk. Anyway the color made me believe that it was hot chocolate or something and we had a win-win situation there. My breakfast was carefully packed in aluminum foil, which was usually toast and omlette. How many eggs went into the making of the omlette is not known till date, but a diet conscious me was made to believe that it was just one egg and nothing more. ( After marriage when I stepped into the kitchen and started making omlettes myself, I realized that one egg cant make an omlette as big as the one I used to have.  Later,I forgave them for that ). Then came lunch, which was usually a combination of rice, vegetables and fish.

However, the evening snack was my personal choice. Before going to entrance coaching I was expected to eat a banana. But I ate hot chicken puffs. Papa said it was junk food, and that bananas were healthy and some nutrition facts about bananas and blah blah….  

But bananas? In front of people ?

So years and years of chicken puffs, hot dogs, burgers and pizzas  later,  here I am, at my desk, drinking milk and wondering which fruit to crush for my baby.

 How about bananas ?


  1. hahaha you are fun! there was this manager in one of the companies i worked for, his wife gave him an apple daily and sometimes he ate banana too :)

  2. post!
    Sunday ho ya Monday roz ghayen anday ? *wonders whether It was just anday or batch of anday*

    Years and years of chicken puffs, hot dogs, burgers and pizzas, you still look like this?
    Be careful, now that you made it public, your inbox is going to be flooded with questions especially from women to know just one secret. :D

    *scratches head and thinks whether when is she going to post the pics of the baby*

  3. I do not care you did Engineering!I am not worried much that I took you to tuition classes, waking up at 0345 hrs in the morning !That was my duty :( The point is that I could land you at Holy Angels ISC School. Trivandrum ! That must, surely, the reason why you blog and blog and blog in English :) Love, Papa.

  4. Lolz!!! Classic!!
    "By the time we realize our parents were right all the way our children would have started thinking that we are wrong.." :P

  5. super make so much more sense with the randomness than most sensible posts i read:-)

    and thank god you forgave your parents for that egg ka locha...phew!:-)

    and really, bananas infront of people???...hehe:-)but babies to babies hain na-they love bananas:-)

  6. hehehe! You are going to see the first 20 years of your life, repeating itself! Get ready for the ride! :D

  7. hehehehe!
    Your baby will grow up and write a Ditto post one day!
    I am sure about it :D
    BANANA rocks! Especially for people from Kerala! It is yeverythiing!

  8. chicken puffs & drinks from vyshak bakery...!!those were THE days dee mole...v cld hog and absolutely not worry abt calories...remember v used 2 eat breakfast in school at the terrace...i still remember ur round tiffin box...i LOVE ur blogs u know why cos it takes me bak...i feel 10 years younger...luv u deee...umma..

  9. Praful: Haha that was initially the title of this blog !

    TheBluntBlogger : Even my hubby eats apple everyday :D But only at home :)

  10. Asif: Haha thats an awesome compliment :) Pizzas, burgers etc once in a blue moon only..:)Thats the secret !

    Papa: I am so thankful to you for that, Papa!

  11. Rohan: haha exactly !

    Harman : Yeah !

    Suruchi: Thanks...your comments always mean a lot to me ...and double hugs for sharing it on fb ..Love u!

  12. Anjuchechi: I think so too! lol!

    Red Handed: Yes yes it is yeverything !! :D

    Arathi: You are my childhood dee. I am so glad you are going through my blog... and I cherish each and every moment of my childhood just because you were an important part of it !

  13. Girl if u can get ur baby to eat bananas u dont have to worry if he doesnt eat another fruit ever:-).

    Me I can eat any fruit in the world except bananas....but there is this milkshake I dont mind...
    For 2 cups: 1 Banana, cold milk, sugar & coffee pwdr...whizz in mixie and drink immediately.
    Very nutritious & filling, more imp EASY & TASTY. I have it when I dont find anything edible for brkfast. It actually keeps me full till lunch. Try it:-). LOL I knw u didnt ask for a recipe but I just had to share when u mentioned bananas;-D.

  14. Nancy: Lol. Recipe noted ! Baby havent started solids yet...but I am thinking ahead hahaa..Its the first time in my entire life that I am thinking ahead !

  15. Oh how we change when children hit the scene. We humans seem to transform into complete strangers our parent cannot reconize. But, it sounds to me like you are being a good caring mother.

  16. Grayquill: How true. Few years before I'd not even imagine in the wildest of my dreams about drinking milk in front of colleagues. Now I am more concerned about health ! I cant believe its me who is thinking and writing this way ! I think motherhood made me a better person.
    Thanks Grayquill, for the compliment !

  17. Going bananas reading this enjoyable post!

  18. I think all parents insist on bananas. My mom still tries to make me eat bananas even though it is my least favorite fruit :)

  19. In my (current) office, the fruits arrive every morning in a cardboard box, compliments of the company. And bananas are the first ones to vanish, believe it or not.

    I found from my own experience that bananas are great for waking me up when I used to feel extremely drowsy while driving home work on the motorway. So, don't knock bananas.

  20. Tan: I love bananas ! Its just the image I create at age 16 while eating banana in front of friends that matters :D

    Sunil: Ohh thats cool. I never knock bananas now, but I used to when I was younger .

  21. We end up eating healthier for our babies.. I was so much a chat person.. and now.. I am enjoying yello pumpkin and carrot mush that my 10 month enjoys!!

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