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Saturday, July 1, 2017

A recap of June..

June was my birthday month and usually the time I post euphorically on how the day went, but let’s face it guys, birthdays are not fun as we grow older. It is almost like I did not want this day to come so soon. There were gifts, cake-cutting, photos and new clothes, but the thought that I was younger just the previous day is deeply saddening to say the least.

On the job front I can figuratively say that I am being sliced and dumped into a blender. My brain now works overtime, and even while conversing with people I have a load of stuff running in parallel in my brain. I am overloaded with work which has reflected in my behavior in the recent past and I am guilty to have pissed off some people.  Over a period of time I have turned into a workaholic and I know that because nowadays I dream software codes. To be honest, I am now a complete loser of a wife, mother and friend but a full time consultant and programmer.

Anyone who may have gone through this space earlier may know that I am a die-hard fan of SRK. However, yesterday the most unimaginable happened. It was a school buddy’s birthday and a friend posted this latest viral selfie of Madhavan in whatsapp group and all of us married women with babies(ya, plural) became sinners  and were in blatant violation of one of the Ten Commandments.

Such hotness that my phone almost exploded.

My brain ditched the codes and took me back to that train scene in Alaipayuthey exhilaratingly he rode that bike near the beach just before the song ‘Pachai Nirame’ ...and Kadhal Sadugudu! Alaipayuthey released when I was in 11th standard and the naïve convent school girl in me thought that wow- men are so cute! And that is the biggest lie my friends :D

Maddy had and still has such an impact that my best friend named her son Madhavan. However this picture is a whole other level. It can ruin the lives of innocent girls. Even married women with kids…and morals. Maddy why did you have to do this to us? Why? **Deep Sigh***. I showed this picture to my spouse who could say that I was clearly smitten over it and he looked at it with a weird expression as if it was Shakti Kapoor and then looked at me pitifully. When people give such looks it makes you want to give them a piece of your mind but wait, isn’t that a salt and pepper beard? I realize this is a U/A blog and that I should maintain decorum. If you have any female friends going through a breakup or a bad time in general just send them this picture. It will make their day…and night ;-) #MaddyMaddyOhOhMaddy

My parents are arriving this month and very soon, so now I have to throw out unwanted stuff because every time my Mom comes, she brings a portion of Trivandrum with her. My apartment cupboards are already full term pregnant and cannot even accommodate a hairpin. Clearing out stuff from my home is a war scene as all unwanted things seem very dear to the boys who never may have seen those objects until I ask the earth shattering question ‘Do you need this?’ Suddenly they swoop in from nowhere and act like I am throwing away their boxers. Basically nothing is unwanted. It’s time we rent another flat just to keep stuff. And our parents thought that girls were high maintenance they need more space for their accessories and stuff. If anyone reading this has such an idea in mind, you are invited to my house.

My boy who recently turned six celebrated his birthday and was spoilt to the core with gifts. He has also started asking all kinds of questions and as a result I hold my sanity and patience at the tip of my fingers now. Like the other day we were driving past the church and there was just one car outside. “That must be Jesus’s car. Does he spend the whole day here?”

‘Mmm” I hummed.

“He doesn’t go to work or anything?”

This is just a sample of what usually happens here. The kind of questions I am asked every minute of the day is baffling to say the least.

In general life is going on like usual and I feel like Incy Wincy spider trying to climb up the spout but keep getting washed out by the rain. Unlike the rhyme, in life the sun does not come so soon or may not come at all ,so Incy Wincy bought a new book and is reading under an umbrella hoping the rain will subside.

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